My love affair

Music presentation

I am usually an indoor type, hardly come out, watching latest cartoons, Animes or most time old ones. My family was a family everyone grew envious of, we play in the street, go out on weekends, and even play games outside together…but remember I used the word was. It all changed all of a sudden, like an unpredicted quake. My father being the sole provider of the family hardly has time for his wife, my mom on the other hand, loves keeping friends. My father even before I was born worked for the federal government as a civil servant , when he decided was at a lower rank, he had enough time to spend with us thereby making the family ship smooth sailing, but the more he advances in rank the more we hardly get to see him at home. This shit started first as a game, my mom calling my dad over the phone and will be like ”when will you return, you
e starting to see other bitches outside right ”,then it became ”I heard everything you do outside ” , ”I called the other day but you didn reply to my call ” so was how it all started, until a full blown out stupidity erupted or so I should say…they separated. My mom left for a year, while I stayed with my dad, those moment I didn receive any are from anyone but my self, I was still young then though. A year passed and my dad has changed wedding date twice, he got tired of this and decided to bring my mom back, things went smoothly for a few month, but then they started allover again, and this time, no one is leaving. I started spending most time outside, joined the soccer team as a defender, then a keeper, and finally decided to join dancing classes, but then I had no talent in dancing, so I joined singing, I made great progress there, but stopped attending classes later on the music doesn suit my style. I kinda like, smooth sailing jazz, sometimes blues, country music, and mostly Chinese songs,i tend to forget everything going on at home, and I found love outside my home now turned house. I met Ade during those tough period and it wasn love at first sight, but love at no first sight . I attended music class once in a while , but I had one habit visit the dance class before the music it was at that moment I saw Ade, she was good with the move, she splits, she twerk, she twists, practically all the girl dance I know, she didn notice me and I could see all the boys acting lovey-dovey towards her, she was nicknamed the eauty goddess some call her he queen well she deserve it though, because to me, she was perfect in every aspect.

Ade is the type of girl that stays as far away as possible from boys, unknown to her, everymove of hers seem like shes flirting with them, well thats the burden of being perfect.

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