Neon Star Rising (BL)

The boy in the box

The first thing he ever saw was the scowling face of a handsome man.

The man was perched on the metal edges of a box and looking down at him, his eyes a pale blue against his golden brown skin. A thin metal line ran from his left eyebrow down his eyelids, cupping his sharp cheekbone before disappearing into the dark hairline near his ear.

The look in the mans eyes made him recoil further into the box, even as he couldn look away from the metal on his skin and the strange glow of his pale eyes.

Why was he in a box?

Next, he saw a girls pretty face, her hair was tightly curled, secured on each side of her head by two messy buns. It was an unnatural white shade, in deep contrast with her shimmering brown skin. Her cat-like green eyes seemed to be glowing too — almost as if she was inspecting him.

”Well **, ” she said, her upturned nose wrinkling in annoyance.

”I said no people, that mother**er knows I don move humans, ” the handsome man said, his face twisted in obvious contempt. He turned to him, inside the box. ”Who are you? ”

That was a good question, but one he didn have an answer for. ”I don know, ” he said truthfully.

The girl laughed. ”What do you mean you don know? ” She leaned over to inspect him closer, her face inches away from his own. If he looked closely he could see her irises spinning, the reason for that eerie glow. ”I can get a read on him. ” She turned to the man, ”You think someone scrambled his circuits? ”

The man grumbled. ”Who the ** knows, but we can stay here. ” He reached into the box and grabbed the nameless guy by the arm, making him flinch and struggle in his grip. ”Quiet, do you want to be caught? You
e coming with us. ”

”I don know you. ”

”By the looks of it you don know even yourself, ” the girl grinned, her mouth pink like chew-gum.

He had a lot of information floating around in his head. If he really concentrated, he could even find that he knew the glowing eyes the two of them had were optic implants, same with the circuit on the left side of the mans face, and the thick silver band around the girls throat — which he thought was a necklace at first, but he now realised was an implant too.

He knew all of these things, but not his name, age, place of birth — nothing. Try as he might, he came up empty.

He stopped struggling and let the man pull him out of the metal box he had been curled into. When he looked back at it, he was surprised by how small it was. He couldn believe he had fit inside.

Unceremoniously, the man gripped him by the shoulder and turned him around to pull down on the back of his underwear.

His first reaction of was immediate alarm, but then the man said, ”I-V-O, Ivo, I guess thats your name, ” reading out loud. The stretchy waistband snapped against his skin and the man moved towards the door.

Ivo. Ivo. Ivo. He repeated the name in his head. Trying it out for size. It fit. But he had no basis of comparison either way.

The girl raised a s

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