The night is an unusually cold for autumn night. On the horizon a person can barely see a silhouette of the new moon. Under one of the trees next to the entrance stood two boys in silence with fire next to them. Then Kimimaro asked

”Sorry for my impolite question but why I never saw you in the clan. I am pretty sure I saw all of our clans members at least once before?

Then Mangetsu narrowed his eyes and answered

”You understand we are on a mission right now and all talking is prohibited,right.? ”Mangetsu replied.

”Yes… I mean I know what that but the night is cold and if we don have at least basic understanding of each other.How can we fight as a team in any situation. ”

Mangetsu smirked and replied

”You did not see me because I don live there. ”

”So where do you live? ”

”In the peasant district right next to the slave one. ”

”But why though? ”

”Because my father was a ninja and my mother was a slave. When they married they created ruckus in the clan because my mother was a slave and he is a Kaguya.

But one day my father never returned from mission… you know what I mean.So I was left at 3 years of age with one peasant mother who could not feed both of us. One day we went to the clan to ask for some food because we were starving. We were greeted by one very proud slave who mocked us in his words ” why a former slave and a peasant boy come here asking the clan for food. Don you have a husband woman?why are you even here? To dilute the air for the noble Kaguya? Hahah… guards remove them. ” And then he turned his back. In my anger I screamed and ran at him. He did not know what happend First I used Teshi Sendan(ten finger drilling bullets)they hit him in the legs and he started screaming from the pain. Then from my whole body grew bone spikes. From my fury I stabbed him so many times he did not know what happened.

After I calmed my self I saw him gutted like a fish with his eyes wide open.Then I was confused. What I have done I asked myself?My mother urged me that we need to run and escape but before we pass the panic stricken slave guards an elder stopped us at our way. Your grandfather stopped us he asked me

”Who are you boy ”

And I terrified replyed to him ” Mangetsu…Mangetsu Kaguya ”

Then he smiled and replied ”Good ”

Then he gave an order that one guard will go to get us some food while the other will clean the lobby.

From then on no slave dared to make fun from me. Later I went to learn with other kids my age.They made fun of me but they all died from missions. Only three kids from my age remained one boy from next class who does not have one leg and one girl who still doing missions again from the next class. Because of does little dead boys I started to hate the clan a little and after my mother was denied living in Kaguya clan especially in my father house. I decided to not live in the clan. So does that answer your question why I don live in the clan. ” He said smiling.

”Perfectly mate. ”

”Good. Any other stupid questions? ”

”Yeah do you feal the chakra signatures that surround us outside of the camp? ”

”Are you sure? ” Mangetsu seriously asked.

”I have byakugan? Any other stupid questions. ”

He did not respond the provocative question and gave me an order.

”Wake up Kageyama and Yoshida and await further orders from him. Now go. ”

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