New life as a Turtle.

Divine Encounter

ruit, berries, and mushrooms, as well as fish, snails, slugs, insects, and tadpoles.]

James thought that at the current moment since he was only at the second rank of the body refining realm and he had absolutely no intention to eat raw meat, he would forage for plants.

As James looked around he saw that everything he looked at he had never seen before. He had no idea what was edible and what was poisonous.

Winter is there any way for me to tell whats edible and what cant be eaten? Asked James

[Host just needs to eat anything and he will be able to tell what id poisonous as you wont survive. You could also use the gacha function and hope that you can obtain the eyes of the inspector skill.]

When James heard this he could already tell what the eyes of the inspector skill did. It was a skill that would show him information on everything he would wish to see information about as long as it isn say a cultivator that is a much higher level than himself.

James decided it was time to check out the gacha tab.


[Name – James Smith

Lifespan – 200 years

Age – 1 day old, mental age – 20 years

Cultivation level – Body refinement rank 2

Spiritual qi needed to reach next level – 300/400

Race – Wood Turtle

Points – 30







When James looked at the screen the first thing he saw was how it showed it had been an entire day since he last looked. When did night pass? James looked up and it was still day so how could a day have passed. But the. He realized.

Winter how long was i passed out

[Host was passed out for exactly 13 hours 32 minutes and 57 seconds. You had passed out for the entire night and when you awoke it was already the morning.]

When James hear this he was surprised, he was actually passed out for the entire night.

After James looked at the menu he clucked on the gacha tab, a nice and colorful screen popped up in front of him showing multiple options.

[Gacha –

Regular Roll – 5 points

Rare roll – 50 points

Epic Roll – 100 points

Legendary Roll – 1,000 Points

Mythic Roll – 100,000 Points]

James only had enough points to play the regular roll 6 times.

James clicked on the regular roll and a roulette machine appeared in front of him. It looked very fancy and appeared like it came strait out of a casino.

Winter roll the roulette please

Right when he said that the picture on the screen kept on spinning and spinning until it landed on some pill.


Congratulations on obtaining the rank one healing pill.

The item had been deposited in your inventory.]

James had five more chances and he needed to obtain the eyes of the inspector skill or he would go hungry tonight.

Roll it again Winter

The roulette machine popped up again and started spinning. Finally it landed on what seemed to be a top hat


Congratulations on obtaining the Top hat for turtles, item scales to fit.

The item had been deposited in your inventory.]

A top hat, did he really just get a top hat. Although James had to admit a top hat on a turtle would be awesome, right now that wasn what he needed.

Roll it again Winter.

Once again the roulette machine started spinning until it landed on an eye ball. The eyeball seemed to contain endless wisdom and its iris was golden.


Congratulations on obtaining the eyes of the inspector skill.

The item had been deposited in your inventory.]

Right when James heard this he was overjoyed. He had no idea what the chances of him obtaining this skill were but he knew they were minuscule. James then went right to his inventory and instantly used the eyes of the inspector skill.

All of the sudden James felt immense pain coming from his right eye. It felt like something was taking a spoon and scooping his eye out trying to replace it with something else.

After five minute of agony the pain finally subsided and James could finally have a break.

When James opened his eyes there were blue screens popping up everywhere he turned showing information about various plants, rocks, and other things.

Finally James was able to find some various berries and fruits to eat and decided it was time to find shelter.

James felt his best bet was to follow the side of the cliff and see if be can find a cave to live in.

After following the side of the cliff for 30 minutes James finally found a cave that he could sleep in.

Right when James took a step into the cave he heard a voice resound in his mind.

Oh hoh, what do we have here. Said some mysterious voice.

Suddenly James felt som oppressive force wave pass through his body and it felt like it could learn everything thing about him no matter how hard he tried to resist

So what are you doing here young turtle. Resounded the mysterious voice

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