Men the big Kaguya is mine entertain yourself with the kids buhahaha! Korekatsu screamed.

Ten meters before the collision bone spikes came out all around Kageyama body.

Right before the clash Korekatsu raised his nodachi and tried to cleave Kageyama body in two. Kageyama jumped above him and threw two kunai at Korekatsu back. The samurai easily dodged the two kunai and screamed at the ninja.

”Come here **ing hedgehog let me cleave you at two. ”

In the meantime Mangetsu and Kimimaro clashed with fourteen bandits while four stood at the back.

”Kimimaro rush at the archers I will hold them of. ”Mangetsu said as his spikes grew all around his body.

”Alright ” Kimimaro replied.

He moved trough the bandits like a ghost with the help of his Byakugan. Their moves for him are slow because of his Kaguya physique and predictable because of his three hundred and sixty vision. He occasionally stabbed some of the bandits

with his spikes that have grown up from his palms all nom lethal because of his inexperience. When he passed the last man he came out one against four with seven meters distances in between them. Closed his eyes for a moment and thought to himself. ”

This is the real world my previous world is long gone now he can remain only in my memories.Now I am a ninja a machine for slaughter. ” He opened his eyes you can see the resolve in them. His body language changed he ran lower spikes grew around his body. Hands behind his back four arrows moved passed him three hitting one of their team mates who screamed like a banshee. Panic showed in their faces. Then kimimaro jumped high in the air. Spikes grew from his heels. One second later he landed on one of the bandits head his heels spikes pased trough his skull from one side to another.He quickly retracted them before turning against his next victim. When he looked at the bandit he screamed because of his brutality. He tried to run but two steps after one spike showed itself from his throat he retracted his hand leaving only gaping wound on the bandit who instinctively grabbed his throat. His eyes full of unwillingness and terror trying to gasp for air but his action was futile.The other two bandits tried to run in trees but Kimimaro quickly caught up by running on the trees branches. He jumped on one of the bandits cutting his throat with kunai before throwing it one the other leg. He slowly walked to the bandit.

Please don kill me I have kids I only wanted to feed them somehow. Please I beg you he tried to reach for Kimimaro leg to kiss it but before he touched him Kimimaro hit him on the head with his spike from his palm the spike passed trough his head. He slowly retreated his hand. After that he turned around and rushed back. When he returned to the plain he saw seven out of fourteen bandits dead or heavily injured. He jumped against two bandits getting their heads in his hands before smashing them to the ground with all his might making them bleeding and unconscious.

”Fuck the other brat came back! Run from this little monsters. ” They tried to run but Mangetsu and Kimimaro quickly chased them. Kimimaro quickly raised his palm and used Teshi Sendan. The bullets hit one of the bandits killing him on a spot.Next to him Mangetsu did the same also killing one of the bandits. Three remained. Mangetsu quickly looked at Kimimaro both nodded before rushing at their targets. Kimimaro threw one of his shurikens at his target legs immobilising him at the process. He reached him while running hitting his head from the back with a stomp, breaking his skull and killing him on a spot. He looked at Mangetsu who also killed his opponent and then to the last survivor. He quickly rushed at the forest where he found him choking on a thin string.

He quickly reactivated his byakugan before he said.

Took you long enough Yoshida- san

Yoshida smiled and jumped next to him.

”How was your first fight Kimimaro- kun. ”

”Later we must help Kageyama- san. ”

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