The sound of the system woke Louis up, finding himself in a strange room with 2bulk beds

[New fighting experience]

[Aggressive street fighter]

[Passive Skill; Haste punch]

[Info: Used on Enemies, they will be knock off-balance]

[Note: if the enemy is super strong there is no chance of working]

”You have woken ” Captain Philip said, two ladies are behind him. Mrs. Cole comes into the room, and then Louis received a message

[Long time Enemy has sighted you]

[Defeat *ERROR*]

[Kill Beth Cole within 24HRs]

[Warning: Failure to comply ……..]

”What! ” Louis shouted in his head

How will I just kill someone that was just aggressive Louis thought. Yet another message

[You are hesitating not to kill your long time enemy]

[You will be consumed by lust if you don kill her now]

”What! ” Louis didn know when he shouted out

”Hope all is well ” Captain Philip asked with a concerned face

”No sir, I was just soliloquizing ” Louis replied

”You really tried, to be okay without treatment after fighting with Mrs. Cole, Nobody saw the fight since everyone has entered the dorm for their assessment ” Captain Philip said

[Lust is increasing] Louis saw another message

[Lust: 13%]

”We have judged you with the fight and you are fit into the Beginner stage, since no one without ability can just pass in to the regular stage ” The lady behind Captain Philip said

[Lust: 45%] as Captain Philip was talking, Louis Lust is increasing

”Anyways I have a question for you ” Captain Philip said

”Do you have an ability? ”

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