Never give up God love you

Review at the hospital

ll change you never had time for us me and the family, Troy was saddened and all the happiness was depleted on the face and replied I know it has been hard for you and mum to forgive me but I have changed now.

Kimberley chuckled ”yes you have changed now and always have time for me and mum and they arrived at the hospital daughter, doctor Emma reviewed her and she wrote a report and called the father and Kimberley in the office, doctor Emma congratulated Kimberley saying ” a well pleased you gained more weight than before, thats rare cause most times when a person has this Cancerous tumor the loose weight and asked Troy what have you been giving your daughter to gain such caliber of weight within a peek of time,

Troy replied ”nothing much we are just taking care good of her and ensuring she is always Happy I know this is our last moment but we will pray about it,

doctor Emma said ” you can now go, make sure you take good care of her and they went home.

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