Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 1 Memories of a Pill God

His face became exceedingly unsightly. If his memories were not all mixed up, then how could he not remember who had done this to his body?

Although these three things were precious to him, they wouldnt have any use once they left his body. If they wanted to harm him, why did they have to use such a harsh method? Using this kind of method was practically causing him to live a life worse than death!

However, anger only brought on more anger, and since he was already missing them, being angry did not have any use.

You better not let me find out who did this.

Long Chen couldnt help but gnash his teeth in anger. This was an extremely great blow to him. With him possessing a Spirit Bone, even if he had been an idiot, he would still have been an absolute genius.

But now some despicable bastard had caused him to become a useless person who was incapable of cultivating, causing him to be humiliated and receive condescending looks from practically everyone.

Just when Long Chen was about to furiously erupt, the door of the room was gently pushed open, and a pretty thirteen-year-old maiden walked in. This was Long Chens maid who was called Bao-er.

“Young master, its time to take some medicine.”

“Medicine? What medicine is it?” Long Chen nose sniffed slightly as he asked.

“This is something Mrs. Long paid an enormous price for. Its a Tiger Bone Pill that can quickly heal young masters injuries.” Bao-er replied.

She opened the small, elaborate case in her hand, revealing the medicinal pill inside. “It is said that this medicinal pill came from grandmaster Yun Qi. The medicinal strength is very strong.”

Looking at the thing, Long Chens face became a bit strange. Even this kind of plaything could be called a pill? Its shape was extremely uneven and seemed more like a meatball.

Even not talking about the shape, its color was completely black and there wasnt even a trace of luster. If it wasnt emitting a very faint medicinal aroma, then Long Chen might even suspect that it was a ball of sheep dung.

After staring at the thing in his hand for a long time, Long Chen finally sighed. Someone who had ending up losing over eighty percent of the medicinal pills essence could still be called a grandmaster? Long Chen bewilderedly wondered how someone could have created something so soft and mushy.

Pills could be divided into five grades: low grade, middle grade, high grade, top grade, and peerless grade. As for the pill in his hand, it couldnt even count as one of the five grades. Long Chen suddenly realized that this was just a defective good. It was a trash pill. Normally, alchemists would definitely not sell these kinds of medicinal pills since they couldnt afford to lose their customers. Oftentimes, they would be turned into medicinal liquids or just directly thrown out.

“Young master, dont daydream. In order to obtain this precious pill, Mrs. Long already sold off her own precious jewelry. You should hurry and take it,” urged Bao-er.

Long Chen couldnt help but feel some pain in his heart. His impression of his mother was that she loved him very dearly to the point where it was like he were drowning in love. It had reached the point where his mother would basically never refuse any of his requests.

His mother had done everything and anything for him. She had given birth to him while she was still young. She had been gifted with great beauty growing up, but now she was barely thirty-something years old and already had wrinkles in the corner of her eyes. Seeing those deep wrinkles, Long Chen knew that she had already sacrificed far too much for him.

Looking at the medicinal pill in his hand, he observed that even though it was a defective good, at least the medicinal ingredients inside it were not bad. Impurities took up over eighty percent of it, but it wouldnt have any problems healing his injuries.

Taking the medicinal pill, Long Chen ordered Bao-er to not leak any news of him out, excluding to his mother of course.

Although Bao-er didnt really understand why, she still trusted Long Chen and obediently nodded.

After taking the medicine, although Long Chen had no way to use cultivation to absorb the medicinal strength, he managed to guide the medicinal energy to his wounds by using his formidable Spiritual Strength, allowing him to recover extremely quickly.

The second day, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. He had a smile plastered on his mouth as he exercised his muscles.

“Excellent! Although that medicine was pretty bad, the medicinal ingredients themselves were of high quality. Other than my hindbrain, the majority of my injuries have already healed, and the amount of energy left is more than enough to heal me completely.”

He slowly walked towards the mirror. Looking at his reflection, he saw a nothing-out-of-the-ordinary, handsome youngster with eyebrows like swords and bright eyes. Long Chen took a deep breath, “From today onwards, I, Long Chen, will no longer be the previous Long Chen. I will rise above others.”

Although his body was still slightly weak, walking was no longer a problem. Long Chen left the room and saw that the sun had already risen from the east.

After pondering deeply for an hour, he called over Bao-er and gave her a list of medicinal ingredients for her to find.

However, Bao-ers expression became a bit embarrassed. Long Chen wondered what it was before quickly remembered that the current Long family was extremely hard-pressed for money, and Bao-er had no method to get a loan.

Otherwise, his mother would not have had to sell off her own jewelry, a part of her exceptionally precious dowry. The present Long family had already fallen into extremely dire straits.

Feeling around in his pocket, he found slightly over eighty silver coins. Although this wasnt a lot, it was enough to buy those medicinal ingredients on his list.

Bao-er worked diligently, and not even two hours later, she had managed to buy the medicinal ingredients. Long Chen immediately set about to measuring and dividing them into different portions before boiling them in a large bowl.

Six hours later, a very thick medicinal liquid was releasing a medicinal aroma. As Long Chen looked into the bowl with the cheap medicinal liquid, a smile appeared on his face.

“I, Long Chen, will rise above others, starting from this one bowl of medicinal liquid.”

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