Naruto Kaguya struggles

First real mission

When Kimimaro returned into the camp he looked at his fellow clansmen. On the left there was a few kaguya women in their battle gear laughing and skinning two dears.Next to them stood one slave girl mindlessly looking at the fire.

”Ey girl go get fetch some water put it in the pot above the fire. Your job is to make the mushroom soup. But before that get the boy over there and go to the forest for some wood. You have twenty minutes for the wood now go. ”

”Yes master Kaguya ”

The girl ran next to Kimimaro and said

”Master Kaguya we were assigned to get some wood in the forest. I suggest that we need to start now. ”

”Yes Kimiko we will start now. I also heard Himawari orders lets go. ”

”From young age they sent us to such small missions with the slaves ” Kimimaro thought.

”Not a bad way for the younger clansmen to learn how to obey orders from young age and learn that the slaves are not tools to play with but tools for work. Also If you disrespect them they will work less but, if you treat them right is like throwing bone to the dog and they will work tirelessly. They will feel respected and more important than the other slaves because they do ”missions with Kaguya clan ”one of the highest honours in their mind.What a practical way to brainwash them with little manipulation.

For the kids to control some servants gives them a way to teach them how to be efficient with what you have. You cannot play when they assign you an order because the kids who don obey are beaten. ”

”Alright Kimiko you will search for small branches while I will go to the fallen trees over there. ”You have ten minutes then you must return here ”

”Yes master Kaguya ” Kimiko bowed and then started searching for branches.

Kimimaro went next to the fallen trees that were cut out days before and grabbed the abandoned axe next to the trees. He looked at the trees and found one generally small tree and started smashing it with all his five years old might. After ten minutes he got five logs he sat somewhat tired after this exercise next to the trees and waited for the slave girl to come back. Not long after Kimiko showed herself with a smile and hands full of small wood branches.

”Shall we go Master Kaguya? ” Kimiko asked.

”Yes Kimiko lets go ”

Kimimaro got the logs and slowly returned to the camp where they left the wood next to the fire.

”Goodbye young master Kaguya ”

”Goodbye Kimiko see you soon ” Kimimaro said.After that he turned and went to his grandfather tent where he heard two voices speaking to each other. Then he stopped and asked.

”May I go in grandfather. ”

”Yes boy come in. ” the old man said.

Inside there was his grandfather Zangetsu and one middle aged man named Kageyama.

Kageyama continued ”mission successful sir all slaves and ninjas that escaped in Takeda clan massacre are killed. we have seven casualties and twelve wounded from the traps they layed before we reach them. ”

”Stupid swordsmen opening direct challenge to Kaguya clan then running like rats. ”he stopped for a moment and continued.

”Tell the slaves to start packing we will go back to the clan after weve eaten. ”

”Yes commander ” Kageyama said before leaving the tent.

”You should start packing your things.Our mission here is over. ”the old Zangetsu said.

”And boy your training will be intensified after we are back. ”

”Yes grandfather ” Kimimaro bowed and left his tent.

Zangetsu sighed and thought to himself.

”So much talent but always speaks like a puppet. I should start considering his betrothal to someone with fierce personality. She will teach him some manners. ”

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