My demonic system


The word Captain Philip said last rang through Louis head but he couldn reply because he is trying to control an urge in him

[Lust: 89%]

Louis couldn control it any longer he fell from the bed and landed on the ground, when he landed, the floor crumbled into pieces, Captain Philip was shocked but he still moved toward Louis

[Lust: 100%]

[You are liable to killing any living organism around you]

[Transforming into the Demon form]

[Successfully transformed into the demon form]

When Captain Philip was about to touch Louis, Louis swiped his claw hand, Captain Philip barely dodged the claw, He was shocked when he saw the horn and fangs sticking out of Louis mouth and the horn on his head.

The two ladies and Mrs. Cole were preparing for a battle while Captain Philip was just standing

”You can stand like that we have to get rid of this monster ” Mrs. Cole said, talking to Captain Philip who was holding his Ear and standing at one place

[Evil spat activated]

[Evil Flood activated]

Louis is using all his skills in his arsenal for the person that could cause him trouble, standing up Louis put up his hand in the direction of the three girls firing out Evil flame at wills….. The girls are trying to dodge, but it seems like the black flame redirects back to the target. Mrs. Cole was hit by two flames in the center of the heart, she fell to the ground lying lifelessly, and although she is still alive she couldn help in the fight any longer.

After the skills used on Captain Philip has worn out he wanted to make a move but the thing happened again making him stand still. Louis got closer to Captain Philip and activated a skill

[Haste punch activated]

The punch was fast for even Louis not to get track of it, hitting Captain Philip he flew to the back, breaking the glass divider in the room.

One of the remaining girls was afraid that a freshman could take off Captain Philip with a punch, not just a freshman but from the glue family, in her thought a claw hand came to her slitting her throat

[An Intermediate tekelenis ability user killed]

The second girl was preparing a water shovel in her hand, using her water ability she controlled it to Louis, He was off guard, hitting him in his slim chest… After been hit by the water shovel, he coughed blood out


The girl didn stop there, she prepared water bubbles like 200-300 using all her MC cell, thinking it is enough to stop the Demon before controlling it to Louis, an image flashed in her head how her mother was slaughtered making all her water bubble to fall to the ground, she fell on her knees, thinking about her mother, not knowing it was Louis that activated a skill on her, before she catch a glimpse of what she is doing her head is already separated from her body.

Captain Philip stood up turning all his body to volcano; he is as fast as a storm before he suddenly stopped in his track… Louis has used the skill (evil spat) again, before Captain Philip could overcome what his controlling his body, he is no longer living.

Louis walked over to Mrs. Cole who is still unconscious, Louis fired the evil flame to her head, killing her on spot

[Lust has been controlled]

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