”It would take a week for a scratch to recover but this would take a month or more. Worst-case scenario you will only have one arm for the rest of your lifetime. ”

Clover folds her arms while staring at Helios shoulder. She is the representative of Gaia and Governor of the Flower Realm. A good friend of Irene and lady of the most colorful palace in the Celestial Realm.

”A week will suffice however a month? ”

Hebe leans on his seat and sighs. He is the representative of all immortals and the son of one of the most prominent households.

”Mind your manners, Hebe. ”

Ploutos, master of ten dragons. A renowned dragon-tamer who often roams around the universe to find entertainment. He once saved humanity from poverty.

”How surprising for the God of debauchery to scold others. ”

Kairos, the noble dragon who sees Ploutos as his archnemesis. Just like cat and dog, fire and water. He always says: A dragon must be noble and dignified, no being is above us but Celestia.

Ploutos pats his head, ”You
e such a cute dog— oh wait, apologies. Barking like a dog, I mistook you for one. ”

”Huh? ” he slaps his hand and a vein bulges on his forehead.

”Got a problem? ” he smirks.

”Arguing over a disagreement that is not valid, offends me most which is rude. ”

Eunomia is a young sage who looks like a little girl with short brown hair but has no gender and envoy of Celestia.

”Kids shouldn interrupt adults, that is rude, Eunomia. ”

Euthenia is the personification of autumn. One of the saints who are worshipped in the Warmth of Autumn and daughter of the Goddess of seasons.

”What do you take me for, daughter of Horae? ”

”A great sage. ”

Eunomia opens her mouth, acting surprised. ”My! Maybe I should recommend you to Celestia if you are interested. ”

”Falling for honeyed words, how disgraceful. ”

She turns her head to Michael, ”Should I give you a beating since you have the strength to insult me? ”

”Eunomia, ” Callista said dryly.

She flinches then clears her throat.

”Let us start the meeting, ” Helios said in a weak coarse voice.

He signals Oliver to stand and gives them an idea of the topic of the meeting. The high-elf retrieves a piece of paper and makes eleven copies.

”Winning a battle against the demons is nothing new, however, it will be a different story if they suddenly gained intelligence. ”

Everyone except Helios, Oliver, and Michael, laid their eyes on the document. ”As we all know, Corrupt Essence is a demons life force. Having to coat their weapons with that poison has dealt a situation of both sides suffering from loss. ”

Eunomia raises her hand and then spoke, ”How many casualties are there? ”

”50,000, estimated. The number of injured included. ”

Everyone was shocked. Fifty thousand weren made of just ordinary soldiers, experienced gods had also participated to pacify the uproar.

”Special mentions to those who died, blah blah blah, Cassian?! ” Kairos exclaimed.

”What in Celestias name. What do you mean my brother died? ” he added.

Helios coughs.

Oliver smiles, ”King of Dragons, you do not have a brother named Cassian. ”

”Really? ”

He continues to smile.

”Alright. ”

”Isn Cassian the God of darkness? ” Hebe comments.

”What does he look like? ” Euthenia replies.

He ponders for a while ”He had black hair and dull eyes. Flowers in the Flower Realm would wilt in his presence and grey clouds form on top of him. ”

She was shut speechless. Ploutos inserts, ”Won he fit better as the God of misfortune? ”

”He is the God of misfortune. ”

”Oh… apologies. ”

”Moving on, ” Oliver ends their conversation.

— Stellar Palace

Irene sits by a window in her bedroom. She thinks about Isabellas feelings for her brother and how he hasn noticed, remembers a memory of five thousand years ago, and other random events.

After a minute, she releases a sigh. ”Faye, how much time has passed? ”

”A minute, ” she glances at a teapot, ”Would you like to drink tea? ”

Irene shifts her gaze from Fayes face to the teapot, ”Pour me some. ”

Faye heats the tea and pours it into a cup. She places it on a wooden coaster which is on top of the table Irene is leaning on.

”Orange pekoe tea has a high level of antioxidants, which makes them particularly good at reducing free radicals. Can also reduce the risk of developing heart disease and high blood pressure. ”

She takes a small sip, ”It has a light floral flavor. ”

”It is one of the popular types of tea in the Mortal Realm. Though if you drink two or three cups, you might have to deal with diarrhea. ”

Irene places the cup back on the coaster. She looks out to the window, ”It reminds me of the old days, but where are those who share the memory? ”

The image of a tree and a white swing got replaced with the sight of cold bodies pilled upon another and the sky was red and filled with black smoke.

She felt a sharp pain strike her head. ”Urk, ” she puts her hand on her forehead.

”My Lady? ” Faye approaches her.

Everything became a blur eventually pitch black. Fayes voice turned faint until it became eerily silent. A minute, two minutes, three minutes— several minutes had passed.

Silence got overshadowed by shrieks, cries, and screams.

”Μ̴̢͉̫̖̤̽͌̄̏̕η̶̤̖͕̱̼͋͌̈́̈́̚τ̴̠̥͙͍̦̀̓̈̈́̍έ̸͈̲̞͓̙̈̌̄͛͊ρ̵̩͇̱̣͎̄̎̈̃̍α̸̡̰̠͇͎̒̉̈̽͒.̵̛̭̜̗̬̦̈́̆̏̓.̴͙̹̪͙͓͊͋̀͑͠.̶̢̦͈̳͎͛̒̀̅͝ ̸̼̠̮͚̙̉̍̋́̑β̸̲̹̺̳̰́̾͒̋̄ό̴͉̰͉̙̝̀̂̀͠ή̴̩͓̮͙̱͑́̋̐̕θ̴͍̥̯̳̩̔͒̀͆͝η̵̡͈̼̥̯̃̒̏͆͠σ̸̪̺̟͈̺̂̾͒̒̕έ̸̡̘̗̲̟͋̄̈́͘͠ ̷̧̫̣̻̺͛̀͐́̔μ̴̺̰̻̻̖̈́̉̄͆͝ε̸̧̞̣̙̗̆̿͘͘̚. ”


Line 43: Mother… help me.

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