My love affair

Diallo by Wyclef Jean

The seating room was a bit dark, I sat cross legged on the sofa, and you can hear the sound of something cooking, there was a TV at the front, and I was watching my favorite cartoon axe cop then a young lady came from the back unnoticed she covered my eyes with her palm.

”hey Johnny, watching that stuff again ” she asked the moment I grunted.

” Yeah, want to watch ” I asked back not sparing a moment to look at her. She smiled at me for a bit before sitting down on the sofa close to me, she sat quiet for a while and that little moment I felt alive.

Her names Ade, a very beautiful girl, she has a beautiful toned brown skin and a very lady like shape, she was ten years older than I am, she usually come to our house when my parents aren around, .

”The white, what do you think of them? ” she asked a moment later.

”ohh, do you really need to ask, we all know how smart they are right, I also enjoy their culture alot ” I answered a moment later.

”ohh ” she answered sarcastically ”have you ever heard of Wyclef ”

”No, I haven ” I answered truthfully.

” okay ” she stood up then walked to the CD player.

”hey, what are you doing ” I tried to stop her from removing the disc but then she already did before I could refute.

”what was that for ” I asked feeling annoyed, but looking at her face which felt like a goddess own, I had no power to yell.

She smiled knowing fully well I wouldn get annoyed at her ”my beauty really works on you isn it ” she asked moving in a seductive motion, she inserted her disc before walking back to the sofa she held my chin with her hand making me expect a kiss but then she exclaimed ”behold the goddess of beauty, feast your eyes upon my face ” she exclaimed before giving me a peck on the face.

”you keep flirting with me ” i complained ”you wouldn even give me a real kiss, do you think I wouldn dare tell my parent ” I asked.

She stood up and stretched her self before touching her toes, she made a quick split before giving me a wink ” but you wouldn will you? ”she asked feeling satisfied looking at my angry face.

I grunted at her before turning back to face the TV. ” why isn your disc playing ” I asked her.

”well…i wasn done flirting with you ” she answered.

”have you no shame, I am 10 years younger than you are ” I pouted.

”ohh, so you are in love with someone ten years older…you are such a bad boy aren you ” she mocked smiling.

I felt embarrassed by her words, but I wouldn let her have the last words ”you shouldn blame me, matters of the heart are complicated ” I explained to which she let out a loud laugh.

”hey, stop, stop I tell you , or I would leave right now and lock my self in my room ” I threatened.

”okay…then you want me to stop coming to see you ” she replied, she had this look on her face that says, I know you wouldn dare lock yourself.

”alright, sorry… ”i pleaded.

” apology accepted darling… ”she answered before taking the remote to play the video

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