Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 1 Memories of a Pill God

Chapter 1 Memories of a Pill God

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“Who am I? I am… Long Chen!”

“I look down on the very heavens, the arrogant nine heavens peerless Pill God – Long Chen? … I am someone who is cheated and bullied by everyone, a spineless, good-for-nothing cripple incapable of cultivating – Long Chen?”

His mind was a whirl of confusion, and at the same time, severe pain came from all over his body. Long Chen was unable to stop his minds chaotic thoughts and emitted a pained groan.

“Chen-er, youve finally awakened? Thank god, your mom was worried sick for you! If you want to brag about how strong you are, then fine, but why did you have to go duel with those people!?”

A kind and gentle voice sounded beside Long Chens ear. That voice was full of happiness and comfort, but towards the end, it also became choked with emotion.

Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. His blurry vision gradually became clearer, and a womans face appeared before him.

The woman appeared to be in her thirties and she was extremely beautiful. However, in the corner of her eyes were some deep wrinkles that did not match up with her young age.

Currently, this woman was tearfully looking at Long Chen with eyes that were full of love, making Long Chens heart feel a burst of warmth.

“Child, you scared your mom to death.” As the woman spoke, her eyes became even redder and her tears streamed down.


Long Chen looked at this familiar yet strange face. He doubtingly said this one word, his face filled with confusion.

“Child, dont scare your mom! Dont you recognize me?” The womans face immediately became panicked.

At this moment, an elderly man appeared beside the woman. He examined Long Chen and he said, “Mrs. Long, Long Chen suffered a blow to the back of his head so its possible he will need to rest a bit to recover his memories. Dont be too worried; just now I gave the young master some medicine. The medicinal energy still hasnt completely dissolved, so just let the young master rest for a bit longer.”

Mrs. Long worriedly looked at Long Chen. Reluctantly, she nodded her head and followed the elderly man out of the room.

Long Chen heard the elderly man advising the woman softly in the distance, “Mrs. Long, the fact that young master Long managed to return with his life is already infinitely lucky. Dont force it too much.”

Mrs. Long tremblingly replied, “Master alchemists meaning is that my son will…”

The elderly man, who had been called an alchemist, sighed, “The young masters hindbrain received an acute shock. To tell the truth, being able to wake up is already extremely lucky; however, the repercussions will definitely still be very severe. Losing his memory is quite possible in this situation…”

The two people gradually walked further and further away so Long Chen could no longer hear them clearly… But what was barely audible to him was the sound of Mrs. Longs sobbing.

Long Chen gazed blankly at the ceiling above as he felt the severe pains throughout his body, especially at the back of his head which was bursting with swollen, aching pain.

Just what happened? Im Long Chen, and so Mrs. Long is my flesh and blood mother. How could I have such an unfamiliar feeling?

And all these confusing memories, where did they come from? I have memories that Im an arrogant, exceedingly powerful person… but at the same time, I remember that Im an often bullied and extorted bitter trash?

Pill God Long Chen? Trash Long Chen? Which is the real me? Am I the Pill Gods reincarnation? Or am I a fusion of the Pill Gods soul with a trash weakling?

Long Chens mind was full of endless questions. “Whatever, it doesnt matter. I am Long Chen. Whether Im Pill God Long Chen or the old, crippled Long Chen doesnt mean anything right now. The most important thing is that Im still alive.

“I have two sets of memories that have mixed together; how would I even try to fix this kind of insane problem? Instead, what I need to do now is to let myself recover as quickly as possible.”

Sensing his bodys current condition, he quickly located many fractures. He had three broken ribs, one arm broken in two places, and most severe of all, his hindbrain was injured to the point where a large portion of his scalp had caved in. He had definitely been victim to an extremely vicious assault.

“Huh, although I have no way to condense energy, my Spiritual Strength appears to be extremely powerful. I can actually sense everything within thirty meters of my body.”

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised. According to his garbled memories, Spiritual Strength was invaluable, especially to pill cultivators!

Profit, profit! Whether he was the reincarnation of the Pill God or his soul just contained a mix containing the Pill Gods memories, the present him had definitely greatly profited.

The Pill God had lived an entire lifetime already, and now that allowed him to possess an exceptionally strong soul; just what kind of awesomeness was this?

However, when he carefully examined his body, his expression changed. “My Spiritual Root has been taken away. My abdomens Spirit Bone is also missing a piece that appears to have been dug out. And my heart has a hole? Just who would be this ruthless and take my Spirit Root, Spirit Bone and Spirit Blood? No wonder I cant cultivate!” Long Chen was completely infuriated.

His current Spiritual Strength was much, much stronger than his old self. It was now strong enough for him to immediately figure out the mystery of why he was a cripple who couldnt cultivate.

The Spirit Root was located in the Dantian; it was the foundation for all cultivators. Without the Spirit Root, there was no way to sense heaven and earths spiritual energy, let alone absorb it for cultivating.

Spirit Blood was something that people were born with; it was a trace of blood that gave you innate talent. While basically all people were born with it, the majority of cultivators didnt know anything about it.

The Spirit Bone was found in the pit of a persons abdomen and slightly bulged out. Ordinary people wouldnt have a Spirit Bone. Even amongst cultivators, maybe only one in ten thousand would have one, which marked them as a genius.

However, Long Chen ’s Spirit Bone was obviously missing a piece and had clear marks of being dug out by someone.

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