Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 12 A New Goal

e air. Suddenly, a man jumped off from its back.

The man appeared to be in his twenties. He was tall and very proper, giving off a noble feeling. But arrogance was written all over his face, destroying his image.

As soon as the man saw Meng Qi, his eyes lit up with an unconcealed adoration.

“Junior apprentice-sister, master is very displeased that you havent returned in so long, so he sent me to bring you back.” At first, he was smiling brightly, but as soon as he saw Long Chen, he frowned and asked, “Who is this? Could it be…?”

Coldness resurfaced in his eyes, but he once more concealed it.

“Dont be crazy. Im just asking this young master some questions.” Meng Qi evidently wasnt good at lying and panic flashed in her eyes.

Turning to Long Chen, she said, “Young master, thank you for your help.”

Her gaze towards Long Chen held many things, but before Long Chen could carefully see what those things were, Meng Qi had already gotten onto her steed and flown up.

That man glanced at Long Chen and coldly snorted. With just a point of his finger, a transparent arrow appeared in front of him and shot towards Long Chen.

Long Chen was still thinking about the look Meng Qi had given him. He hadnt expected that man to suddenly attack him, so he was completely unable to dodge in time.

That arrow had been condensed from Spiritual Strength and so was completely incorporeal. If ordinary people were to be struck by it, their spirit would immediately break and they would be reduced to a simpleton.

Since he was no longer able to dodge due to his surprise, he could only hastily use his Spiritual Strength to block it. Although his Spiritual Strength was great, he had never cultivated any soul arts, so he had little chance of being able to block it.

Suddenly, another arrow shot out and blocked the mans attack. A powerful explosion blew Long Chen backs everal feet.

“Senior apprentice-brother Xi, master would be quite displeased to learn that you attacked an ordinary mortal like this.”

At some unknown time, another woman had appeared beside the two of them. This senior apprentice-brother Xis expression changed slightly, but he still laughed, “Junior apprentice-sister, you misunderstand me; Im just testing him out a bit. How could I possibly really hurt him?”

Long Chens expression was extremely ugly. With his Spiritual Strength, he could clearly tell that this bastard had intended to cripple him.

But it wasnt just that he had attacked him. The look he had given Meng Qi had also caused Long Chen to feel a burst of anger. Adding the attack on to that and Long Chen was now fuming with anger.

“Young master, this is an inner disciple of our Wind Spirit Pavilion. His cultivation is very high, so youll have to work hard.”

After she said that, she purposely winked at Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother Xi, lets go.”

Although she said this, she was clearly waiting for him to go with her.

He glanced at Long Chen and indifferently laughed. Stepping onto the Bloodrage Wasp, the two of them departed.

Long Chen couldnt help but curse, “This damn crap-brother Xi, I wont forget this!”

After releasing his anger, Long Chen calmed down. No matter what, he had at least gained something from today. Although the marriage arrangement had been annulled, he had at the least given Meng Qi a good impression.

The most important thing was that when Meng Qi had left, she had placed the marriage contract carefully within her robes and hadnt immediately torn it apart. That had left him with a great deal of hope.

But at the same time, it gave him a great sense of urgency. How many could withstand the charm of an outstanding woman like Meng Qi? Plus, there was that crap-brother Xi beside her. His hopes could be dashed at any moment.

And even if he got rid of crap-brother Xi, more crap-brothers would also come… No matter what, he had to quickly raise his cultivation base.

Although he had gained the alchemist guilds emblem, the alchemist guild was a neutral power that didnt participate in any fights. He would have to rely on himself for everything.

His past few miserable years had raised his wariness. He suspected that someone was possibly using his mother and him to control his father.

At this point in time, his father had refused to answer the royal familys summons several times. Most likely, he already knew something was going on. The longer things stretched out, the less value the mother-son duo would have, and the greater danger they would be in.

After returning home, Long Chen locked himself in his room and ordered that no one was to disturb him. He then took out the medical ingredients that he had stored in his spatial ring.

Last time when he was at the alchemist guild, Yun Qi had given him a copper-gold cauldron which was a great aid to him. Cauldrons were an essential tool for alchemists, and there was a great deal of knowledge and technique involved with them.

Long Chens old cauldron was complete trash and not only did it waste a great deal of heat, but it also used up a large amount of Long Chens Pill Flame.

And in terms of quality, the greatest difference was that the old one couldnt seal in the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. Spiritual qi would rush out while impurities would rush in; such a cauldron could not possibly produce any good pills.

Cauldrons required a skilled artisan to forge, and as for Long Chens old cauldron, it had been made by just an ordinary worker.

But there was no way around it. A decent cauldron cost several hundred thousand gold coins, maybe even millions. There was no way for Long Chen to afford it.

As for the cauldron Yun Qi had given Long Chen, it was a first tier medicinal cauldron. Only Pill Apprentices and other pill cultivators had the qualifications to use it.

With this new cauldron, Long Chen was finally properly equipped.

“I have to pick up the pace. Otherwise, even my future wife might leave me in the future.”

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