Kimimaro rushed to Kageyama tent and tapped him. Kageyama instantly opened his eyes and asked.

”What is the situation Kimimaro? ”

”Kageyama-san we are going to be attacked by twenty one bandits two hundred and fifty meters walking directly against the gate. One has bigger chakra then others so I suspect him to be a chakra user. ”

Kageyama frowned then ordered.

”Kimimaro go wake up Yoshida his orders are to to wake up the slave men and organise the slaves defence for the eventual counter attack. While you do that I will go to Mangetsu. After you finish with Yoshida you must rush to us. ”

”Yes sir. ”

Kageyama and Kimimaro rushed for their tasks.

Ten seconds later Kimimaro already woke up Yoshida.

”Yoshida-san we are going for imminent fight. with twenty bandits.Kageyama ordered you to organise the slaves for the counter attack.

”Alright, good luck Kimimaro ” Yoshida replied with seriousness.

”Good luck to you too Yoshida ” Kimimaro replied with small smile.

Its going to be understatement to say that Kimimaro is not excited and scared at the same time because of his first fight. Most of the fights he ever did are in close up dojo learning ”Kaguya style taijutsu and shurikenjutsu. ”

While he rushed to Kageyama and Mangetsu he thought to him self.

”My chakra is at seventy percent because of my constant use of byakugan. I need to be careful with my usage of chakra. I have no armor so I might catch stray shuriken or arrow. ”

Finally he stoped next to Kageyama and Mangetsu and Kageyama instantly asked.

”How far they are Kimimaro. ”

”Approximately forty meter sir. They are spreading in one line with three meters distance between them.

Then bells from the first warning traps rang.

Then there was a blood curdling scream in front from us from one of the the dangerous traps.

The situation became intense. Nineteen lights became visible trough the scarce woods.

”Everybody take cover and take the wooden shields in front of the cargo. ” Kageyama scream.

Then a whooshing sound came from the sky

The first volley of flaming arrows hit the camp. Fifteen seconds later a second volley of flaming arrows hit infront of the camp.

”Fuck they took our night cover advantage. Our only choice now is frontal attack with our shikotsumyaku and demoralise them enough so they can start running and pick them one by one. ”

”Alright boys listen up I will take the front charge while you will follow me when the fight starts. I will take on the chakra user while you stall the rest till yoshida comes with the reinforcements.Am I clear? ”

”Yes sir. ” The boys replied.

In the next second the bandits showed themselves. In front of them was one gigantic man with nodachi for a main sword.He had crude and worn out blue battle armour with no helmet. His hair was red and his face fierce one big horizontal scar was visible across his face. He had blood thirsting smile.

”Surrender or die. ” The giant screamed.

”We are from the Kaguya clan, if you seek trouble you will be impaled like the rest of our enemies. ”Kageyama fired back.

”If you are really from the Kageyama clan your deaths will feel sweeter. And when you eventually die I will stomp your faces till you are no longer recognisable, so when you meet king Yama you will explain that Chousokabe Korekatsu sent his regards. Buhahaha.

Men kill them for me!Chaaaarge! ”

Then blood thirsty screams came from the bandits rushing against the three ninjas

”Alright boys get ready ” then Kageyama rushed against Korekatsu.

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