The Truth Untold

The match was over and the Bayshore girls were so happy about how they maintained their victory for another year. Everyone left the ground and only Bayshore girls were busy celebrating their victory.

They all walked to their coach, waiting to get compliments from him about the game until it was time to go home.

”It was a good game girls, thank you for playing ”, Mr. McCoy remarked to the girls.

”Thank you, Coach! ”

”You all did well in todays game ”, Mr. McCoy clapped to everyone for their sincere efforts.

”Thank you, Mr. McCoy ”

Everyone applauded each other and all credit goes to the one girl, that is Benny Soto.

Benny was smiling like an idiot, after a long day of the game, getting praise from her teammates. She always tried not to show it, but she felt very proud of herself.

”Benny, can I talk with you? ”, Mr. McCoy called out. Benny immediately ran to where her coach and friends were.

She stood beside a big man who is holding a clipboard with his eyes on the board writing a few numbers. He looked at it while scanning through a few things before he said something.

”Congratulations on consecutive winning your fourth year on this team, ” Mr. McCoy said with a small smile.

He bends down to her height and looked at her palm then back to her face.

”Oh its red, your palm got bruised. ”

He said as he touched the sore spot. The rest of the team started laughing at Benny. She didn mind though she just smiled. Her cheeks blushed a little but she quickly covered it up with a smile.

”Lets go to the infirmary ”

”Oh ”, Benny nodded in agreement.

Mr. McCoy started walking her to the infirmary. She admired Mr. McCoy so much for his kindness towards her. He always supported her when she needed it most, and hed never made fun of her. It was very strange to have someone else being so kind, especially to such a little thing like her.

He was the first teacher who motivated her to find her passion, to make something out of herself.

”He is so handsome … I mean, you
e awesome too, but hes nice ”, she mumbled cupping her face with her hands.

She was lost in her thoughts of how Mr. McCoy cares about her and pats her shoulders gently.

She giggled and looked up at Mr. McCoy with her big doe eyes. He was walking in a hurry before her and she just followed behind him slowly.

”Im going, to be honest with you, I never thought you would ever make it this far. ”

”Huh.. ”

Benny stopped and looked at him surprised and started following him with honey eyes.


They reached the infirmary of the Oakline High School and went inside there. It was a small office with one bed covered with white curtains and a few chairs in it. There were supposed to be a few nurses and doctors, helping students but somehow only one Doctor was seen in the room.

Mr. McCoy brought her into a room and gestured for her to wait. The doctor was busy writing prescriptions for a boy who was sitting on the chair before him.

”Sit here ”, Mr. McCoy gestured while he walked to the doctors desk.

”Alright, Benny tell me what happened. ” The Doctor asked as he took his glasses off.

There were one of the two boys in their late 15s was also sitting there.

”Hey kid ”

Mr. McCoy greets him. He looks at him and then back to Doctor confused.

”Can you look at this girl? ”, Mr. McCoy asked the doctor with concern on his face.

”But we are first here ”, he argued to the doctor.

The boy was busy rubbing ice on the right side of his face with eyes glaring at both of them.

”Please look at her wound ”

After she sat down Mr. McCoy left the room, leaving her with the boy. He frowned as he saw her sitting beside him and his gaze shifted to her swollen palm on her right hand.

”Sorry ”, She said

He shook his head with confirmation.

”Its ok ”.

”Hi, I am Norris Neal ”, he said.

”You are the number 21, right ”

”Oh…yeah ”

”Because of you, we are in the infirmary ”, Norris said with sadness, as he kept rubbing ice.

”You are.. ”

”Me… I am Benny Soto from Bayshore School ”, she said with a smile.

Norris was mesmerized by her smile, it seemed to light up the entire room. Itd been a while since hed seen one so bright and genuine.

He couldn help but think it was infectious. She looked even more beautiful closer and he kept staring at her face. His thoughts were broken when she spoke again, ”Hey, you ok? You look like somethings on your mind, is everything okay? ”

Norman shook his head slightly, he mustve zoned out for a moment there.

”I am so sorry for hurting you ”, she said looking down, ”I can believe I hurt you… ”

She continued to mumble apologies as She looked back up at him, eyes shining with hope, waiting for an answer.

”Theres no need to apologize ”, he responded.

”But my friend got hurt more ”, he said shaking his head.

”What do you mean? ” She asked.

He hesitated before saying what was on his mind.

”Forget it, congratulations on your winning Benny ”, turning away from her.

That wasn right. Why would he say that? That wasn what he was trying to do. He should never have said that! Why did he say that?! He could feel her gaze on him, still watching him. He knew this was probably not going to end well. What could he possibly say?

She knew she wouldn have made it as far as she did if he wasn by her side.

”What happened to your hand? ”. Doctor asked her.


”Please wait for me in that room ”

The doctor said Benny to walk to the room that had a bed that was covered with white curtains and gave her a towel to cover her hands.

While he does that Benny noticed whats behind the curtains of the bed.

She walked towards the curtain, careful not to make a sound.

She leaned in to see what was behind the curtains she was shocked to see… a boy?

When she got closer, she realized he was a male teenager. He was wearing a pair of loose sweatpants, and a sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up. His left foot was moving a clock that was resting by the door, his right leg was bent under him. He had a bag that was resting next to him, probably his stuff.

She walked towards him, facing and she saw his face with a grin written on his face.

His shirt was unbuttoned, a bit opened exposing a bit his chest. He was rubbing an icepack on his bruise while sitting there, looking at a book in his hand. He has black short hair and fair skin. He was wearing glasses and facing toward the window.

He heard the footsteps coming closer, turned around, and saw a girl looking at his body.

”What the hell? ”.

She quickly closed his eyes. Soto felt awkward and took a few steps backward trying to run.

He stood up

when he saw Soto. His hands dropped down and his eyes widen. ”AHHHHHHHHHHH ”, he screamed.

Soto quickly backed away from the curtain and covered her mouth with both her hands to stop her scream.

”You… its you I am bruised ”, he screams at her, as he moved closer. Sotos breathing quickens when he was inches from her.

She closed her eyes, she had seen enough and she wanted to run. But she couldn move, her legs were frozen.

She tried to push him away, and push him away from her.

But she ended up punching him on the bruises on his left arm.

Her heart was racing, she could hear her heartbeats echo in her ears. It sounded like she was going crazy.

She heard him whimpering and crying in pain. she fell with him to the ground tearing the curtain trying to prevent falling she fell on her body.

They both fell to the floor, her head above his body. She could feel the sweat on his forehead and smell his perfume.

Both were panting and staring into each others eyes. They stayed like that for quite some time and then he whispered.

Before he even knew what happened she punched him again on the shoulder…

She sat up looking at the boy on the floor with wide eyes.

He slowly started to stand up.

She was standing now and trying to run away.

”What did you do? ”

”Are you going to kill me for no reason? ”

He was screaming with pain and he was more hurt than angry.

He saw her close, her blue eyes locked with hers and he wanted to say anything but no words were coming out.

She covered her mouth with both hands once again, this time trying not to let her screams escape and instead scream for help, she ran out of the room, leaving the boy on the floor.

Her heart was beating fast, it feels like a million butterflies were dancing in her stomach.

Then he saw her run away through the door closing it behind her.

She kept running.

She was out of breath.

She came outside the Oakline High school and sat on a bench breathing heavily after a run. She looked over at the football ground where teams were practicing their plays in front of the stands. The sun shone on them like it always did and she smiled to herself looking back at the entrance.

”Hey lets go home ”, Emily Doyle said grabbing her hand and pulling her up from the park bench.

”Where were you? ”

”I have been looking for you in the infirmary ”

Emily Doyle was her best friend as well as like a sister, they were friends since childhood and even in the same class too.

”Take your bag, and your mobile phone too ”

”Mr. McCoy will be dropping us at our home, well walk to his car from there ”.

Benny nodded as she grabbed everything and followed her friend, Emily towards the parking lot.

”Benny, I am proud of you ”, Emily said while wrapping her arms around Bennys shoulders.

”Oh, really ”

”I will tell mom to make us a lovely treat ”, Benny exclaimed.

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