My love affair

Music presentation

sn like it.

” Okay, thats enough everyone ” the instructor ordered making everyone quiet down ”you may go back to your seat ” she said to Ade before going to the main topic of the day.

” last time I told you to all pick a partner for your presentation tommorow isn it? ” the instructor asked.To which they all said yes

”good, there will be a performance tomorrow , and if you are lucky enough you will be among those who will participate in one of the music industry audition ” she explained to which every one clapped in excitement ” David, have you gotten a partner? ” the music instructor asked pointing at me to which everyone stared.

”hmm…No, but I have picked a song to present ” I answered timidly scrathing the back of hy hair.

”sigh…who wants to partner with David ” she asked the rest of the class, but a student stoop up immediately making the instructor think she wants to partner with me ( the partner has to be the opposite gender) ” ohh, we got one already ” she said happily, but to her surprise the lady shook her haired side ways ”No, I don want to partner with him ” she refuted immediately ” look mam, I am not trying to insult him or disrespect you but he shouldn be here, hes eleven for crying out loud, everyone here should be 4,5 or 6 years older than he is, he should be singing the Johnny Johnny rhymes with his mates outside ” she added making everyone burst out in laughter at her last statement , disdain for me in her eyes, I looked toward the instructor do see what she would say (I couldn read her) and she had a frown on her face.

”I can assure you that David has a better vocal voice than you do, so where does you nonsense come out from ” she asked before turni g to apologize to me.

”its okay, I wouldn be bothered by her kind, I don think shes worth it ” I replied to the instructor to which the class gasped, I could see a smile on the teachers face after what I said, but unknown to me I hit a sore spot in the girl as she started raining curses on me which eventually led her to being sent out of the class.

”okay so who will partner with David? ” she asked again, and this time Ade raised her hand.

”I will partner with him ” she announced standing on her feet.

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