My new Journey through the realms

Chapter 2 The Raid Boss

Today is going to be another awesome day. I hope I can finally single battle the Raid Boss in the fourth Realm.

Got to love you my diary,


Rex wrote that and jumped into his bed trying to find the headset his guardians gave him to enter The Worlds First Cultivation Game, that was the signature on the headset.

”Dammit. ” Rex yelled.

”LIZ! GIVE ME BACK MY HEADSET! ” Rex darted out

of his room.

Liz was sitting in the living room. She was extremely proud of something she had done with a smirk on her face.

”I will win that bet. Just watch me Iris. ” Elizabeth gave an evil smile.

Rex comes running into the living room. Seeing Liz just relaxing on the couch. He began to question himself if she had taken his helmet.

”My headset is not at the usual spot. Have you seen it by chance? ” Rex asked.

Liz just casually glances over and returns to her original position, sitting up acting like something was on the television.

Rex just gave up. He knew she would not give in to him unless someone makes her. Seeing Rex turn around, Iris jumps out from behind the couch.

Hugging Rex and says, ”My dearest sweetie, is something the matter? ”

”Yes I have forty minutes until it is my turn to face the Raid Boss and I have a few things to buy. My headset is missing and I guess I will lose 2,000,000 Qi stones for us getting the pass. ”

Iriss jaw slammed to the floor. She knew he had been saving Qi stones but did not know he had saved that many of them.

Liz knew he had spent that many Qi stones but took the bet with Iris so that she can get in on action with the tongue.

”Now Iris, you lost this bet. Now give him his helmet and watch us. ” Liz said enthusiastically.

Iris was nearly hot. Steam could actually be seen rising from her head. Since her father had given her special Qi training she could use it outside of their world.

Liz seeing the steam kept poking at Iris. Making Iris madder and madder. Until the floor started to shake.

Rex instantly hugged them both and began to sweat like a madman. Knowing that a tsunami was building under his parents house. He quickly gave up on being a third wheel and allowed them both to accept his warmth.

”This will get out of hand fast. ” Rex began to think how to calm the raging sea and the never ending fire.

Elizabeth had already trained on Earth. So she did not need any training when it came to using her Qi. Where she failed was having good control over her emotions and could wipe out a continent without struggle.

Liz said, ”Kiss me Rex and we will give you your headset. ”

Rex calmly looked over Liz on his left side and began to kiss her forehead when she forced her tongue inside of Rex. Getting the most unsuccessful kiss anyone had ever gotten. While Liz was getting warmer from Rex.

Iris felt the need to calm both of them down. Filtering her Qi into a special ring that Rex had gotten her. Iris dumped 20 gallons of water on Rex and Liz.

With the way she filtered her Qi, she herself did not get wet. This was the typical way the weekend started.


”Can you all not just get a room and go enjoy his meat stick? ” Violet asked.

Knowing that they could not hear what was being said. She made sure to get everything out and get Rex his headset.

”Our sisters sure know how to keep Rex from pounding each other don they? ” Amber asked.

”Well maybe but for some odd reason I feel like we were meant to be on the different side of sects. ” Margaret said.

Knowing full well what Margaret meant, Amber released a little of her holy Qi. Making the room feel up with pressure.

Rex nearly fell to the floor if not for Iris and Liz. He would have been crushed. Although he would not die, the force on his back would have been enough to cause more permanent damage.

Violet came back and gave the helmet to Rex. She then mumbled something and left it be.

Returning to his bedroom Rex felt excited because he knew what today would mean if he was actually able to defeat the Raid Boss.

Putting his helmet on he entered the Virtual Reality Game Heavenly Quest.

The game was simple enough. Gather enough Qi to advance to the next floor. One could not go any higher than the floor they were on.

If someone you knew has traveled to other floors. They could take you for 1,000,000 Qi stones. That was the currency in the game. One was given 100 Qi stones to begin with.

It was not even enough to buy decent armor and a decent weapon. So most people would go for the better weapon. 0 Rank beasts would not do enough damage to hurt someone. With killing at least 10 middle 0 Rank beasts. One would get enough Qi stones to buy decent armor.

Rex had seen all the mortal floors. He had won several tournaments and worked his way through each floor.

Even the great sect masters were proud of how hard working Rex was. They were also shamed because they caused his life to be turned into a living hell.

Upon entering the game, Rex immediately left his house in the Fourth Realm and headed to the blacksmith. He needed his new weapons.

Even with his abnormal beauty, most people turned away from him. Simply because the two guardians that deeply care for Rex would turn the entire Fourth Realm into a flooded burning isle.

Entering the blacksmith, Rex noticed the young man slamming the hammer down hard.

”Hey bud. ” Rex shouted.

The young man turned around and shouted, ”You damn newbie. Next time I will nail your butt to the city post and allow those two guardians to destroy the Fourth Realm. ”

Rex shivered. He knew the man was not young and did not have anything to live for.

The man stood up and walked into another section of his store. Then hearing steps that sounded like thunder coming towards him. Rex knew that this man did something special.

Carrying a huge box, the blacksmith set it on a table in the corner.

”Boy, I said I needed 1,678,473 Qi stones but it was actually more than that. I will make a bet with you. If you defeat the Raid Boss make sure to post my name with your blades. The cost will be paid. If you do not defeat the Raid Boss then I will need an extra 1,432,987 Qi stones. ” The blacksmith said.

”May I see them first? ” Rex was nervous.

”Sure. They are my pride and joy as a blacksmith. I just wish that my wife and daughter were here to see what I created. ” The blacksmith held his head down.

Opening the box, two very black shiny axes were seen.


Twin Scale Axes Rank Heavenly

First cost One must have 100,000 strength

Second cost One cannot cultivate

Third cost Inner strength must reach 60,000

Damage output 250,000 ignores all defenses with all cost met

Before Rex continued he began to sweat like crazy by just seeing the damage output. These blades could easily kill a Seventh Realm Beast with just a singular slice. If he had some protection, he could kill Eighth Realm Beast in a couple of minutes.

Rex knew he had to continue.

Appraisal continued

Durability cannot be destroyed

Weapon type Soul Axe

Knowing that he could just accept everything and battle with his heart. Rex knew that the Raid Boss was special. He had fought it several times to get the two scales. No one else has gotten them.

”Thank you. I will accept your bet. Make sure to keep my poster on your wall with the blades in hand. ” Rex told him.

”Hahahaha. Thats the spirit boy. ” The blacksmith and Rex slapped each others hands and caused the small town to shake.

Rex with his new axes headed towards the Raid Boss.

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