My demonic system


The message didn stop there, different message displaying in front of Louis

[Evil flood: Enemies mind will be flooded for 3 seconds]

[Note: All skills can be upgraded by EXP. Different skills will be unlocked after upgrading]

”Wow, this is just like an ability it is interesting ” Louis said, looking at the message, then he saw another message

[Ability: No Demonic ability book found]

”Wow, I now have ability ” Louis was happy before he saw another message

[Race: Demon]

”What! Am no longer a human ” Louis thought, but he also thought about all the advantages and cheered up.

”Am cuter than ever ” Louis said starring into the mirror glancing at himself.

He saw another message popping up

[EXP: 0/70]

”Wow, I can even know how far I have gone ” Louis said excitedly

Louis is trying to do something new he didn know how to change his body to an animal, since the system stated he could change into an animal.

He just try and said in his head ”change my hand to a gorillas hand ” but nothing happened then tried again but to no avail. He pictured a gorillas hand and his hand transformed instantly

[You have changed a body part]

[New transformation picture]

[Time remaining to use: 4:59]

”This is **ing interesting ” Louis said


”In two days you will be out of school, be of good value and moral, life is always unfair don be thinking of fairness, and remember to always have a trick up your sleeve ” Mr. Jones said as the students applaud him and now Miss. Smith is going to the podium

”You will be joining, the Defense Academy in two days, improve in your mental skills, fighting skills, and be the Leaders of tomorrow ” Miss. Smith said, there was even more claps, because the student always respect her.

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