Night Monarch Returns

Chapter 3:- Birthday party [I]

”Since you have made your choice, I won say anything other than best of luck. You will have to reach the age of 10 to awaken your Star-Blaze. Awakening the Star-Blaze will grant you the skill that you choose. Now you can design your appearance for your next life. ”

Another screen appeared in front of Theo. For a moment he felt like he was going to design a character for his RPG game.

”Lets see ”

[Sex: – Male/ Female]

Theo raised an eyebrow and looked at God who was innocently smiling at him. Theo felt there was something more in his innocent-looking smile. ”….Of course Male ”

[Hair color]

”I would go with silver-white hair. I think silver white hair is cool and makes a guy look hot. ”

[Eye color]

[Right eye color] [left eye color]

”Even though I am tempted to have Heterochromia eyes, lets go with something simple and also cool. Red is the color. ” After that Theo designed the face he should have. He went for the handsome face but not too much handsome otherwise even a straight man might start falling for him.

[Race: -]

[Note: – Each Race comes with skills and certain elemental affinity]

[- High Elf]

[- Moon Elf]

[- Dark Elf]

[- Sea Elf]

[- Night Elf]

”…..Too many elves variations. Lets see something else. ”

[- Crimson Heavenly Dragon]

[- Evil Dragon]

[- Earth Dragon]

[- Water Dragon]

[- Lightning Dragon]

[- Metal Dragon]

[- Wood Dragon]

[- Dragonoid]

”…..Too many Dragon variations. Lets see something else. ” Theo was tempted to pick Dragon as his race but he felt he should also explore his other options.

[- Blood Elf]

[- Incubus]

[- High Incubus]

[- Royal Incubus]

[- Incubus King]

[- Moon Incubus]

”….Without even reading the description, he knew what kind of race Royal Incubus or Incubus King was.


Theo again glanced at the man who looked like some harmless uncle. For some reason, Theo was having some doubts now. He again felt there was something deep behind that innocent and harmless smile.

”Is there any problem? ”

”No ” Theo shook his head and cursed himself for thinking bad about God. God was kind enough to choose him and even give him the chance to design his own character and background. How can Theo doubt someone innocent like him?

Shaking his head, Theo again focused on scrolling down and choosing an appropriate race. Why I am seeing so many variations of elf?

[- Frost Elf]

[- Frost Royal Incubus King]

[- Royal Vampire]

[- Royal Dwarf]

[- Crimson Fox]

After scrolling for 5 minutes, Theo found the option he was looking for.

[- High Human]

Theo felt it would be better for him to be born as High Human. A high human was a superior version of a human. High humans had a high span of [500+]. A high human is born with multiple nature affinities. And they have more mana than an average human. High humans are strong as Elves and Vampires.

”I choose High Human. ” The high human race was the option he liked the most.

[Family Background]

Just when Theo started scrolling through the options available to him, his race was changed to Incubus King without him even noticing it.

[- Commoner]

[- Fishermen]

[- Farmer]

[- Blacksmith]

[- Slave]

[- Peasant]

[- Noble]

[- Royal Family]

”I don want to get involved in politics or in some throne succession war. I think choosing Noble would be the best option. I would have the wealth and the resources to train from a young age. I just hope that this time I can experience the love of a family. ” Theo never saw his parents so he doesn know what it feels like to be loved by his parents. He wanted a normal family and a caring mother.

After Theo finished selecting his family background, the screen disappeared as he saw the God of Star-Blaze smiling as if he had achieved something.

”Why are you smiling like that? ” Theo asked in confusion.

”Aww! Nothing. Now you should go. Enjoy your life. ” Before Theo could get the chance to say thank you to god, he lost consciousness.

”Master, why did you change his race to Royal incubus King? ” Ella asked after Theo and others were sent to Star-Expanse world.

”Hehe! That boy is the most special among everyone. I am just giving him a chance to experience his life. Don think too much about it. ”

”…You mean that he is the same perverted natured as you
e. ”

”I don know what are you talking about. ”

”Madam, just the final push. ”


The woman finally relaxed hearing the cry of a newborn baby. Everyone had big smiles on their faces. The woman with long red hair looked at the baby with an exhausted smile.

”Congratulations Miss Portsley, its a boy. ”

”Let me hold my baby. ” The woman who was also Theos mother held him like he was the most precious thing to her. She first gently kissed his soft and small forehead and both cheeks.

”My babys name will be William Portsley. ” Theo who now has been named William heard the words of his mother. Even though he can open his eyes, hearing the words of his mother, he felt an odd warm sensation in his heart. He could stop himself from smiling. To his mother, seeing the baby giggling, she also couldn stop herself from smiling weakly.

”It seems he likes the name. ” Olivia who was Williams mother looked at the beautiful woman with white silver hair. She was Williams grandmother. Despite being [100+] years old, she was still beautiful as 25 years old young woman.

Williams grandmother gently picked up William and also kissed his forehead and his cheeks. ”My grandson is really handsome. I can wait to see how many womans hearts my grandson will capture. More importantly, my grandson is the future head of the Portsley house. Speaking of Portsley house head, where is he? ”


A man with long silver-white hair came running. The first thing he looked at coming was his newborn son who was being held by his mother. The man looked at his wife to see if she was okay or not.

After making sure that his wife is alright, out of danger. ”You
e late. Where have you been? ” William heard his grandmothers angry voice.

”I am sorry mother. Some important matters delayed my return. Mom, let me hold him. ” Like a child who is excited to finally get his favorite toy, Joseph held his child. Before anything, he also just like Williams mother and grandmother, he also kissed Williams forehead and cheeks.

”His name is William Portsley. ”

Several days later, William was finally able to open his eyes. At first, his vision was a little blur. It took a few days to adjust his vision. The first thing that came into his view, was his mother.

Long silky red Crimson red hair, red pupils just like William, a face that is beautiful enough to capture any mens face, she was Williams mother, Olivia Portsley.

”Hello, William! ” That gentle and loving smile melted Williams old and cold heart. Unknowingly he tried to touch his mothers face to which his mother giggled.

”As someone who is born with Incubus King bloodline, my son you
e destined to become the next King. ”

What!!!! Even though William can speak, he can clearly understand the words of his mother. I remember choosing High human as my race. So Why the hell is my race Incubus? William didn need to think too much as he already knew the answer. Suddenly William felt like punching that innocent-looking Gods face.

”I should take you to meet your other mothers. ” Williams mind stopped working after hearing his mothers words. At this point, he wasn even sure what to expect.

Time skip 10 years later!

5 years passed very quickly for William. In his first few months, William learned a lot about his Succubus family. Williams family structure was very weird.

First of all, William lived in a kingdom the Sithen Kingdom which was ruled by the royal Incubus race. The Sithen Kingdom wasn that big. The kingdom had 5 big islands. Each island was governed by royals. 50% of the Sithen Kingdom population was a mix of Succubus and Incubus. While the other 50% of the population was a mix of other races.

Williams grandmother was the little sister of the current Succubus queen mother. Unlike other races, the Sithen kingdom was ruled by the Succubus queen. But if an incubus King is born within the royal family, Incubus King will become the next ruler of the Sithen Kingdom. But the birth of Incubus King within the royal family is extremely rare. William was the first Incubus King in [500+] years.

Within one week of his birth, he lost the number of people who kissed his cheeks and forehead. In his first week, he met the Succubus Queen, his grandmothers sister, and other royal family members who govern the other 4 islands of the Sithen kingdom and also share the bloodline with William.

The incubus royal family was very big. The royal family was divided into five families. Each family was given one island to govern. Williams family was known as the Portsley family. Williams father was the duke of the Portsley family. Williams father, Joseph had 4 wives and a total of 3 daughters who were Williams big sisters.

Apparently, it was normal for an incubus to marry multiple succubi given how high the incubuss sex drive was. What surprised William the most was when he learned the fact that it was normal for Incubus to marry his sisters, aunts, or cousins. The laws of the royal Succubus were more screwed up than he had expected. But over the years he had gotten used to it.

Another thing that surprised William was the existence of the system. Every intelligent being in this world had a system. The system allowed anyone to level up after reaching the age of 15. While Star-Blaze can be awakened after reaching the age of 10.

As William is expected to become the next ruler of the Sithen Kingdom, everyone had lots of expectations of his Star-Blaze ability. And today was his 10th birthday.


Extra Information: – Succubus and Incubus are of the same race. Female ones are known as Succubus while males are known as Incubus. Royal incubus has more sex drive than royal Succubus. While an Incubus King has more sex drive than Succubus Queen.

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