My pure blood

Chapter 6: Dream world

I woke up earlier than everyone else and to my surprise boys fight in their sleep with the position I am seeing, Carson leg is on Jay face, Jay hand is hugging Carson leg and Christopher is literally on top of Dean body this is so hilarious I quickly look for my phone quietly when I found it I quickly took a picture before dashing into the bathroom, by the time I came out they were already gone. Thats weird, I thought.

Anyways its time for English, I quickly brush my red hair put on lip gloss on my lips, wore my uniform I know its kinda weird wearing uniform in college but it is not my rule it is the rule of the school.

I rushed to class luckily I am not late this time, I took a sit at the front of the class brought out my notes and just then the teacher walked in.

”Psst Psst ” somebody threw a paper ball at the back of my head. I turned around just to see the fantastic 6 behind me,when did they get here.

”What is it Jay? ” Is it me or is Jay everywhere nowadays.

”Which anime is better AOT or jujustu kaisen? ” Jay asked.

”I can determine that now until it is completed ” I said.

”Oh yeah right, now focus on the teacher ” I just signed and turned around to face the teacher, just then a student came to call me saying that the principal is calling for my attention.

”Someone is in trouble ” one random student stated, I just ignored the person and left the student that was sent to call me.

As I walked into the principal office I was shocked to see who just decided to pay me a visit and who was in the office with them.

”Uncle, aunty what are you guys doing here? ” I asked with disbelief in my voice.

” We came to look at the garden ” aunty said. Just I look at who is being sarcastic I thought.

”Snow we heard that a fight occurred between you and miss Chloe here ” the principal spoke.

”I swear it was not my fault I was talking with my friends and she came along and started accusing and calling me names ” I tried defending myself.

”How dare you blame my daughter, you bastard after everything you have the right to lay your filthy hands on my daughter, you must be mad ” aunty snapped at me.

”Mommy she also called me a bitch and humiliated me infront of the school ” Chloe said with her crocodile tears.

”ENOUGH!!!! ”uncle shouted.

” Can I be allowed to intrude? ” Dean spoke and that was the surprise guest because I am sure I saw him class so how did he get here so fast.

”Sure, please tell us what happened ”the principal said.

Dean narrated everything that had happened in the cafeteria that day and the issue was resolved and everybody got to know it wasn my fault except aunty Amara.

”You this boy, who are you and who called you into this meeting? Are you her brother or the person she is whoring around with? ”aunty Amara bombarded him with questions.

”Mommy,snow can even be with a person like him,she not up to his standard ” said Chloe eyeing Dean.

What a stupid girl I thought to myself.

”Please can I take your leave ”I said looking at my uncle.

”Useless brat is that how you talk to my dad and mom, they are still here and you want to leave disrespectful bitch ” Chloe stated.

”I am in no mood for your trouble and as for being a disrespectful bitch we both know the truth and where you got it from ” I looked at my aunty and Chloe as I spoke and with that I left.

I walked to my room in tears I couldn get what my aunty and Chloe said out of my head, cause they are right, why did my mom and dad leave? I could swear I was and still am a good child. So where did I go wrong as a six year old child? I promise it was not my fault they left. I swear.

”Are you in need of a bowl? ” I turned to see you asked and I saw Dean leaning on the wall.

”What do I need it for? ” I replied his question with a question.

”All those tears you are wasting ” he said walking towards me and I stepped back.

”I normally would not say this, but its not a fault you are a good girl no lie about that, I may not have known you for long but the you know is strong not so much of a pushover, so don waste your tears for people you don need it ,pure ”I couldn help but find him cute as he spoke he really comforted me and for that I will always be thankful.

”Dean why do you always call me pure? ” I couldn help but ask.

”Because you my dear is the purest person I know, sure I have met people In my life but you are extraordinary, that is why I named you pure ” he said brushing of a hair that fell on my face with his hands and I felt my heart beat Quicken.

”Is it hot? Are you hot? I am hot ” I said cleaning the invisible sweat that I felt on my head.

”Yes you are hot ” he said winking at my me and my body became jelly. We said our good bye and went to our separate ways.

I continued my journey to my dorm until I saw another person that I didn want to see, is everybody just hell bent on seeing me today.

”Hi Allison, what can I help you with ” I gave an awkward smile.

”I can see you cultivating the habit of taking things that are not yours, first you took you cousin parents now you want dean, that just pathetic ” she said crossing her arms.

”Watch your words Allison, I will not take such rubbish from you ” I snapped, whats wrong with everyone today are they out to get me.

”What will you do, steal my friends ” she said.

”Is that a challenge I hear, just know that I don ever lose a challenge Allie cause you may end up getting hurt ” I said.

”Just watch your self bitch and stay away from him, he doesn need a pathetic bitch like you in his life ” she turned to walk away.

”Wait, and you think he needs, you coming to warn me just makes you more pathetic cause you know that Dean doesn see you that way or even look at you like a woman ” I said looking at her from up to down.

”Maybe you should ask him your self how many times we hooked up I felt something you can ever feel from him ” she glared at me with dirty eyes remembering the things she did with dean.

”Ewwwwww, that gross well you may have that but we both know you can never have his heart but don worry I will not save some of his love for you ” I blew her a kiss.

”Just stay away from him, he is mine ” she pointed her fingers at me.

”You can claim what doesn want to claim you sweetheart ” I gave her my final words and walked away praying I don see any more drama, is it just me or did the journey to my dorm feel longer than usual.

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