”Blue is it just me or has the comments section become very sarcastic? ”

”its just you ”

”… ” I ignored the system and started to practice my abilities, the ability ice can freeze to sub-zero, if I use all my energy I can freeze an entire town (blue told me), with the ability to frost I can frost anything but it won die it covers like a blanket, with liquid manipulation I can control any sort of liquid in any and everything almost like a water bender only difference is that I can also blood bend lol as for the healing ability I have no idea how to use that, as for my main ability I can create water like a normal water ability user.

I spent the whole day experimenting with my abilities and gaining a lot of life crystals I decided not to back until the next morning so I spent my first night in this apocalypse world. When I woke up the next morning I heard the sound of people downstairs, it seems while I was asleep some people broke into the house I tried listening to their conversation but I didn understand a single word they said. Yep, I can speak this worlds language its too **ing complicated to learn too.

But this is my first meeting with the inhabitants of this world I want to see what they look like, okay fine I have seen the photos of them from the system but I still want to meet them for real while I was contemplating whether I should go down and meet them or stay up and wait for them to leave a commotion broke out below it seems they started arguing with themselves although I cleared out all the surrounding zombies yesterday if they make too much noise they will certainly attract more zombies.


”Yogo you are the one that suggested we come out to search for supplies even after we declined now look where that got us!! ”

”Yeah, what kind of supplies were you expecting to find in this place anyway?! ”

”our hovercraft is totaled now we have no way of returning to the base ”

”calm down all of you! You don know but there use to be a food manufacturing site here so I thought we could come and take their crop growing machine ” the woman called Yogo argued back

”yeah right how would you know something like that existed here in F city when you used to live in M city, ” a tanned skin woman asked,

”** just admit it you got this fake information from your boy toy right! ” a scarred-faced woman shouted,

”** is that for real! ” a green-haired lady said

”so what! When we find the site you will all be thanking me ” the woman named Yogo said back

”you shit can you see youve been had?! There is no **ing way a food manufacturing site will be anywhere here ” the scarred faced woman cried out

”** the only thing here is zombies and mutated animals with a whole bunch of man-eating trees ” the green-haired woman added

”who?! ”

as they were arguing the tanned skin woman suddenly pointed her particle gun at the stairs

”put down the gun ” the one that spoke was, of course, Anna.

** do you guys know that I had to exchange twenty-live crystals to make this translator? She roasted them in her mind. They didn listen to her instead all pointed their guns at her

”Who are you, ” asked the tanned skinned woman

” hehe that should be my question. You broke into my house make a mess of the place and then start arguing with each other if you want to attract zombies can you not do it in my house ” said Anna

”…sorry, my name is Yogo Im the leader of this hunting party ”

”not for long ” the green-haired woman added

”we got into a bit of trouble and our hovercraft got destroyed so we plan on laying low for a while here if you don mind ” Yogo said

Anna stared at them and they all felt their hair stand on end but what was going on in her mind was completely different from what her face showed

”blue do all the women in this world look like this? They look so manly WTF! ”

”Not all of them there are some that look a bit normal for earth aesthetic ”

”don come upstairs, ” she said as she walked back to her room

”she looked like a man if I didn see her chest I would have taken her for a man ”

”hehe, did you guys feel it? ”

”yeah she should be at peak level four ”

”for now lets not mess with her ”

”agreed! ” last night Anna used some life crystals to enhance herself. (Anna: hey every woman strives for beauty you can judge me!)

”blue I need the location of the nearest bank ”

”as you wish ”

( hehe lets go get some gold, no more part-time jobs.) She went down to the garage yep there was an underground garage in this house but it only had one hovercraft a hovercraft is a flying car. Although she can drive it the system can and it can also teach her when she drove out the women in the house came to ask for a ride

”Im not going to a base Im going to the gold bank ” yep there was a gold bank just a few miles from where she was living

”no problem we can help you out if you need we can pay you with some nutrition packets or some edible plants ” Yogo said

”no need ”

”wait! We can pay you with an identity card ”

identity card something that is needed to enter a survived base you will need at least thirty levels two life crystals to get one.

”Deal! ”

she opened the door and let them in then they headed for the bank.

”You want to steal some gold, Ill tell you in advance but gold ain gonna do shit for you in the base, you can sell it for real cheap to some of the rich men in the base but the real currency is life crystal. The names Maron by the way ” said the green-haired lady

” its for personal reasons ”

”shit don tell me you came out here for the sake of some man, is it your boy toy? ” the scarred face woman asked

”no, and I don have a boy toy. ”

”oh ”

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