My love affair

The beginning of a tale.

”I will partner with him ” she said the moment the instructor asked.

huh? I asked inwardly, utterly surprised.

The class fell silent and no one said a thing, I am sure they all had doubt in their heart, and I could see some aggressive looks from a few. damn, did she think shes helping me?, now I have a few people as an enemy. In my young age…a kid…having an adult as an enemy isn really a good thing.

I stood up to reject ”umm…mrs can I… ” I couldn complete what I wanted to say before the instructor chipped in ”its okay David, I know you are happy to finally see a partner ” she said ”okay, class dismissed ” she added but before she left the class she added ”ohh,don forget to submit your songs ”.


I left immediately class finished, it would be good I stayed far away from Ade, I don want any trouble from the class, I am the youngest, and weakest, no dorm of training, no experience in fighting…i don want to have that experience now.

”hey, kiddo, where are you going? ” a girly voice asked behind me. I stood still, I wanted to keep on moving but I knew she had good intentions when she asked to partner with me, but being with me just for that will only attract more hate.

”hmm…miss, first of all I am not a kid, I am 11, I think I should be called a teen, secondly, I am going home where else would I go, and please do you have to tag along? ” I asked already wanting to leave.

She stared at me weirdly ” a teen should be from thirteen not eleven, so technically you are still a kid ” she explained ” and for your question why I tag along, its simple, youve submitted the song for tomorrow but I don even know of it, can you at least practice with me first before leaving? ”. She explained.

” sigh ”i sighed not really wanting anything to do with her, but it seems I have no choice ” I only brought a copy with me, the rest are at home, you have to wait till the next day to get it ” I explained hoping she would let me go.

”okay, lets go ” she said a moment later making me confused.

”where are we going to? ” I asked not really getting what shes saying.

”to your house of course, I have to take the copy and practice along with you ” she explained expecting me to show the way.

his is a curse, who have I offended I cried inwardly as we walked out of the school gate.


We walked down a few alleys, I tried as much as possible to take the shortest route home, I stopped a bus which was supposed to take me home but I paid only mine ”ehm,miss sorry I don have enough cash to buy pay for the both of us ” I explained hoping she changes her mind.

She only smiled at my baby brain before paying hers ”don worry I have mine ” she said before boarding in.

seriously! I cried inwardly.

The bus stopped at the junction I was supposed to drop, she came down along with me and I continued showing the way, I walked a few meters turning to my left twice and stood in front of a big sign board that read old Town turning right I got to my street, I inhaled deeply feeling free once again.

”do you stay in this street? ” she asked.

”yeah I do, my house is numbered twenty three ” I responded.

”wow ” she exclaimed which came as a shock to me ”I live in twenty one ” she answered.

”huh?, what the… ” I screamed, so shes practically unavoidable, looks like the world is toying with me.

Thank you all for reading. Sorry I couldn write yesterday, I am still a student, so I have limited time, I have to squeeze out of it to write

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