Frost & Ice

She looked at the boy who was looking through his phone. When he realized she was staring at him he said, ”Uhm… Sorry, I don know what are you asking. ”

”I have seen you somewhere ”, she said.

”Why do my gut feelings say that I have seen him somewhere? ”, she talked to herself.

She was looking straight into his face, eyes narrowed and searching for something in his expression. He was not sure what to make of it. He had been sitting there quietly while the girl was busy trying to catch him staring at her. He could feel her stare piercing through his skin but still, he didn move an inch, didn even blink.

”I don know you ”, he said.

He tapped on her head, trying to move her face away from his face.

”Stay away from me ”, he mumbled to her, still not moving a millimeter away from her.

The girls mouth curled up.

Again he tapped on her head with his index finger, trying to move her face away from his face, but to no avail.

”Stop it! ”, She snapped, finally moving her head and turning away.

”What are you doing? ”, He asked.

The only thing he could think about is that this was a weird coincidence, a weird way for their paths to cross. He seemed very uncomfortable with the whole situation.

She was about to go to sit near him on one of the benches when she heard loud honking noise approaching from the other side of the road.

”The bus ”

She looked at the boy and he looked at her. His face lit up in a huge grin.

”Yes! There is Oakline School Bus! ”, said the boy, grabbing the strap of his bag.

”Oh! ” She smiled brightly at him.

The boy felt awkward and tried to avoid the girls gaze, he just nodded.

When the bus appeared and came to the halt, the two walked to their bus which was already in motion.

The bus arrived in the middle of an argument and they both got inside.


The seats around them were filled with tired kids, most of whom are probably here for the same reason he is.

The boy tried not to look back and focus on what was happening outside his window while the girl kept talking,…

”Oh he is so cold ”

Its going to be a long day, she can tell just from looking at their faces, but it looks like everyone else is still awake.

The boy walked to the last seat on the bus and she followed but all the seats seemed occupied.

The bus looked full of kids from different classes. Some were playing on their phones, others watching the road ahead. The driver had his hands firm on the steering wheel and kept a constant eye out for any signs of trouble.


She was walking between the seats, trying not to fall on the moving bus as she tried to find a place to sit. Her eyes caught a seat right across from the door and with her luck, it was mostly full.

”Oh no place here ”, she said to herself.

She moved her head to every seat, not finding an empty one so she sat next to a tall girl with brown hair.

”Hello there. ” She said, smiling at her, hoping that maybe they could talk a bit.

”May I … ”

The girl nodded in agreement and taps the seat gesturing to sit next to her.

”You can sit here ”

”Im Benny Soto. Whats your name? ”

Benny went and sat down next to the brunette who turned to face her and gave her a sweet and bright smile.

Benny was lost for words, this beauty was something else and she couldn stop smiling like an idiot in front of someone like this.

The girl had beautiful brown eyes and she smiled back at her.

”Im Ava Reeves ”

”Hey, you alright? You look pale ”

The girls voice brought her out of her trance and she noticed that she was blushing and looked away trying to hide it.

”I think you
e very pretty… ”Ava mumbled shyly looking away from her beautiful brown eyes again, her heart beating faster at the sight of her.

”Really? Oh, thank you. ”

”You are also ”

Now she felt so nice after talking to someone, it made her feel special, happy to have someone as beautiful as her noticing her.

”So…. what is it that got you so nervous? And don say you
e afraid. ”

”Yeah, I guess so ”

”Its my first day at school ”

”Alright then. ” She giggled a little.

”Tell me about yourself first. ”

The time flew so fast while talking about everything and everyone she wanted to share with them and soon enough the bus stopped at her stop.

Ava giggled while grabbing her hand and looking into her eyes.

”Here let me help ”

Ava Reeves brought Bennys hands on her lap. They were holding each others hands tightly as Ava tried to comfort her from the nervousness she was portraying.

”Thank you ”.

Benny muttered quietly still mesmerized by her.

”So, I am in Section X? ”.

”Lets be friends! ” Ava said excitedly.

”No problem, anytime! ” Benny replied.

They reached the destination and both got off as Ava was busy with her phone.

She was thinking about where she had seen him, as she got out of the bus and slowly followed to the class.

Something caught Bennys attention and it was the schools motto: ”With wisdom we conquer ”, written at the gate in a bigger font than anyone can imagine.

Her eyes caught the attention of the most freaking things that she had seen in her life, it was like thousands of bolts of lightning had stricken her.

A grand notice board with the toppers name, in big bold letters, stands in the center along with their percentile.

It reads:

”A bright student is on his or her way! Good luck with your participation in our reputed School for High Achievers. ”

”You are a gifted individual, an awesome person, and you need to be with us. We work hard to give you the best of what we have to offer. ”

”Your achievements and achievements will help make this school better. ”

Her jaw dropped, stood frozen, and her feet denied going inside.

”Huh…whats this ”

”Mom, you put me in hell ”


As she passed through the gate, the view was breathtaking; shed always thought so. The buildings were tall and sharp, the sky clear and open and filled with blue colors. The sun shone down in a blaze of warm light, bathing everything it touched in a brilliant glow. She walked through it all slowly, taking in her surroundings.

”Oh wow, the school was very different from her old school ”

The sky looked blue and fluffy and cloudless while a light breeze blew past her face. It wasn cold but it felt good on her skin nonetheless.

Her face was glowing as she closed her eyes taking in the sunlight. He saw her smile from where he sat and his heart felt like it might burst, she was perfect, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

His heart pounded in his chest; she was standing before him with a smile on her face and a softness in her eyes that he had only seen in movies.

”Move out of my way ”, he said softly, not wanting to break the moment between them but unable to resist.

She frowned looking up at him, ”What? ”

He leaned over placing a hand gently over hers, ”Move ”, he replied coldly at her again.

Her expression melted into one of awe and her mouth opened as if she wanted to argue.

The school building looked quite lavish, a large stone building that was built on the edge of one of the most prestigious universities in the entire country. Its architecture resembled many other European institutions; there was an arch that made up half of the entrance hall and three floors above, with two more halls that formed a U shape at the back, all painted white.

The grounds were also well tended to, especially along the sides of the buildings. It made him feel like hed stepped into an entirely different world.

Overall the school has an excellent reputation. Recently, the schools math club organized a charity event.


She walked slowly from the teachers room to the classroom and everyone was looking at her.

The classroom was a bit different and students were not like normal kids, they were talking about subjects, and solving mock test papers but no one seemed to have fun in her eyes.

The girls and boys were dressed like any other group and were so silent. The teacher was sitting at a desk, wearing a brown suit and an orange tie that matched his glasses, he looked around for anyone who wasn late yet, and when he saw none, he turned back to the class.

”Are these people human? ”, she glanced at everyones face only to realize it wasn because of their appearance, they just didn look good, they had this aura that made it seem like if you looked at them you wouldn be alive again.

After a couple of minutes, her teacher called her and everyone quieted down immediately.

”You can come in ”

When she walked into the classroom her classmates looked at her strangely and whispered among themselves.

The teacher called her to introduce herself. The class was silent, watching the exchange between the two.

”What is your name? ” he asked. He seemed like an older gentleman. His black hair and wrinkled clothes gave him an air of authority.

”My name is Benny Soto and…and….and ”

She stopped in the half as she had nothing to say about herself. The whole class was staring at her and she spaced out.

”You can sit with Ray ”, the teacher pointed her to an empty seat beside the window with the boy she met a few moments ago. She didn say anything as she followed the teacher to the back corner where his desk was supposed to be. She sat down.

The teacher had introduced himself as Mr. Taylor and after that, theyd gone on to do a basic lesson plan for this semester.

”You again ”, Ray said with a grin.

”Yeah…Nice to meet you, Ray ”, she said with a huge smile and held out her hands towards him.

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