After the mission was accomplished the ninjas and the slaves started to prepare move back to the the clan.

”Kimimaro, Mangetsu, Kageyama, and Yoshida will escort the slaves caravan back to the clan while the rest of us will rush back to the clan. ” Zangetsu said

”Kimimaro and Kageyama come with me for a second. ” Zangetsu said.

”Kimimaro that is your first official mission so I expect you to listen every order from Kageyama.Are we clear? ”

”Yes sir. ”

”Excellent. Now return to the other kids. ” While he smiled at his unusual seriousness. Then he turned to Kageyama.

”Kageyama protect the kids at all cost.They are our future. We sent ninja back to the clan yesterday and when he returned he reported sighting on three small encampments of bandits. I want you to destroy two of them alone. And the last one I want you to lead the kids and destroy with them. Your job is to protect them in the encounter. Are we clear? ”

”Yes elder! ” Kageyama responded.

”Alright I count on you. ”

Then he turned his back and screamed

”Alright men lets move out to the clan ” And the rest of the ninjas followed him back to the clan silently.

Then Kageyama turned his back to the kids.

Alright our mission is clear.Kimimaro will stand on the left flank of the caravan. Mangetsu as the oldest will stand on the back and Yoshida on the right while I will be in front.

In case of something happens I want Kimimaro to come next to me while you two pair up together then reinforce the other group. When the caravan stops thats a sign to be vigilant. Am I clear? ” Kageyama asked.

”Yes sir. ”the kids responded

”Alright I estimate that we will reach the clan in 3 days. Expect further orders from me on nightfall when we will make camp. ”

”Lets move, the slave kids in the center.

The men in front and women on the back. Lets move out. ”

The first day of the mission was uneventful for Kimimaro except the slight stop of the caravan because of two fallen trees the rest of it was boring. On nightfall the caravan stopped then Kageyama made the thirty slaves to make the tents while him and Yoshida will go and set up traps around the encampment.

After the initial camp was set Mangetsu took the leading and ordered the slaves to set up the log spears with only one way in. In case of bandit horse riders. After the finishing the reinforcement of the camp everyone sat for dinner prepared by the slave kids and women. The kids and Kageyama sat together

”Alright boys.The first night guards will be Mangetsu and Kimimaro. While I and Yoshida will be second am I clear? ” Kageyama said with serious tone.

”Yes sir. ”

”Alright I will inspect the camp.Yoshida go to sleep. The first turn will end little before the middle of the night. ” Then Kageyama and Yoshida left to do their tasks

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