Night Monarch Returns

Chapter 1:- Star-Blaze

[Theo Roberts, 20 years old young man who never lost his virginity and never tasted the fruit of romance. Hometown Osaka city. Had no parents and was raised in an orphanage. Current status dead.]

”….. ” ”I don think there was any need to mention my romantic life here. ” The soul of Theo Robert was currently standing before a woman with white hair who looked quite pissed for some reason.

The woman had long white hair and a small pair of wings on her back. She was wearing a white maid uniform. The boy named Theo was having a hard time not looking at her deep cleavage and her gigantic bouncy boobs.

The woman glared at Theo in anger and said in a threatening tone. ”If you talk too much, I will throw you out and let you suffer in this endless void. ”

”With your attitude, you will never find a boyfriend. ” Theos words earned him another cold glare.

After Theo died, he found himself among countless trillions of souls who were moving towards an unknown destination. He and a few other souls were picked up by this woman and were bought here in this normal-looking office room.

”Now, follow me. ”

Both of them reached a big hall that was entirely painted in white where he found other souls from earth waiting and talking with each other. There were 10 souls whose appearance told that their age was the same as Theo. Among the 10 souls, 5 of them were girls and 5 of them were boys.

After Theo walked in, everyone had their eyes on him until they heard the womans voice. [Sir, I have carefully selected 11 souls with very high potential from the river of reincarnation just like you ordered.]

”Thank you for your hard work, Ella. ”

Theo was a little surprised to hear the young voice. In his mind, he always had this stereotypical image of God as an old man.

”Hello. everyone. Welcome to the project of The Final Expanse. Before I talk about this project, let me introduce myself, I am the God of Star-Blaze. Just call me Uncle. ” In front of the 11 souls, there was a 4 feet tall man. The man looked like he was around 33 years old. He had short spiky golden hair, his face was clean shaved and he had rainbow color, star-shaped pupils. His skin was dark and he was fat.

Why does he looks like one of those characters from those NTR novels? Theo secretly wondered. He would never say these out loud as he does not wish to offend a god. He looks like the type of man who would steal your girlfriend.

”Excuse me, what is this Star-Blaze? ” One of the girls with long purple hair raised her hand and asked. She and the others 10 souls didn dare to show any disrespect to a God.

”I will leave the explaining part to Ella. ” The uncle looked at Ella who for some reason looked very pissed. She snorted and started explaining in a cold tone. Others might not have noticed it but Theo can the God had taken a few glances at Ellas big and bouncy breasts.

”Star-Blaze is a soul-related object that can be awakened after reaching the age of 10. Awakening the Star-Blaze can grant the person a random skill or a random item or a random weapon or anything depending on the persons fate. What power or item the person will awaken through the Star-Blaze depends on the individuals fate and luck. ”

”For example, the son of the Dragon King might get a low-tier skill whereas the son of a poor farmer might get a legendary weapon. It all depends on the individuals luck and fate. Of course, a huge influence is also played by the parents of the individual. ”

”For example, if the parents have awakened a legendary weapon, the chances of their child awakening a legendary weapon increases by 25%. ”

”Thank you for the explanation. I will take it from here. ” The 4 feet tall-looking fat uncle who was the God of Star-Blaze looked at the 11 souls that he bought from Earth.

”Now that everyone here knows what Star-Blaze is, lets talk about the reason why I bought 11 of you from the earth. ” With the snap of his fingers, a table and a laptop appeared in front of the 4 feet tall man.

Just when Uncle opened the laptop the first thing that everyone in the room heard was the moan of a girl.

”Yamete Kudasai!!! ”

All the boys on the whole looked at each other with hidden smiles. The boys clearly knew what that sound meant. While it took the girls a few extra seconds to realize what was going on. But when they saw the reaction of Ella, they also understood everything.

Ella took out a baseball bat from under her skirt which made Theo raise his eyebrow. She then smashed the laptop with the baseball bat.


”How many times do I have to tell you to stop watching those things? ” Ella then threw the laptop away. Everyone clearly saw the image of a naked blue-haired girl lying on the bed. There was a man on top of her.

”…I wonder what other things she can take out from under the skirt. Theo looked at Ellas skirt which again earned a him cold glare from Ella herself.


Uncle pretended as if the laptop never existed. He cleared his throat and began speaking as an image of a planet appeared behind like. The blue planet looked very similar yet very huge when compared to earth.

”I am sure you all are wondering what is this Projects final Expanse. The Final Expanse is a project to save the world of Star Expanse. ” Before anyone ask any questions he began explaining.

”The world of Star Expanse is a planet that has a thing called mana. The Star Expanse planet is very huge. If I were to give a comparison between the Star Expanse planet and the earth, I would say that the Star Expanse can fit 25 piles of earth in it and still would have some space left. ” Everyone visibly looked surprised hearing how big the Star Expanse was.

”Excuse me? ” The boy standing next to Theo raised his right arm for a question.

”Hmmm? ”

”Can you please tell us why we were bought here? ”

Meanwhile, Theos eyes never left Ellas boobs. Each time she moved her boobs seemed to sway. Theo was a man who never has been in contact with any woman. Almost all the women that lived in his neighborhood had flat chests which made him very frustrated. Painfully the husband of those women had a bigger chest than their wives.

So when a sexy and seductive woman like Ella appeared before his eyes, Theo just couldn stop admiring her boobs. He felt he could stare at her boobs forever.

Ella seems to have noticed Theos stare. She turned around and s

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