New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 4 - Im Looking forward to It! The Perfect Chef!

stomach swelled up like a balloon.

“Why arent you guys eating?” Lin Xuan put down his chopsticks and asked.

Four pairs of pitiful eyes looked at Lin Xuan at the same time. After a moment, the four daughters said at the same time,

“Were sick of eating this!”

Xuan Zhu said, “Father, will you scold us?”

Xuan Xi said, “Every time we dont eat, Mother will scold us when she finds out.”

Xuan You added proudly, “Fortunately, I have the Heavenly Dog Beast, which can help me eat a lot of things!”

Lin Xuan immediately understood.

It turned out that his daughters were already sick of these foods.

Through the tutorials provided by the system, he knew that children were very picky about food when they were young.

Not only did it have to be delicious and nutritious, but the taste also had to constantly change.

I was just like the delicacies on the table. They were even more delicious than the usual delicacies.

But because the taste was too fresh and delicious, it instead made the children get sick of it.

After understanding the problem, Lin Xuan looked at his four daughters dotingly. “Daddy wont scold you. If you dont want to eat, put it down first.”

“Later, Daddy will let you guys eat something more delicious.”

“Something more delicious?”

The four daughters eyes lit up.

“Father, is there really anything more delicious than these?” Xuan Zhu pointed at the dishes on the table. “Mother said that these are the best.”

Xuan Xi said, “Im so looking forward to it!”

Xuan Han said, “If Daddy says there is, there is!”

Xuan You said, “Daddy, take it out quickly. Im hungry!”

Lin Xuan stood up and rubbed Xuan Zhus little head. “Yes, wait here. Daddy will be back soon.”

Then, he asked the servant to bring him to the kitchen.

He planned to exchange some experience with the head chef in the kitchen and see if he could make dishes that suited the childrens taste according to the requirements.

He went to the kitchen.

The servant said, “Mr. Baili, the empress husband wants to see you.”

Over hundreds of chefs turned around at the same time and looked at Lin Xuan with awe.

Lin Xuans handsome appearance and extraordinary aura filled these people with awe.

“So this is the emperors husband. Hes indeed extraordinary!”

At this moment, a middle-aged man in a white robe hurriedly walked out and bowed. “Your subordinate, Baili Zhou, greets the Consort!”

The servant introduced, “Mr. Baili is the best chef in North Mystic Heaven. He has cultivated as a chef for three thousand years and is recognized as the Master Chef of North Mystic Heaven.”

Baili Zhou quickly shook his head and said, “Its just an empty title.”

How could he dare to act arrogantly in front of the emperors husband?

Lin Xuan saw that Baili Zhou was a very easygoing person and asked, “I wonder if Mr. Baili is good at cooking food for children?”

Baili Zhou nodded. “Ive studied childrens food for more than a hundred years, so I have a certain understanding.”

“Oh really? Then tell me,” Lin Xuan said calmly.

Baili Zhou then explained his insights.

Lin Xuan realized that he had indeed put in a lot of effort in terms of nutrition for children.

The three meals a day that were prepared for Xuan Zhu and the others were extremely nutritious and would not cause any problems like excess nutrition.

However, in terms of taste and dish variety, it was subpar.

It was no wonder. After all, North Mystic Heaven was a cultivation world.

When the people here reached a certain realm, they could completely abstain from eating.

There were very few people who were accomplished in cooking.

Even if Baili Zhou cultivated as a chef, he could not do everything perfectly.

“Then, if I ask you to cook all sorts of dishes that the children wont get sick of, can you make them?” Lin Xuan asked.

Baili Zhou thought about it. “I can try research and development, but not without three to five months of time.”

“Its too long.” Lin Xuan shook his head slightly. “How about this, Ill make a few dishes first. Ill teach you when Im free.”

Thinking of his four daughters anxious expressions, Lin Xuan decided to do it himself.

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