My pure blood

Part 5:The shocking surprise

. ”Hi pure ” I was shocked beyond my imagination. What is Dean doing here? I questioned myself.

”Won you ask us to come in ” he said, huh? Where is the us? I looked behind him and I saw the fantastic 6. What is everybody doing here?

” Su…sure come in all of you ” I said still surprised. The slowly walked in one after the door each of them saying hi except Allison, whats her problem?.

”Snow you room is cool, let me guess you favourite colour, wait don tell me. It is white ” Jay said smiling like as if he got the answer right.

”No dummy its definitely pink ” Chris said and eww I don like that colour my cousin spoilt it for me.

”No dummies it is red and black ” I finally spoke and they all looked surprised.

”Wow, Dean isn that your favourite colour ” Jay asked turning to look at Dean.

”Shut up shit head ” Dean just randomly insulted the poor guy.

”You hurt me babe ” Jay said putting his hands on his chest falling dramatically, I couldn help but laugh.

”So what are you guys doing here? ” I asked.

” Well snow it is movie night cause tomorrow is an holiday ” Carson spoke.

”Tomorrow is a what now? ” When did tomorrow become a holiday.

”Tomorrow is freshmen party, you didn know? ” Valeria asked.

”No, even if I knew I still won go ” I guess they already knew.

”We figured, now lets watch some AOT ” Jay spoke like a true 5 year old.

”I thought we were watching attack on Titan or whatever ” I felt confused.

”Darling its the same thing ” Christopher said with his hands in the air.

”Whatever just start the movie ” feeling frustrated and Jay started doing that stupid dramatic thing he does with his hands on his chest.

”It is not a MOVIE it is an anime, and Anime I say is LIFE ” he shouted, good lord I think my ear drums bursted open.

”Fine start the anime ” I snapped.

After a while Jay started doing something to my tv I don know, I think he is connecting his laptop tomy TV I don know how but its working.

The anime begins and must say it is an intriguing story how they are four walls guarding the wall and two boys have always wanted to go out and see the outside wall beyond the walls until something they call a Titan attacks breaks the wall down and starts eating the people. And it has lots of suspense and surprises when it was getting to the best part which is season 3, Jay said he hasn downloaded it yet so we had to watch jujustu kaisen.

I must say anime is beautiful, the language, the characters, my favourite character in all the anime I watched is Sukuna. We finished watching the anime and we still didn feel tired so I had a suggestion which involves Disney princess.

”Ok I have a cartoon in mind that we can all watch ” i said and they all turned to me to hear the cartoon in my mind.

”Please don say Cinderella ” Dean said and I laughed.

”No its not Cinderella ” I laughed thinking about his facial expression when he said Cinderella.

”It is…..drum roll please….. ” I started making drum sounds with my hands and Jay joined.

”We are watching snow white ” .

”Yayyy snow white, lets go ” Jay was jumping around while the rest just looked at us like children that had high sugar rush.

So I proceeded to put snow white since non of them were protesting against it, after a while the movie was over and to my surprise they started naming themselves with the names given to the seven dwarfs in the cartoon.

Jay is happy cause he is always happy, Carson is doc for some reason I don know why he was given that, Christopher is dopey, Dean is sleepy not grumpy, Valeria is bashful ,Allison grumpy and I am snow white.

I stand up and go to open the door for them and they didn move, what the heavens.

”Why ain you getting up boys ” I said.

”That is because we are not leaving ” Jay stated with is arms behind his back.

”The girls can stay, but you boys must go ” I looked at them without sympathy even with all the puppy eyes Jay is given me.

”So we could say if we were girls right? ” Carson asked.

”Yes but unfortunately you are not, so OUT!!!!! ” I made emphasis on the word *OUT*.

”All right fine, boys you know what to do ” Jay gave them its go time look.

The boys started putting any thing they could find in their chest to make it seem like a boob all except Dean.

”Hey girlfriend ” Jay strained his voice making it sound more girly. ” My name is Jessica and this is are friends Carthy and Cassie ” he introduced his friends and I burst out laughing.

”Hiiiiiii ” Chris and Carson voice was even louder.

”Dean Manchester get into character so she can let us stay ” Jay scolded Dean like as if I was dumb enough to let them stay.

”No dude I have dignity ” me and girls couldn hold it for much longer as the wave of laughter flowed through us.

”This is really dumb , fine you guys can stay only because of the effort you put in to convince me ” I told them, this guys really made my day.

”Oh thank you snow ” the all said together and I smiled.

”I call shot gun on the bed ” Dean shouted.

”No you are on the floor with the boys, girls get the bed ” I said pointing to the where the boys are.

”Come baby I promise we don bite ” Jay tried to touch dean and he lost it.

”Bruh, what the **, stop that stupid shit or else your tongue might just go missing ” Dean threatened.

”I love you too babe ”Jay air kissed Dean and we all laughed before the plane became silent. For everybody had gone to their dream worlds.

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