Can\'t Stop Hurting You !

”Thats five more questions than usual! ”, Mr. Taylor announced loudly causing the entire room to break into whispers.

”Oh Pickles ”

Everyone had already solved those questions in a few minutes and it was getting late so everyone decides to leave their home.

They submit their homework and after a quick discussion, they go outside the classroom.

She was busy solving the first question when she heard someone walk by her side and stop beside her table.

”Hey, what about this one? Its easy! ” A boy says while handing his paper to her.

She looks at his handwriting then back to him and takes the paper before looking at the problem he pointed out.

”She is dumb ”, they all laugh and walk out.

”I will not leave until I finish this ”

She turned books on her left side and read the next problems.

Suddenly, she hears her name being called from behind and turns around quickly.

Her classmates were laughing again while pointing at something on her desk.

”Did you solve that? ” He asks excitedly.

She gives him back his paper and shakes her head no.

Ray sees this reaction and tries to help her find the answer but she doesn want his help as she can figure this out all by herself.

It wasn even hard. She knows what it meant. But of course, thats Ray he wouldn let the matter go.

”Do you know where did you find the answer? ” He pouts.

”I don need your help, you can leave ”, she said aggressively but still keeps a calm expression.

He gets closer to her and she starts to panic. They are standing almost two feet apart and he was staring at her intensely which made her nervous.

Finally, he steps back a bit and says, ”Okay then.. Maybe you don want my help and we won stay here longer than necessary. See you tomorrow! ”.

He walks away leaving her alone with the rest of his friends and she sighs heavily and puts her hand on her forehead.

That stupid boy… she thought. Why do people keep teasing her about her intelligence like that?

”You shouldn be so mean to Ray ”


It was dawn and most students had already gone home while Ray had already completed some homework.

She was alone in the room trying to solve it as fast as she could while she didn notice someone coming behind her.

The door opened making her turn quickly and hide her paper on the floor.

In front of her was Ray who stood with his hands on his hips and looked down at her.

”What are you doing here? ”, she screamed at him.

He ignored her question and walked towards her, stopping right in front of her.

”Why did you leave me all alone? ”. She asked calmly looking at him.

”Why should I stay here for you? You don like me or something! ”, she snapped back.

His face changes from curious to annoyed.

”I am student council president, I just take care of everything after class gets over ”, he

said while looking at her as if daring her to contradict his statement.

”Really? ”. Her voice sounded sarcastic.

”Yes. Now I have some work to do so if you would excuse me- ”

”What kind of work? Did you do anything wrong? ”

”Excuse me? You can do this at home ”

He raises his eyebrow and stands up straighter, now glaring at her.

”Are you serious right now? We
e in a classroom. This is not a place for a fight ”. He defensively crosses his arms.

So wrap this up and go home ”

She didn say a word, just glared at him with anger showing on her face. Ray couldn help but admire how cute she was when she was angry.

He took a step closer to intimidate her and look into her eyes.

”Well? ”,

He raised an eyebrow and kept looking at her.

”Go home ”

She puts everything in her bag ready to leave.

”Oh yeah? ”, Ray said.

”I forgot to tell you something. ”

She didn say a word, just glared at him with anger showing on her face. Ray couldn help but admire how cute she was when she was angry.

He took a step closer to intimidate her and look into her eyes.

”Well? ”,

He raised an eyebrow and kept looking at her.

She puts everything in her bag and leaves. Ray watched as she went out and closes the door shut.

He couldn hold his laugh. She was funny. Well, she wasn a girl for no reason, he thought. He also remembered what they told him earlier and decided to give her a second chance.


He slowly closes the distance between them and whispers something near her ear. When she looks at him shocked he smirks and walks out without looking back.

The wind was blowing against her hair and clothes and she looked back once to see Ray turning a corner and walking in the other direction.

She steps out and sees it was getting dark outside.

On the way home, she was thinking about what happened earlier. Ray was acting weird and thats why she decided to confront him.

She stopped in her tracks and turned back to the school building.

”What is this place? ”, she whispered to herself.

She gets to the bus stop and sits down on a bench. She leans back and closed her eyes, thinking about the events of this day.

The street lamp was glowing and casting small shadows on the sidewalk.

As she started walking the lights became stronger, illuminating more parts of the street.

Few men were busy staring at her from a distance while walking past her. Some of them gave her dirty looks, making her uncomfortable.

A small voice on the inside told her to run away but she wanted to see what would happen next and if there will be another confrontation.

After a couple of minutes the same men who were giving nasty glares before came near her.

After waiting for more than 15 minutes, she thinks of walking to another bus stop and going home when one of them grabs her wrist harshly.

When she looked at him surprised she noticed his face.

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