Trapped Fish!!

She took out her books and started staring at the board where the teacher was busy writing.

It wasn long before she heard a small chuckle from behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw a guy sitting behind her. He had wavy blond hair and nice looking a guy. His eyes were a light brown color and they were full of amusement.

”Do you want something? ”

A boy whispered from behind causing both of them to jolt and spin around. His face is a little flushed as he smiles sheepishly at the two of them.

”Sorry, didn mean to scare you guys ”

”Don disturb me ”, Ray whispered to him.

Ray seems to be annoyed with her sitting beside her on the class bench. His arms are crossed and his expression is a mix of annoyance, confusion, and anger. Its not that she doesn understand what he wants but if she were being honest, this whole thing is kind of ridiculous.

”What the heck… ”

He moved his chair away from her not to be disturbed anymore.

”Do I have thorns? ”

She looked at his face, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and cursing internally.

He was busy focusing on his books but still noticed her gaze, she could see how tense he became.

”Yes? Why? ” he asked, eyes still focused on the page before him.

”Its you who is prickly ”, she replied, trying to sound casual as she continued to study him.

His body tensed again but this time more visibly, he turned around abruptly causing all of the papers on his desk to fall.

”What is your problem? ” he shouted, slamming the textbook shut and glaring at her.

”Wha- ”

e just not making sense! You said something about being prickly ”, he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

”Don behave like you are a topper ”, she said sternly, crossing her arms over her chest.

”I am a topper, what did you expect?! ” he yelled, taking a step closer to her.

”Stop yelling! ” she replied angrily, pushing him backward ”and stop being rude ”, she added, glaring back at him.

”Whatever.. ”

In no time, she was bored with the lecture and ends up slouching on the desk.

Ray was seeing all this happen as he was sitting in the front seat near the window.

He knew how hard it is for Ray to concentrate when people are around him but now he could see just why it would be hard for him. She didn even look up from her notebook once while the lecturer spoke. Her hair was flowing over the whole desk and her face was completely blank as if she was not paying attention.

Shes a very attractive girl. His eyes widen as a feeling starts to spread through his chest. He shakes his head trying to forget about it but he couldn .

Norris burst out laughing when he saw them fighting like cats and dogs. Ray, who was usually quiet, began responding and even telling her that he was at the top of the class.

That he was better than everyone else, but now he can help but smile because it seems like only yesterday Ray was in bed, still not himself, and now he was back. He was back in a world where everything was back to normal.

The only problem was that no matter how hard he tried, he didn feel any different. His parents are concerned about him, but everything is fine.

He is confident that one day he will be able to speak normally again if that is even possible. After all, nothing can prevent fate from intervening in a persons life, can it?

”Hi, Benny Soto ”

”Oh here you are, Norris ”, she smiled at him.

”I am sorry I didn notice you earlier. ”

Ray looked back up at her and then looked away. Her smile faltered a little.

”Are you alright? You seem upset ”

”No…no, I am good ”

”Shall I show you the whole campus? ”, Norris asked.

He glanced at her, a smile on his face. His short, straight, dark brown hair is worn in a quiff. He has narrow, brown eyes, thin lips, smooth cheeks, a small nose, a square jaw, and a square face. His hair was still damp from when hed just come in from outside; it stuck up at odd angles. He looked good.

A small smile came to her lips as she nodded.

”Absolutely. ”


She was feeling sleepy and her eyes were drooping slightly. Her head had been propped against the armrest, but Rays voice brought her out of her half-asleep state.

”Can you focus? ”, Ray said to her. He sounded exhausted and the look he gave her was exasperated and a little bit pissed off, but still, it brought a small smile to her lips regardless of his words and she looked down at her homework, determined to do just that even if her mind seemed a million miles away from actually doing so.

”I am concentrating ” She replied, voice wavering slightly in an attempt to keep calm, though Ray only sighed and shook his head.

e not ”, His fingers drummed on top of the desk next to hers and there was no use hiding anymore now.

”I can believe Im being forced to study with a dumb ass like you. ”

He glared at her, his eyes narrowed and she knew that he wanted to argue but something had caught his attention.


”Hey, come sit with me ”, Norris said from behind.

”Forget him ”, Norris called her to sit with him after class.

The chemistry class got over, and she moved back to the Norris and sat together in their English class, and she was happy about this opportunity but also sad that she couldn go back home, she could be home right now.

She took the seat and he looked at her.

”I have an idea ”, Norris exclaimed.

He said, grinning wickedly. The class got over in half the time, walked outside talking among themselves, and by the time they were outside his locker he had pulled out a little box, and given it to her with a big smile.

It was a cute little box of Bing cherries, from the famous brand ”Dubloons ”, a gorgeous dark red fruit is shiny with a rich and juicy flavor; perfect for snacking.

”Its my favorite! ”, Benny screamed with excitement as she took one piece and ate it.

There was nothing like sugar to make everything better.

”Yummy ” were her first words after swallowing.

She felt a little guilty about having taken all these from him, especially when they were so sweet that the smell almost burnt her nose when she sniffed them.

”You can have it ”, he said as soon as she opened her mouth to ask, his tone serious but his smile still present on his face.


Ray also walked out of the class and stood outside looking at the sky and the girls were in awe of his looks whoever crossed him.

”He is so handsome ”, everyone seemed to be staring at him, but it was nothing new to him. Hes known for being the most beautiful one in the group.

”He is just as hot as I imagined ”.

Everyone agreed and he could feel his cheeks burning red.

A girl was seen following Ray and he didn have the time to think about her until they were almost to the locker rooms. She had a very pretty face and dark brown hair. Her eyes had a sparkle behind them that looked like she would love to say something. She looked around, making sure no one was watching them, then started talking.

”I like you, Ray ”, the girl had this huge smile on her face and Ray could swear she was blushing slightly. He gave her a confused look, looking down.

”What? ” He said quietly, not wanting to seem rude or anything, especially after all the attention he got from these people before.

”Ava, stop this ”, Ray said rudely, trying to get away from her. He didn like being touched, even by some strangers.

”What did you say? ” The girls voice suddenly turned cold and her smile became less friendly.

”Its none of your business who I like ”, he answered angrily, pushing past her, not giving her any more thought. He quickly changed into his gym clothes and went to the showers.

When he came back, Ava was gone. He sighed and went to change again. When he came out, he saw someone standing outside the door.

”Oh she likes you ”, she tapped on Rays shoulder, her face bright and eyes twinkling.

She was giggling and her eyes were sparkling as well, he wondered what could have made her so happy today.

”Whose she? ”. Benny asked confused.

Her grin widened more, she pointed at Ray with her index finger.

The girl that has been staring at you for the last few minutes ”. She winked and Ray felt his cheeks go warm.

”Oh Ava likes you ”, she tapped on Rays shoulder, her face bright and eyes twinkling.

She was giggling and her eyes were sparkling as well, he wondered what could have made her so happy today.

”Whose she? ”. Ray asked confused.

Her grin widened more, she pointed at Ray with her index finger.

”The girl that has been staring at you for the last few minutes ”. She winked and Ray felt his cheeks go warm.

Rays eyes got locked with her eyes and she seemed to be smiling even wider at him.

”Shes a bit weird but I think she likes you ”.

She giggled like mad again.

The guy next to him chuckled. He too had seen that same reaction from the other girl who just stared at him in class.

”Oh I remember you now ”

”What? ”, Ray looked confused but he can move his eyes away from her. His mouth is dry and there are butterflies in his stomach.

”I remember you ”, She said with a giggle.

e that bare chest guy I met at the infirmary ”

She was giggling like an idiot as she mentioned bare chest guy, it was making Ray feel uncomfortable.

To stop her to make fun of her, he covered her mouth with his hands.

”I don want to hear any more about this ”. He pulled her hand away gently to behind the lockers.

”You won tell anyone ”, Ray shook his head and looked at her with determination.

”Hmm…should I or should I not ”

”A topper or …what should I do? ”

The smile never left her lips, it didn matter how much Ray tried to look stern or angry. Her smile was still there and it gave Ray a strange feeling. It wasn good but not bad, something just… off was happening with him.

”You are such a .. ”, Ray left her and turned around.

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