New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 1 - The Empress Goes to the Lower Realm and Brings Four Daughters Here!

Chapter 1: The Empress Goes to the Lower Realm and Brings Four Daughters Here!

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Cang Dragon Continent.

High in the sky, above the clouds.

Nine huge golden dragons swam quickly in the clouds.

There was a chain on each golden dragon.

Behind the nine chains was a huge jade carriage.

The surface of the jade carriage was crystalline and translucent, and the aura of profound ice lingered in the air, causing it to be filled with a luxurious and mysterious aura.

Everywhere it went, rainbows opened the path.

Not only was it grand and luxurious, but it was also filled with an insufferably magnificent aura.

Some observant people were shocked.

“Mystic Ice Jade Carriage! This is Empress Mystic Ices emperor carriage!”

“Empress Mystic Ice is the ruler of North Mystic Heaven, so why did she come to the lower realm?”

“The nine dragons pulling the carriage bespeaks of her extraordinary status!”

On the Cang Dragon Continent, there were nine heavens.

One of them was called North Mystic Heaven.

It was in the extremely cold north.

There were a total of 100,000 countries of varying sizes in North Mystic Heaven.

The ruler of these countries was a woman called Donghuang Ziyou.

Her nickname was Empress Mystic Ice, and she was the publicly acknowledged number one expert in North Mystic Heaven.

She was one of the top powerhouses on the entire planet.

It was unknown how many elites trembled when they heard her name.

And today, no one in the Cang Dragon Continent would have thought that Empress Mystic Ice had actually descended to the Lower Realm!

At this moment, in the luxurious hall of the Mystic Ice Jade Carriage, a beautiful woman in her twenties sat upright.

She was dressed in a purple-golden robe with golden cuffs with an exquisite phoenix design embroidered on them.

Such exquisite attire contrasted with her fair and delicate face, making her look even more beautiful and gorgeous.

It was as if even the sun would be outshone by her.

She was Empress Mystic Ice, Donghuang Ziyou!


Donghuang Ziyou was an Emperor Realm powerhouse.

As long as she released her spiritual sense, she could hear the voices of all sorts of people on the ground 100,000 feet below.

Hearing everyones discussions, she couldnt help but shake her head and sigh.

Originally, she would not easily descend to the lower realm.

But there was something she had to do today.

That was to help her four adorable daughters find their biological father.

She still remembered that four years ago, she had been besieged by 12 quasi Emperor Realm powerhouses.

She fought and retreated all the way from North Mystic Heaven

to the Lower Realms Cang Dragon Continent.

Although she had finally forced back the 12 quasi Emperor Realm powerhouses, she still exhausted herself.

She fell from a hundred thousand feet into the river.

Unexpectedly, she happened to encounter a profligate guy who was fishing by the river and he saved her.

She saw that the young master was extremely handsome. She wanted to quickly improve her cultivation level in order to return to take revenge.

Donghuang Ziyou gritted her teeth and decided to use a forbidden technique to dual cultivate with this young master.

Although it was called dual cultivation, it was actually to forcefully absorb the pure Yang energy in young masters body to help him break through the cultivation shackles.

After one night, she succeeded!

She didnt want to let the enemy find him and implicate this innocent mortal guy.

She had left quietly before this young master woke up.

She had thought that they would never see each other again after she left.

Unexpectedly, she found out that she was pregnant not long after she returned.

Under the effects of her maternal instincts, she decided to give birth and raise the child.

Unexpectedly, she was actually pregnant with quadruplets!

And they were all girls!

This caused Donghuang Ziyou, the first female empress, to be extremely busy.

Over the past three years, she had to manage North Mystic Heavens affairs and take care of the four children.

She was extremely busy!

And this was not the most important part.

As the children grew up, they had always wanted to know who their biological father was.

After all, other children had parents.

How could these four daughters not have any thoughts about it?

In order to give her child a complete family, Donghuang Ziyou decided to go to the Lower Realm and find that young master.

She would marry him and let him compensate their children with the fatherly love they had lost.

After asking around, she finally found the man she had not seen in four years.

He was Blue Cloud Nations Lin Xuan!

“Mother, is Father really in Blue Cloud Nation?”

The eldest daughter, Xuan Zhu, was wearing a bright yellow princess dress. At a young age, she was already peerlessly beautiful.

She asked while blinking her big, expectant eyes.

“Yes!” Donghuang Ziyou had a firm expression.

“This is great! I can finally see Father!”

The fourth daughter, Xuan You, had her hair tied up in a high ponytail. She jumped up from the chair mischievously and clapped her hands a few times.

Her second daughter, Xuan Xi, had cute dimples when she smiled.

She looked at a flower petal in her hand. “When I see Father, Ill give the flower in my hand to him!”

The third daughter, Xuan Han, was wearing a white princess dress and sitting there gracefully.

She rubbed her chin with anticipation. “I really want to see Daddy soon!”

Donghuang Ziyou took in their expressions.

She sighed inwardly. She had made the right decision to come this time.

For her daughter, she would make an exception and let a mortal like Lin Xuan enter North Mystic Heaven.

“Your Majesty, Blue Cloud Nations border is 150 kilometers ahead.”

At this moment, a silver-haired woman with a voluptuous figure in

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