My love affair

Love at no sight

The song started with a black man walking home by the night, he got close to door and was about to go in before he saw a bright torch, he thought them to be theives but found out later they were police, he became happy and wanted to show them his ID to prove he was a good person, but before he could move gunshots where fired at everyone outside and later in the music the man called them vampires as he sang.

”so whats does this have to do with the question you asked me? ” I asked her already feeling bored at what I was watching.

She came closer to me (which I really loved) her pleasant smell came into my nose and I felt a tingling sensation going through my body, she stared at me for a while before speaking ” I hope you understand all this one day… ”she said not wanting to explain a thing to me ” hey…why do you always have that face when I come close to you ” she asked eleven though she knew.

I turned away not wanting to say thing, I really wanted to tell her but there was nothing to say that she doesn know, we all stared at each other silently, we stared at each other like we could see a world within, I have never tried looking that close into her eyes before, but today was the first, we could hear each others heartbeat, I could see her flowing braided hair, and I can feel cupid mocking us for our foolishness, this is a relationship that if it really progresses non of our parent will consent, though I don give a damn about mine. I will tell you more about my family, but right now, its all about us, a forbidden love, something that shouldn happen in Africa, something that is scornful and seen as being crazy. She stood up all of a sudden jotting me up from my imagination, she took outside of the house, and I had to cover my eyes due to how bright the sun is, she held me by the hand dragging me out of the house.

”Johnny, we should go out, youve been inside all day, and your parent won be back until night, its still afternoon. ” she said before taking to her house and asked me to wait in the living room,she came out a little while later with a short gown.

”did you like it? ” she asked the moment she came out.

”mhmm… ” I shook my head in approval, fully immersed at how beautiful she was.

”okay, lets go out ” she ordered as she took me out.

”hey… Where are your parents ” I asked as she took me out of the compound gate.

”ohh, them, I really don know…please let today just be only us okay ” she begged and I could see the little frown on her face, but then it made her more beautiful.

”you know getting angry only makes you more beautiful ” I complimented her.

”ohh…you have a slippery tongue at a young age ” she said smiling at me.

”you keep calling me a kid, I am a young adult ” I refuted kicking a stone by the road.

The street was a very long one, you had to walk for almost an hour till you get to the end,usually it is always busy, the sellers and a few people playing football could be seen shouting and cursing, some flogging their children with a long cane, or the children hitting each other with punches, some playing a game which we call police and theif or some other African game.

”hey, where are we going? ” I asked her as we walked further.

” well, I just want us to leave your gloomy house,i don really like there ” she answered ”or we could go to one of the busy place around ” she added.

”okay ” I gave a nod. Now I will tell you why she said my house is gloomy.

*****I will update on what happens next time, depends on what I get

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