My new Journey through the realms

Chapter 5 Birthday time

Waking up in a solid white room, I felt like I had died and was going to reincarnate. Before I could do anything I felt two hands sliding down my chest.

I could not move nor see anything else but the solid white room. I knew nothing of what was happening and here I was trying my best to see what was happening.

”Oh so you are truly maxed out at the Fourth Realm. ” I heard a womans voice.

”That means he will get the chance you were wanting right? ” I heard another womans voice.

There was a slight pause and I decided to interrupt their conversation.

”My name is Rex. I cannot see you but I can hear two female voices. May I know where I am at please? ” I tried to beg.

”You are currently in the Third Godly Realm. ” The second female voice said.

I took a second to familiarize myself with what happened. I remembered injuring the Raid Boss and I guess one of them is the Evil Dragon. Why did she bring me up here?

I truly was at a stalemate. Nothing I could think of was truly right. I held my chest up and decided to ask a few more questions.

”How did I die? ” I asked.

The room shook just a little. I could not tell if the women were laughing or if the room itself thought of what I said was funny. I decided to keep up with my questions.

”Before you decide to ask your next question. I have a question for you. ” I heard the original female voice. ”How did you acquire your Soul Art being a Fourth Realm body cultivator? ”

I knew I could hide nothing but I also knew that I needed to have an edge. So I decided to answer truthfully with a catch.

”I know I am in the Third Godly Realm but my first question was never answered. So I guess I did not die then. If I did please let me know. I want to know what happened to my home planet. ”

The room did not shake but I felt love coming from behind me and hate coming from the front. I could not tell what actually happened but it was worth it to me.

”Correct you did not die. Since you answered your own question. I guess I will have to answer her question then. ” The second female voice came from behind me.

I began to feel sweat roll down my face. I knew that it was not possible but then again. I also proved myself wrong by saying I had died.

”He traveled with his guardians, girlfriends, or simply clan mates. To each of the Nine Mortal Realms. He found the Soul Art and was given a chance to learn it in the Eighth Realm in the Monks Temple. ”

I felt my heart break from hearing that the female behind me knew how I had gotten my Soul Art. It took me a complete year to learn that. YES! A FREAKING YEAR WASTED!

How was I supposed to gain my dignity back now. I truly felt hopeless. This was supposed to be my 24th birthday present to myself. You never get what you want in life right.

I knew how I truly felt with this, terrible. I felt terrible that I wasted my 2060 through 2061 years in life doing nothing but train in the monk temple. I wanted strength to push my way out of the Fourth Realm. I never did get the chance. I was hoping that by defeating the Raid Boss. I could actually fight my way out of the Fourth Realm.

”How would you like the chance to go back in time and be able to cultivate properly? ” The female voice behind me said.

”No. I want to break through the Fourth Realm while being a body cultivator before achieving true cultivation. ”

I wanted to scream at her but my heart felt like it spoke before I had the chance to say anything.

Hearing that answer, I completely disappeared from the white room.

Then I suddenly woke up on the ground in front of my house. However, my body could not move nor could I call for help.

My eyes started to feel heavy and my Death senses were shouting at me for some odd reason. Before my eyes completely shut, I saw a blur hover over me.

Suddenly I woke up.

Damn my head hurts like crazy. I rubbed my head.

I rolled over and suddenly I hit my head on something hard. My headache turned out even worse.

I looked over and saw Liz with an evil smile. I knew she was up to no good like normal. I never could give her anything because she only wanted me to join her sect. If she successfully transferred me over. Then I would have been in a married life.

Then I heard my door crack open and Iris stood there seeing Liz on my bed.

I felt the ground shake and I knew that there was another tsunami coming in from underground. So I made the best choice I could.

”Wanna join on my left side? ” I pleaded.

Just like a cat jumping on top of its prey. I too got slammed on pretty hard.

”So Rex anything you want for your 18th birthday? ” Iris kissed me.

It took me a minute to figure out what had transpired. One minute I am 23 years old and tomorrow I will be 24. Now here I am being asked what I want for my 18th birthday.

The only time any of the girls ask is the day before my birthday. Meaning that I lost six years of being a body cultivator. I truly hope that there is nothing that I can physically do. I truly felt like just having a simple life now. Just enjoy the women around me and maybe get lucky to have a few little Lizs and Iriss running around.

If I truly got lucky then maybe a little Amber and a little Margaret. If those goddesses truly blessed me then a couple of Violets. Man that would be life right there.

”I want to enjoy life. I want to be able to fix the problems that I could not fix. Finally, I want to be able to have a family. ”

Hearing what I wanted. Both Liz and Iris kissed me on my cheeks and left. I was glad because I still felt completely sore from the battle I had with the Raid Boss.

I wonder why I still feel pain from that battle? Oh well, I guess it will just have to wait till tomorrow.

I finally made it out of my bed and took off my pants and shirt to change. My door opened wide.I froze not knowing who was there.

I slowly turned my head to see Liz and Iris staring at my body. I knew something was up because they had never stared at my body for that long before. I wonder what happened. So I decided to look down on myself.

Seeing my full battle hardened six-pack to my muscular legs. I knew my body was not like this when I was 18. So what would be the cause.

I had really been transferred back in time to when I was 17 right before I got the helmet to enter The Worlds First Cultivation Game, Heavenly Quest.

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