practiced swords.

From time to time, laughter would ring out from the Spirit Gathering Formation, making Feng Jingfan and the others extremely envious.

Two days later, at dawn.

Donghuang Ziyou, in a purplish-red robe, walked into the crystal palace under the morning sunlight.

When she arrived at the bedroom, the servant hurriedly bowed and said, “Your Majesty, the Consort and the others arent up yet.”

Donghuang Ziyou frowned slightly.

It was already dawn, so it was understandable that the children did not get up.

Lin Xuan actually didnt get up either.


Donghuang Ziyou sighed silently in her heart.

She had been out fighting and had finally returned.

She did not expect her childrens father to still be asleep.

Even if he couldnt help her establish a country and state, at least he shouldnt be so decadent!

“It seems like other than taking care of the children, hes really hopeless.”

Donghuang Ziyou felt rather helpless in her heart.

Forget it, she knew what kind of person he was long ago.

Why waste so much effort and hope that he could pull himself together and go around accomplishing deeds and creating a world like other men?

“Your Majesty, should we inform the Consort?” The servant asked carefully.

“Theres no need for that. Lets wait for them to get up.” Donghuang Ziyous expression was cold. She turned and stood at the door while raising her head to stare at the boundless sky.

North Mystic Heaven had won the war against the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

She had originally thought that the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord was extremely difficult to deal with.

However, she never expected that the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord would have reservations when he fought her.

This gave her several chances. She took advantage of the Bloodthirsty Demon Lords flaw and heavily injured him.

In this battle, their side didnt have any casualties.

Killing more than ten thousand enemies was already enough to shut up the bunch of old fogies from the Mystic Ice Palace.

She had rushed over excitedly to see Lin Xuan and the children.


She waited for about an hour.

The door to the bedroom behind her finally opened.

Donghuang Ziyou let out a long breath and said without turning back, “Youre finally up.”

Lin Xuan nodded. “Yes, come in.”

Donghuang Ziyou gritted her teeth. “This fellow, he didnt even ask how long I waited.”


At this moment, Xuan Zhu and the others ran out of their room. When they saw Donghuang Ziyou, the little girls shouted at the same time.

A gentle expression instantly appeared on Donghuang Ziyous face. She turned around and walked into the bedroom.

“Xuan Zhu, did you all get up at the same time?” Donghuang Ziyou touched the four children dotingly.

“Thats right, because we all sleep together!” Xuan Zhu nodded.

Xuan Han added, “We sleep with Daddy!”

“Really?” Donghuang Ziyou looked at Lin Xuan in shock.

Wasnt he tired from coaxing the four children to sleep alone?

Donghuang Ziyou remembered that when she first coaxed the four lasses to sleep, they tormented her at night.

Lin Xuan nodded. “Yes, the children are very obedient. Its not tiring to coax them to sleep.”

When Donghuang Ziyou heard him say this, the depression in her heart lessened greatly.

No matter what, he was a competent father.

After a few more words, Lin Xuan brought the children to wash up.

Then, the little girls urged Lin Xuan to make breakfast. Lin Xuan made a table full of breakfast.

When she saw the sumptuous breakfast on the table, Donghuang Ziyou couldnt help but reveal a shocked expression.

“These dishes are lustrous and have a rich aroma. Furthermore, the quality is complicated and the workmanship is exquisite.”

“I didnt expect his culinary skills to be so superb!”

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