Stat points – 10]

James was shocked by the drastic increase in his stats since the last time he saw them. Everything had increased by a large margin and others had increased by even more. He wasn sure what he should do with his stat points since he had 10 already. He though that he should increase his dexterity a bit since its lagging behind all of his other stats by quite a bit but he thought that he might as well save them since he didn know when he was going to need them in a time of need.

James thought that it was about time that he should take a look at the shop function now that he had the time to do so. He knew that the shop could open whole new opportunities so he wanted to look into it as soon as possible.

[Shop –

Recommended Items –

Healing pill rank 1 – 10 points

Body Tempering Pill – 20 points

Agility Pill – 50 points

Flash step Skill – 500 points

Telekinesis Skill – 600 Points

Wings of a Turtle skill – 1,000 points

Soul Weapon pill – 100,000,000 points]

Hey Winter would you mind showing me the description of all of the items that are in the recommended section of the shop.

Soon a blue screen popped up in front of him showing all of the items that are in the recommended section and all of their descriptions

[Item – Healing pill rank 1

Description – Can heal life threatening wounds of any person below the Qi condensation realm.]

[Item – Body Tempering Pill

Description – Helps with the body tempering process. it can help absorb the qi in the air around you and use it to temper your body to make a breakthrough to the next rank.]

[Item – Agility pill

Description – Increases the dexterity stat by one point, cannot be used passed 50 agility. Very useful for turtles. :)]

[Item – Flash step skill

Description – A skill that can increase dexterity by 1000% for 1 second causing you to look like a flash in the eyes of other people when you move.]

[Item – Telekinesis skill

Description – You gain the ability to move or manipulate creatures or objects by thought.]

[Item – Wings of a Turtle

Description – Gives you Wings on the back of your shell in an area that wont constrict anything else. Gives you the ability to fly in the air and soar through the skies. The appearance of the wings are very appealing so nobody will think it isn cool for a turtle to have wings.]

[Item – Soul Weapon pill

Description – an pill that creates a weapon corresponding to your soul. it will create a weapon that best fits you and your personality, giving you the perfect weapon to use in combat. The weapon grows with you so when you grow stronger so does the weapon. Depending on the circumstances the weapon may develop an artifact spirit.]

James was overjoyed with all of the items that were in the recommended section. They were all items that would be very useful for the current him. James really wanted to just have all of these items right now but he knew that it would take a very long time to gather the points necessary to buy these items.

Winter is there any other functions that he Shop tab has?

[The shop in the system has about everything that you can ever think of and an infinite amount more, every item that is created over the universe has been added to the shop function of the system so all you need to do is use the search function to look for a specific item and it will show up. The recommended tab of the shop will change depending on the situation of the host and what he needs the most at the moment, or even what the system thinks that the host would like.]

James had no idea what to say to the description of the shop function. It was way more than he expected, he had never thought that it would have everything that he could ever think of.

James closed the system because he needed some time to think and he wanted to go back to sleep since he was still feeling a bit tired even though he had just really woken up.

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