”get out you piece of trash, weaklings aren needed here ” a boy in white uniform, a little bit short and robust holding ice which seems to be an ability has injured his colleague whos on the floor with blood dripping from his mouth, they are currently in the Art cinema hall. Other student didn bother to help the boy because it was Louis been bullied, the last descendant of the glue family said to have no ability due to their body structure. It has been a daily occurrence for Louis because he is weaker than them.

”Bullying isn allowed in the school ” a soft voice said across the hall a lady with hazel eyes and silver hair is seen coming to the scene, all the students moved from the way

”It is Miss. Smith ” students are gossiping as they moved from the way

She got to the place stretching a hand for Louis who seems to be badly injured. He grabbed the hand gently standing up

”I was just playing with him I didn know he would get injured ” the boy that injured his colleague said looking at the floor and shivering

”I saw what happened, you would be punished for bullying a colleague and trying to deceive me ” Miss. Smith said.

”I told you to try and not get in scuffles with others, they are clearly stronger than you ” Miss. Smith said not looking at who she is talking to, but looking to the screen of her computer in the center of her office

”I was just trying to claim the seat is mine ” Louis said, his face is of pain and anger

”Anyways just be careful, I won be there to help you every time and remember you just have three days left to spend in the school ”


”What is the essence of this blunt knife that I can even use to defend myself? ” Louis said holding a blunt knife in his hand; he is trying to cut a piece of paper but it is not cutting it, by mistake or perhaps frustration he directed the knife to his hand but it is still not cutting it, all of a sudden the tip flashed in to his flesh and a brutal pain was felt through his body.

Louis was screaming and panting but it is of no use because the pain is increasing.

The knife flashed a bright light and the pain lessen but Louis pih heard a sound ”ting ”


[You have successfully become a demon]

”What! ” Louis Shouted

[Demon IP.]

[Speed: 1]

[Strength: 1]

[HP: 5]


[Transformation: You can transform into any animal or animal body part…]

[Evil flame: You can shoot it to an enemy. note: HP will reduce by 5% per 1]

[Evil spat: Enemies will stunned for 5 seconds]

”What the **! What did I just turn to? ” Louis said

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