New life as a Turtle.

Divine Encounter

When James was about to look at the quests tab be suddenly heard some rustling around him. He couldn tell the exact area where it was coming from since he was in an egg still, but it seemed to be getting louder and louder as if something was coming closer and closer towards the area he was in.

At first James thought it might be nothing but ad it got closer he could tell this could become quite messy quickly.

”Growl ” Soon James herd a growl and instantly he knew whatever was there was a enemy and not an ally.

”Crunch ” As soon as James though this he started to hear crunching coming from a source that was really close to where he was. He instantly knew he had to get out of here.

James started to push with all of his might against the walls of the egg but it seemed like getting out wasn going to be as easy as he thought.

”Crunch Crunch ”

The crunching was getting closer and closer to where James was.

James could eventually see a little sunlight come through a tiny crack in the shell and he knew this was his chance. He pushed with all of his might and finally his work had paid off

”Crack ”

The egg had finally cracked open and he could push his way out.

When James got out of the egg he looked to the left and all he could see was dozens of eggs that looked the same as the one he had just broken out of. But when he looked to his left he saw something.

What James saw a couple meters away from him could only be described as terrifying. It looked similar to a salamander back on earth but it was fully red and had long claws.

At this moment there was only one emotion and that was fear.

All of the sudden James saw a system screen pop up in the direction of the salamander. When he looked at it it read.

[Species – Crimson Salamander

Cultivation level – Body Refining rank 3

Threat level – Deadly]

Suddenly James felt a very soothing feeling move throughout his body coming from the area right below his heart. This soothing feeling first moved through his body starting with the organs, then moving on to the muscles, and went through his skin, finally the last place that it went through was his shell. He couldn feel much when it went through his shell but he could tell that it made it stronger. Everything it passed through seemed to absorb this weird substance and become stronger and sturdier.

Finally when it was finished James felt amazing. He felt ten times stronger then what he was previously. Everything went back to normal and James could finally see the screen that was flashing blue in front of him.


[Quest Completed


100 spiritual qi and 5 points have been distributed as the reward

Use the points wisely]

When he saw this he was exited, he had figured out that the weird feeling that he had was him advancing from being a mortal to the first rank of the body refining realm. But this wasn enough, the enemy in front of him was at the third rank of the body refining realm and now he was only at the first rank of the body refining realm. At this moment James knew that even though he was at a complete disadvantage because of the fact that he is a turtle and he is below the salamander in terms of cultivation.


[New Quest issued!

Quest – Survival

Difficulty – D

Details – Survive the encounter with the Crimson Salamander.

Time Limit – None

Reward – 500 Spiritual qi, 25 points]

When James saw this quest he knew that he had to survive this encounter. The rewards were just amazing. Compared to his first quest, the new quest was a lot more difficult but the rewards were 5 times greater. Well and there was also the point of he didn want to die.

Instantly James started to move in the opposite direction the salamander was in. James noticed he was a lot faster than a normal turtle. When he took a quick peek at his attributed he noticed that his dexterity had increased from 1 to 6, causing such an increase in speed compared to other turtles. He also saw that he had 5 stat points making him very grateful to the system.

Winter put the 5 stat points into dexterity now! yelled James in his mind. A little unnecessary since it is in his mind but whatever makes James happy.

[5 Stat points successfully added to Dexterity]

When James heard Winter say this he was suddenly able to go about 2 times as fast as he could previously.

Finally when James made it around 10 meters away from the Salamander, he noticed the salamander look towards him and a ferocious glint passed through its eyes.

Suddenly the salamander started running towards James. When James saw the speed at which the salamander could run he knew that he needed to use his brain to get away from this fight since the salamander was much faster than him.

James took a quick peek at his surroundings to determine where he should go next.

To his left there was a body of water that seemed to be the size of a lake, in the water he could see crocodiles swimming around so he could instantly cross that option off, and well he could also cross behind him off the list since that would be a death sentence too.

Strait forward he could see a forest with shrubbery around but there wasn enough shrubbery for him to hide in so he could get away from the salamander, but he couldn cross it off the list just yet because he had some ideas of ways that he could get away from the salamander in that direction. Though all of his plans are a little risky causing him to be a little reluctant.

Finally when he looked to his right he saw the perfect area to get away from the salamander. To his right was an area of dense shrubbery and tall grasses, with trees but it wasn as much of a forest as in front of him. In his mind everything clicked and he had an idea of how to get away from the salamander.

James looked behind him and noticed that the salamander was rapidly closing the distance between each other.

Instantly James changed his direction to the right and prayed to god that he would make it there before the salamander caught up. He knew that once he got into the area of dense shrubbery and tall grasses the salamander would slow down because of it big body, but James didn have that problem currently because he was a newborn turtle.

James ran with all the strength that he could muster and finally made it to the edge of the shrubbery. When he looked back he noticed that the salamander was right there and it was actually right behind him.

Suddenly James noticed that the temperature around him seemed to have increased and when he looked back he noticed that there were sparks coming from the salamanders mouth.

All the sudden the salamander started to breath fire but James was quick enough and he just managed to evade. Although he evaded he had still gotten grazed and the pain he felt was overwhelming.

[-25 health]

When James saw that just a graze could decrease his health by 25 he couldn imagine what would happen if he hadn evaded the strike.

Finally James was able to get into the shrubbery and his plan was in action.

He was planning on disorienting and losing the salamander by rapidly changing directions and eventually outrun the salamander.

When he put the plan into action he noticed that instead of outrunning the salamander all he caused was that the salamander decreased in speed to be about the same speed as himself. James knew that he wouldn be able to get away and would eventually get caught because the salamander must have a higher endurance than him. He had to come up with a plan and quickly.

The chase went on for 5 more minutes and James never saw a chance to get a upper hand over the salamander. That was until he could finally see a hollow log on the grass a couple feet away from where he was.

Instantly James went inside of the log and hoped that the salamander wouldn be able top get to him. Soon he would figure out that his hopes would come true when he noticed that the salamander was unable to get into the log as his body was to big to fit. Soon James realized his mistake, he was still in the mindset of when he was on earth. The salamander could breath fire!!!

Just when James thought this he could see a couple of sparks coming from out of the salamanders mouth. James was terrified, there was nowhere to go and he had no clue what to do. He was going to die here.

Just as James had given up hope he noticed that the sparks in the salamanders mouth had started to die down. He had run out of juice!!

Thank god. At this moment he noticed that the salamander seemed to be retreating but he went in the direction that James couldn see because he was in a log.

After five minutes of silence James felt that everything was alright and he was ready to come out of the log when he suddenly felt the log he was in start to move forward. The salamander was moving in a certain direction. There was one more thing that James had overlooked. This log was right next to a cliff and this salamander seemed to have enough intelligence to start to roll the log towards it!

Finally James felt his heart drop when him and the log started to freefall through the air towards the ground.

James felt that he was not going to survive this one. He felt that he had lost a chance at an incredible life. Why was this happening to him, couldn he have had a successful reincarnation like very other protagonist out there.

”BANG!!! ”

Finally the log that James was in along with James impacted with the ground and at this moment James blacked out.

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