Louis begin to regret trying to defend himself that led to the mystery knife but he have no remedy to the problem he is.

Thinking about him ceases to exist, send shivers to his spine, in other word glue family would perish and the earth board mission will be accomplished

[00; 00]

The countdown for Louis end is finished and Louis is bracing himself for what is to come

[Lust control activated]

Louis suddenly saw a message

[Death wish is under the influence of lust control]

[Death wish is controlled]

Louis couldn believe his eyes; he thought the heavens had mercy on him


In a realm of pure darkness where beasts are looming around the street, a man is seen heading to a tower. The man is slim and tall

”Hello duke, I have an important message to inform you ” The tall, slim man said talking to a man who seems to be carefree and drinking liquor from a transparent mud cup

”What is it? Don you see am having fun? ” the man replied not even looking at who hes talking to

”Our Earth agents sighted an elite demon in the military academy ” the tall man said.

The carefree man for the first time casts his gaze on the tall man

”What! Find out who it is and how he ended up in the Earth realm ” The carefree man said been serious for the first time


[First time use of Lust control]

[You earned 20EXP by using the Lust control for the first time]

Louis was not even happy about the message he saw now, because of the life and death situation the system but him in.

After the stressful and hectic day, it already the night and Louis is about to sleep but he couldn sleep on his bed because of Wan.


Louis is seen coughing out blood; because of a man strangling him, despite the strength and power the system gave him he couldn even resist nor fight back against the man, the mans power was over-whelming

[Life force is been sucked out from you]

Louis saw the message but he couldn concentrate he just want to be free from the mans grip

[HP is reducing gradually]

[Internal defense is broken]

[You will die if you lose another ton of blood]

Louis kept seeing message after message but he couldn do anything about what the system is trying to illustrate.

Louis is still battling with the over-whelming power of the man; no skill in his arsenal seems to be working on the man. All odds are just against Louis

[0 HP left]


[L*nd******* ***]

Louis couldn view the last message before he passed out…

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