The Hard Game

”The Merry hounds vs The Pure Bruisers ”, the announcers were screaming holding a microphone to everyones ears.

It was the girls team against the girls team from a different school. In the beginning, nobody really believed that there would be any kind of challenge, but then they realized how bad things could happen if the other team won, so they came out and put up a fight.

They were consistent winners for four years and the Captain was none other than the girl with the number 21 written on her jersey.

”The Merry Hounds are winning ”

The girls in the crowd were busy making remarks about how great the team is ”The Merry Hounds ” and everyone had one number on their lips.

”Excuse me, who is winning? ”

The two boys walked between the crowd, making way to a comfortable place to get a better view of the Throwball match.

They wore blue sweatshirts with matching bottoms and with a monogram stitched of Oakline High School on the left side.

”Look no. 21 is going to throw ”

Their eyes wandered to the crowd, the sound of applause and cheers echoing in their ears.

”I am not interested in this match ”, the boy with green eyes said to his friend who was busy admiring other girls.

”Stay here ”

”I heard girls of Bayshore School are very pretty ”

”Huh…what? You dragged me here just because of this reason ”


It was spring season and the weather was perfect. No one would have predicted theyd be in a volleyball match. A good throwball match.

The sun shined down warm on their necks, the breeze blowing cool enough to feel refreshing against them.

It felt a little bit like heaven in his opinion, the fresh air clearing away all of the stress of being stuck on a small island for too long. Her fingers were covered in sweat and holding the ball close to her waist.

The playground was surrounded was the students of different schools who came here to watch the last battle between two different types of schools.

The baseball, soccer, and football teams. The basketball team, the basketball team, the football team, the hockey team. All teams had their players and their coaches, all captains were present and in charge. The other teams were also there, waiting for the final moment they would get to play.

The school which got the most attention was Bayshore girls school came for the throwball match. The team consists of 12 members with 7 active members and 5 substitutes.

Bayshore School for Girls only consisted of girls who were only known for their impeccable performance in sports.

The stood in front of the opposing team, her eyes locked with the goalkeeper, who seemed to look back at her

The final throwball match was getting tense every moment, and with this one there was a good chance that those who win will become top in the whole city. Not that anyone cared anyway, they just wanted to see the fun.

He looked around again and saw the number 21 on her jersey, and his eyes immediately widened.

She was standing in the corner with her hands clasped behind her back, eyes trained on their opponent.

She looked beautiful. It didn take much to notice, but she did look different than others.

Her deep blue eyes were sharp and calculating, focused on every aspect of her opponents movements as they circled each other.

Her hair was dark and wild, flowing like silk over a pale shoulder and trailing down her arms.

The coach called them over to the center of the court.

”This is our final match ”, the coach said.

”Alright, you guys need to work on your timing. ”

He glanced at his watch.

”We should start soon. ”

Mr. Philip McCoy was the only male coach from the Bayshore school, he looked quite young. He was 25 years old, tall, about 62, and wore a navy blue uniform that looked like it was from some kind of athletic team, with a baseball cap on his head and a white shirt underneath to protect him from the sun.

”I will do my best, Mr. McCoy ”

He puts his hand on her shoulder. His grip is firm, but gentle as if to say you are a capable woman. She smiles at him. He returns the smile with one just as warm.

”I know you can do it, Benny ”

Mr. McCoy looks at the team one more time before leaving and they all stand together in silence for the next few minutes until their coach gets up and starts shouting orders.

The game had started, and teams were running back and forth trying to catch the ball.

It was the girls teams competing among themselves for the trophy of Oakmeet and getting the recognition from the Mayor in front of the media was the best gift ever for the winners.


The players from Bayshore School for Girls wore red color jerseys and shorts with a number printed in black on both front and back.

The players at Oakline high school were in blue jerseys and shorts. They put white numbers on the front and back.

Everyones eyes were locked on the Number 21 jersey player as she threw the first ball out of her hands. She took a couple of steps back before kicking it up into the air. It came spinning down and landed perfectly in her hands.

”Yahoo! ”

The crow

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