New life as a Turtle.

Threat level - Deadly

When James clicked on the Attributes tab a blue light flashed in front of him and suddenly a new screen popped up in front of him.

[Health – 100/100

Spiritual qi – none

Strength – 5

Constitution – 10

Agility – 1

intelligence – 15

Charisma – 10

Wisdom – 10

Perception – 10

Luck – 15

Stat points – 0]

When James eyes first landed on the health attribute he instantly knew what health was. It was an attribute that was used in every major and minor video game. It is pretty easy to explain, its your health. If it hits 0 your dead, thats about it. Sometimes health can be permanently decreased because of certain factors like a bad wound that will never heal fully, or disease, but other than that health was the most basic attribute other than luck.

Hey Winter, would you mind explaining to me the details about strength, stamina, agility, and intelligence. James asked this because these are the attributes that differ from game to game. there are certain aspects to it that will never change but those aspects that can change could change the direction you take in a task or a fight.

[Strength – A measure of how physically strong a character is. Strength often controls the power and/or damage of melee attacks, the maximum weight the character can carry, and it determines whether or not you can use an object.

Constitution – A measure of how sturdy a character is. Constitution often influences hit points, every 1 point will be 10 points in health, resistances for special types of damage (poisons, illness, heat etc.) and fatigue.

Dexterity – A measure of how agile a character is. Dexterity controls attack and movement speed and accuracy, as well as evading an opponents attack.

Intelligence – A measure of a characters problem-solving ability. Intelligence often controls a characters ability to comprehend foreign languages and their skill in comprehending skills. Intelligence also controls how many skill points the character gets at ”level up ”. Under certain circumstances, this skill can also negate combat actions between you and NPC enemies.

Charisma – A measure of a characters social skills, and sometimes their physical appearance. Charisma generally influences prices while trading and human reactions. Under certain circumstances, this skill can negate combat actions between you and enemies.

Wisdom – A measure of a characters common sense and/or spirituality. Wisdom often controls a characters ability to recall certain skills, communicate to mystical entities, or discern other characters motives or feelings.

Perception – A measure of a characters openness to their surroundings. Perception controls the chance to detect vital clues, traps or hiding enemies, and might influence combat sequence or the accuracy of ranged attacks.] Winter replied with a games screen showing the description of each attribute instead of directly telling James as it could be a large information dump and she wanted to make sure James understood everything correctly.

James took about 30 minutes to read through everything and make sure he understood everything and didn read anything incorrectly.

When he finished he found it a bit peculiar that he had 10 charisma. He was a turtle, could turtles really influence people that much. If anything he thought he was going to have a value below the average because nobody cares about turtles.

Hey Winter why is it that my charisma is already at 10, I thought it would be lower because i am a turtle? asked James.

[The reason that the Hosts charisma is so high is specifically that you are currently an infant turtle. infant turtles are some of the cutest reptiles that you will ever see. As you grow and as you cultivate you will grow larger. Eventually your charisma will grow higher because you will continue growing throughout your journey eventually becoming the size of a mountain or the size of an entire continent, causing you to become intimating. But dont worry host there will be skills that can alter your size to your liking.] replied Winter in a somewhat exited tone.

When James heard this he was genuinely surprised, he had never thought about that. He thought that he would just grow to be the size of a regular turtle and that was it. Thinking of the opportunities that such a size could bring to him made him incredibly exited. Maybe one day he could even have a city on his back.

Now James only had one thing that he was curious about, it was something most games didn have, stat points. In most games instead of stat points at the beginning of your game you would choose a class and according to that class your attributes would scale accordingly but this actually had stat points.

Winter would you mind explaining to me the function of stat points. asked James.

[Sure, stat points are something that can be used to increase some of your attributes but there are also some attributes that cant be increased by using stat points. The attributes that can be increased through stat points is strength, constitution, agility, and intelligence. all of the other attributes have to be increased through other means. Every time you increase in a realm of cultivation you will gain a certain amount of stat points depending on the realm, but at the same time your attributes will also increase according to your cultivation level. So in general stat points are just a bonus you have that will put you above the normal people of this world.]

Incredible said James in an astonished voice. All he could say was incredible, at the moment he heard the last sentence he could no longer comprehend what this meant. The opportunities that this could bring were incredible.

After James took a five minute break to calm himself down he thought that it would be time for him to move on to the skills tab.



Skill points – 5]

When James saw this all he could think was that its empty. But even though it was empty he had a couple of questions for Winter as always.

Hey Winter would you mind giving me a general explanation of the entire skills tab? asked James.

[The skills stab is a place where you will find the skills that you learn first and foremost. Every skill will have 5 levels of understanding, entry, small success, medium success, large success, and perfection. To learn a skill you can use one skill point or you can use your own capabilities to learn it. From there it will take 2 skill points to upgrade understanding to small success, 3 for medium success, so on and so forth. There are many ways to gain skill points that I wont go into, a simple explanation is that you can get them as rewards for certain things but also every time your cultivation realm increases you will get a certain number of skill points based on your intelligence, and that is all for the skills tab.]

James found this information expected and useful. This was something that he could already guess and it was something that would be very useful in the future.

After James was finished with that he decided that he would go onto the quest tab. He was a little exited to learn about this one because it is a feature that every game has and its on of the best things in the game. It sets a direction for a persons decisions and it can give someone lucrative rewards. It also helps the person that issued the quest, its a win win situation.

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