My demonic system


Louis thought the system was playing pranks on him until he saw another message

[You will die in 2HRS if you don kill Denn Hamper Wan]

What! I will die Louis was talking to his head as if the system would reply him

”Who assigned you to this room? ” Wan asked Louis

”It was Captain Jin ” Louis answered shivering

Others in the room thought Louis was afraid of Wan, but Louis was afraid of death

”You can sleep on the bed you have to sleep on the floor, if you don want me to beat you to a pulp ” Wan said, looking at his fist

”Isn that unfair ” Louis said with an evil smirk

”Wow, I heard all glues are stubborn, but I didn know the last descendant would also be ” Wan said. Wan covered all his hand with pure steel; making his hand look like an iron rod. Wan lifted up his hand smashing Louis straight in his chest.


Louis received the message before he fell to the ground, gripping his chest. Wan walk towards him and said

”If you don want this place should be hell for you, listen to everything I say ” Wan advised before he bounced on Louis bed

[30mins past]

[Death wish: 25%]

Louis now knows the system isn playing any prank with him. Louis keeps getting weak every minute knowing his end is near.


In an office, a black heavy man is seen talking with Captain Jin

”We should have inserted camera in the room ” Captain Jin said, holding and pulling his hair

”We never knew something like this would happen, and it was the academy authority that instructed us not to put camera in questioning room ” the Black man said not feeling any remorse about the incident that happened in the questioning room

”Commander Jose, is it because of your personal grudges towards Captain Philip, that why you are talking like that ” Captain Jin said, been frustrated about how Commander Jose is acting

”You can talk to your superior like that, remember am your senior in rank, don let what happened leak to anybody, just claim Captain Philip and Mrs. Cole has been transferred, nobody cares about those two sergeants that died with them ” Commander Jose said, sipping his coffee

”What about the student that was with them ” Captain Jin asked with a concerned face

”I will take care of him ” that was Commander Jose sharp reply


About 2Hrs is gone

[Your death wish has reach the optimum percent]

[Death wish: 98%]

[You will die after the countdown]


Dear readers I have drafted 10 chapters but I haven uploaded it because I still don get comment and reviews….. Please comment about your opinion, rate my novel and send points and power stones

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