My pure blood

Part 2- start of the season

I grew up in a modern world, where my life is not really what you call stable. I live with my fathers family, my uncle Nick, his wife aunty Amaraa with their three devil-like daughters. Aunty Amaraa hasn really been the nicest to me, meanwhile uncle Nick tries to make her see the good in me even after the incident of my parents leaving me. And his three daughters are mean especially the eldest she always wants what I want, she is a complete bully and her mom just sides with her every single time.

But even after all that, it didn hurt as much as my own parents leaving me at the age of six I mean who does that?

*Night of the incident*

I woke up from the loud noise downstairs, walked down from my room to the sitting room. Halfway through the stairs I saw my mom and dad arguing, though this is all new to me I have not seen them agrue (key word ”seen ”) but tonight I knew things were about to go down.

I didn want to go down all the way because I didn want to be seen, so I just bent down and let the drama unfold.

”What did I do to deserve a man like you ” my mom said crying while dad looked really upset.

”What you did? Reverse should be the case, I blame myself for my marrying a whore like you, sleeping with my best friend and to think you thought I was dumb ” dad said angrily. In my mind I asked myself ”whats a whore? ”.

”Glad you knew, what can I say he was more of a man than you can ever be ” mom said pointing her fingers at dad before she brought out her already packed luggage to leave.

Just a while after mom leaving the house ,dad followed leaving me all alone in this house. Me at a small age didn think about it to much because tomorrow everything will go back to normal. Right?.

The next day I heard someone knocking on the door, I rushed downstairs thinking its about time they come back home I felt really excited, upon reaching the door to hug both my parents I felt the smile on my face drop the minute I saw the person at the door.

”Uncle Nick ,what are you doing here mom and dad left last night but I am sure they would be home soon ” I said not really sure about what I was saying. Uncle went down to my height and said the words that shattered my heart.

”Hey kiddo, no hello uncle Nick, well put that aside, I am sorry but your mom might have left forever and your dad, he may not come back too. But I promise to treat you like my own daughter, you know its not that bad to have four daughters its really nice because they understand you ” he said trying to comfort me.

”No uncle you are wrong, mom traveled and will be back, dad just went out like usual and I don want to part of your four daughters or whatever I want only my family ” I said not wanting to be his daughter. ”Cmon kiddo its not all that bad I will buy you a doll house ” look at him trying to bribe me with a doll house.

”No! ” I said furiously.

”Cmon kiddo come let me help you pack the essentials, it is just for a short period of time ” He said.

*End of flashback*

He said for a short period of time, guess what people he lied I am about to enter college and still no parents and to make matters worst my cousin Chloe will also be attending the same school as me when will my years of torture end. Only God can help me now.

As we prepare to have dinner I helped with the arrangement of the dining table and setting the utensils while Chloe ( the eldest daughter) just sat down to watch Netflix I feel like screaming at her her for being lazy and don even get me started on the other two.

Mia the second born is no story to write home about. Already In her second year of high school and she feels like she rules the world. Jane the third born somehow nice when she wants to be that girl is like a fly, she is so annoying. And their mother a complete she-devil.

Dinner was served, everybody came to the dining to have dinner and have a conversation.

”Snow ” somebody called out to me. I turned to see it was my uncle bringing me out of my world of thoughts.

”Yes uncle Nick ” I responded.

”What are your plans for college ” he asked putting on the serious face. Before I could answer Chloe opened her big mouth.

”Well dad I just you know have fun and all that ” she said feeling confident about her answer.

”First of all what a dumb goal to make for yourself Chloe and secondly I don remember calling you snow. Now snow back to you any goals other than that rubbish that came out of Chloes mouth ”. He he said feeling disappointed in his daughter goal.

”Well uncle my goal is to just make you and aunty proud, you guys have done a lot for me and I owe that much ” I said feeling thankful for what they have done for me and still doing for me.

”Now thats a goal Chloe ” my uncle said feeling proud of my answer.

Tomorrow the flight to Los Angeles will be a long one and I just want to take my beauty sleep before does disturbing devils ruin my life.

*The Next Day*

I woke up before everyone else, showered, brushed my teeth sparkling clean what can I say I am a freak. I put all the essential in one of my already packed luggage. I already brought out my clothes for today, which is red long sleeve crop top with some golden colour designs on it and a black denim jeans with white Nike and a black jean jacket. I love black.

I packed all my luggages brought them downstairs waiting for them to arrive. I felt bored so I started playing games on my phone, just then footsteps could be heard as I lifted my head to see them coming with big bags, she really killed it this time.

I looked at Chloe she looked beautiful, she curled her hair and put on her makeup nicely. She wore a pink tight jumpsuit with the top having a split and her boobs poking out with lip gloss staining her lip and a high black boot.

We put our luggages in uncle big truck, hugged everyone good bye and left for the airport.The ride to the airport was a long one, when we finally arrived we did all the necessary things before leaving for the departure centre and uncle would not stop crying.

” girls grow up so fast I can believe you are leaving for college ” uncle Nick said with his face swollen from crying.

”Awwwn uncle don cry we will be back before you know it, right Chloe ” looking at Chloe for her responds.

”Yeah dad, we will be alright we promise ” she tried consoling her dad.

”Remember what I told you girls focus on your studies no partying, no drunk driving, no smoking, no fighting each and please go out with reasonable boys not your lectures Chloe, also no two timing just be with one boy and be satisfied ” uncle gave us rules and I almost laughed because somebody won be following them and she is right beside me.

”Sure thing ” we both responded.

After saying goodbye to uncle Nick for the 100th time, he finally left and we both boarded the plane we took our respective sits, Chloe was close to the window and me the open space. few hours into the ride I felt like going to the restroom, so I stood up to go and use it.

Just few inches to the restroom door a really short but strong turbulence occurred and I found myself on somebodys body, OMG this so embarassing. I stood up quickly only to say GOD bless my eyes for I have seen a beautiful creature.

His sandy colour-like hair ruffled all over his face with a mixture of Blue and brown big eyes, his plum lips, a well clean shaved chiseled jaw line , his muscles and vein can be see because of the tight short sleeve being worn, his white skin shining due to the ray of sunshine on him, everything about him screamed perfection.

I was already so red like as if the sun was pouring its hatred on me, I quickly apologized and left for my sit forgetting the urge to use the restroom.


We finally landed in LA, I lost track of the hot boy I saw, what a waste but I know my eyes has been blessed with that sight. We booked a hotel for a week, because we would be starting college next week. Uncle transferred money to each of us for our daily expenses and I most say LA is beautiful, I have always wanted to come here and now I am here.

Can wait to start a whole new journey.

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