Im Anna a 19-year-old orphan and a freshman at Mauvy University of fine arts, I live in the school dorm and work a part-time job at night. For the past 19 years of my life Ive lived a pretty normal life, well that was all until today for the last two weeks, there has been news about a rapist running rampant every night and attacking innocent girls, honestly, I never thought Id encounter this criminal but boy was I wrong.

This evening on my way home from the part-time job I was cornered by said criminal but thanks to my trusty pepper spray I managed to escape, but whod have thought that during my great escape I fell into a manhole such horrid luck is what Id like to say but I didn die so don worry lol. Even if I didn die there is still one slight problem…..the thing is…Ive been falling for the past TWO HOURS FUCK!!!! How do I know its been two hours? Oh, its because my cheap one-dollar watch is still working.

”Ding a host has been found! Compatibility at 98%! Commencing bonding ”

”….what? Hello anyone there?! Hey, I heard you! Don ignore me! ” (well shit, I guess falling for so long has started to mess with my mind)

”Ding! Bonding complete! Hello, host ”

”yay, Im not crazy yet! Hey there crazy robot-sounding voice in my head ”

”my name is not a crazy robot-sounding voice. ”

”oh, then what is your name ”

”I am called matchmaking system! ”

”…..hello blue(itll be annoying to always be calling out the matchmaking system every time I want to talk to it my watch is blue so I decided to go with that), so then do you know how to get me to stop falling? ”

”yes ”

”great then please hurry up and get me out of here ”

”as you wish ”

oh I was sent back to my dorm room cool it was like teleportation

”I don know if I should be glad that there is no one here or if I should be angry at the fact that they left the room in a state of utter chaos ”

Ah screw this I ignored the messed up room and jumped up on my bed, I needed a break this night has been very crazy I even met the legendary system. I slowly drifted to sleep.

The next morning on my way to class I met my dorm mates

”Anna where were you last night? We tried calling but you never picked up ”

”I had to do an overnight shift and I didn notice that my phone was dead sorry ”

My dorm mate May stared at me for a bit before accepting my excuse and its not like I can straight up say oh hey I was almost raped but then I escaped and then fell into a manhole and kept falling for a few hours haha.

”Well make sure you don fall asleep in class, after all, the first hour is miss Hera ” I nodded my head in response.

Miss Hera is our maths lecturer and she is known to be very very strict the last unlucky person that slept in her class last week is still doing the homework she assigned to him till today and the foolish soul that had the balls to skip her class last month has been doing the assignment she gave him till today so you can guess how she I, classes ended and we all ran off.

”Classes felt a lot longer today, ” May said

”yeah tell me about it, I felt like time was slowed down ” responded Angel one of my classmates

”My brain can handle anymore Im going back to the dorm to sleep, ” May said

”yeah me too. How about you Anna? ” asked Sally

”I still have my part-time job so I can rest now ”

”ah yes, the life of us poor people. Ill be heading out too ” responded Angel

”kay bye! ”

We separated at a corridor, to be honest, I don want to go, not like its a bad job its just that my co-worker has been hitting

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