Night Monarch Returns

Chapter 1:- Star-Blaze

howed her back to Theo and sat while facing God.

”I was getting to explain that part. You all were selected by Ella to participate in the Project Star Expanse. Of course, I have no right to force you to participate in this project. If you want I can even send your soul back to the river of incarnation where your soul would be purified and you would be reborn in some random part of the universe without the memories of your past life. This project will be extremely dangerous. There are high chances that some of you might die. If anyone wants to back down, that person can step forward. ”

Seeing that no one was backing down, God showed a satisfied smile. ”I will give the 11 of you three skills or weapons or any items of your choice and then reincarnate the 11 of you in the Star Expanse world. In the future, the Star Expanse will be destroyed. I want all of you to use your power and change the future of this planet. Please do remember that there are multiple threats that will destroy the world if you don stop them. The fate of the world will rest on your choices and actions. ”

”What kind of place is this Star-Expanse world? ”

”The Star-Expanse is a world that has been taken over by the influence of many evil Gods. Before evil and Good both coexisted but due to certain incidents in the past, the evil Gods totally suppressed the other Gods. I can only place my bet on the 11 of you for the future of that world. ”

”Can you just send us there being using this reincarnation path? ” Another boy asked while everyone looked at God, hoping to know the reason.

”Even If I wanted to, I can . Look, I am not in charge of that world. So my influence in that world is very limited. It is all thanks to a certain friend who is going to help the 11 of you enter that world without the evil gods noticing. So reincarnation is the only choice if we don want to alert the evil gods. ”

”Moving on to the Star-Blaze. Only 80% of the population can use only one Star-Blaze. However, there are certain special people in the Star-Expanse who can use 2 Star Blaze. Each Star Blaze gave them a unique power. Only a few people in history have been able to use 3 Star-blaze. If the 11 of you want to protect this world from destruction, you all will need more than one Star-Blaze. So I will give you all the blessing of being able to use 3 Star-Blaze. ”

”Since you, all can use 3 Star-Blazes, You all have three picks. I will give you all the freedom to choose the skills or weapons or artifacts that you want for your Star-Blaze. But do remember that there are some restrictions. You all have three picks, the ranks of your picks will be restricted. In the Star-Expanse world, the ranks of weapons, artifacts, and skills start from the Silver rank and end all the way to the Sage rank. ”

Silver rank

Gold rank

Legend Rank

Epic Rank

Sage Rank

”You all can choose one Epic rank item, one Legend rank item, and one Gold rank item. Or you all can sacrifice your three choices to choose a single Sage rank item. Or choose two Epic rank items by sacrificing your three picks. I apologize but if I let you all choose 3 Sage rank skills, the Gods of the Star-Expanse will definitely notice this and will do anything to kill you even before you all are born. ”

”Now go and choose the thing that you like. ” With the snap of his finger, everyone disappeared. When Theo opened his eyes he found himself standing before a 1-meter-long transparent screen. On that screen, there were 3 sections for artifacts, weapons, and skills which were further divided into different ranks.

”Going to a world that is heavily influenced by evil gods, I will need the most powerful and unique skills. Its a shame that I can get 3 Sage rank skills. ” The more Theo scrolled down and read the description of various Sage rank skills or artifacts, the more envious he became.

[Aura of Storms [Sage rank]

[Lightning Manipulation [Sage rank]

[Fire Manipulation [Sage rank]

[Darkness Manipulation [Sage rank]

[Rune King [Sage Rank]

[ Golden …]

”I can choose a Sage rank skill when there are tons of useful skills from Epic and Legend rank. ” Theo was a gamer in this previous life. All the tons of hours that he spent gaming wasn only for show. He perfectly knew what skills he needed to balance himself in the new world. To him, even though Sages rank skills were super powerful, they were not worth the sacrifice.

”I prefer to fight alone. So it would be better to have skills that will give me attack power and super agility and also defensive powers. ” Even though Theo was saying that he was still looking at the available skills in the Sage rank sections. After all, he does not want to have any regret in his life. He wants to see if there are any Sage rank skills that can change his mind.

”What is this skill? ” As Theo kept scrolling down, his eyes fell on a skill that had a strange name.

”Perfect Copy? ” Curiously Theo clicked to read the skill description and functions.

[Perfect Copy]

[Rank: – Sage tier]

[Level: – Max]

[Description]: – A special type of innate skill that allows the user to copy any skills used by others. According to the level of the user, the skill will place some restrictions and limits on the use of Star-blaze. But as the user levels up, those restrictions will be lifted.]

Even though the description and the name of the skill were so simple, Theo couldn bring himself to calm down at all. He felt this skill was the ultimate cheat skill that he needed. By copying others skills, the number of skills that he can learn is unlimited. This skill had unlimited potential. Without wasting even a single second, without even looking at the other skills, Theo chose this skill. It was like if he didn choose this skill, this skill would disappear. To him, this skill was the best of the best.

After choosing the skill, Theo was teleported in front of God of Star-Blaze. He looked at Theo with a mysterious smile. ”I am impressed by your choice. But do you understand that choosing this skill means that you can only use one Star-Blaze in your life? ” Since Theo had used the power of three Star-Blaze to choose a Sage rank skill, he won able to use more than one Star-Blaze.

”I am certain. This skill is what I needed. As long as I train hard and keep fighting strong enemies, I will only keep getting stronger and stronger. ”

”Very well. ”

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