”mom, dad, Im home! ” I announced the moment I got home, Ade was following behind me, she looked around before sitting down in the cushion.

”hey, your house looks decent, must be a happy home ” she smiled before taking the remote and switching on the television.

”huh? ” I looked at her with surprise, like first of all my parent haven responded, and again I didn give her permission to sit, well that is not even annoying but who the hell gave her permission to on my TV.

I suppressed my anger towards her, putting on a fake smile I asked ”do you need me to bring you a cup of juice or water? ”.

She stared at me like she was thinking and after a while, which I am sure she has come to a conclusion ”give me a glass of milk, if you have cookies you can add to it, if you don maybe a banana would be okay ”.

I really wanted to curse out to the music teacher, she is to blame for all of this, I consider Ade to be a rude and unladylike girl , well I asked for it, theres nothing I can do now that shes chosen what she wanted. I went ahead to serve her what she requested, there was no cookies but there was banana. I wondered why my parent didn respond for a long time since I announced my return, I took it that they weren inside and I decided to accompany our eauty goddess in the parlor.

”so…are we just going to sit here and do nothing? ” she was the first to ask after watching three episode of the movie we were watching.

”oh, so you still want to rehearse? ” I answered her back with a question to which she looked at me weirdly.

”okay, okay, let me go get it upstairs ” I said running up the stairs to get her the notes.

Before she came, I had two songs in mind and the last one was just incase.i planed to go with yesterday by Tyler shaw or stitches by Shawn Mendes but I had to add dusk till dawn by Zayn featuring Sia. I gave her all music notes (which contains lyrics and tones) but to my surprise she knew them before now…well it isn a surprise like they are very popular songs.

”I thought we would have to present our own personal songs? ” she asked me a moment later.

”hmm, yeah we should, but that would be if we get through to the semi-finals ” I replied.

”well, if you say so ”.

We spent time singing together, and during those moments we started becoming close, most. We had music classes only on Saturday and Sundays so we had only that day to practice.

Well if I have to tell you about something, that would be music being people closer, it sparks or should I say ignite the fire of love.

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