Odyssey of a Deranged Transmigrator

Chapter 3: A Taste of Human Flesh

I leaped from the branch and landed on one of the poachers. As soon as our bodies made contact with one another, the poacher whose body I landed on immediately passed out and collapsed to the ground.

His companion remained steadfast despite having a bewildered expression on his face.

My body ached. In fact, putting it that way was an understatement; my entire body was wracked with excruciating pain.

Oh, this hurts like hell. Fuck.

If I had to compare the height at which I jumped to something more modern, I would say that its modern equivalent would be jumping from the third floor to the ground floor of a shopping mall.

My vision was hazy, but I was able to make out the other poacher drawing a sword from its sheath. The blade of the sword was curved like a katana, but the hilt of the sword was also curved and much shorter than a traditional katana. The sword was designed for a fighting style that only requires one hand. Ive seen it before… I think its called the Saber sword… or was it the Niuweidao?

Shit, hes about to attack. I gotta move.

I managed to pull myself up onto my feet, albeit unsteadily. In spite of the fact that the pain was still pervasive throughout my entire body, and I could hardly keep my balance when standing still, let alone when moving, I made an effort to do both.

Swish! A gust of wind swept past me as I dodged the slash from the man with the saber.

I watched the adversary as he made preparations for the next assault and looked directly into his eye.

”Whats in the **ing box? ” I asked aloud.

This caused the man who had just slashed at me to pause for a moment before quickly continuing his attacks once again.

”You don wanna talk, huh, ” I said to him as I blocked his attacks with my small knife, keeping both of my hands on the handle of the weapon.

As his sword and my knife collided, a series of clanging sounds could be heard emanating from the surrounding area.

We went back and forth with attacks for what seemed like an eternity now.

His assaults had become noticeably slowed down. The force that he put behind his assaults had also become less significant. He appeared to be out of breath as well.

What with having to carry around that heavy cage for who knows how long and then having to face me here, I can see why hes tired. Of course, hes exhausted. I would be if I were in his shoes.

I responded with a resounding, ”Well, thats fine. Im no torture expert, but, ” I paused before continuing, ”I think I have a couple of ways to make you fold like a lawn chair. ”

Okay, thats it; we
e done playing games here. It is time to bring an end to this.

I got rid of the knife by throwing it away.

”Are you giving up already? ” The poacher asked while displaying signs of apprehension.

Odins Sight.

The world has slowed down to a crawl.

Within a span of thirty seconds, I was able to see the world as it would be in the future.

I could see the other four poachers sneaking up behind me, readying themselves for an ambush.

I could clearly make out the sedative that was embedded in their arrows.

I didn give a second thought to anything as I made my way toward the adversary.

He tries to pierce me, but Ive already seen what will happen in the future.

He slashes, but the path it would take was already familiar to me.

Stab. Slash. Slash. Slash. Stab.

It didn matter how many times he attacked. The only thing he managed to hit was the wind.

I waited for the appropriate moment to launch a counterattack.

After a brief period of time had passed, his fatigue caused him to finally let his guard down.

Thump. The air vibrates with the echoing sound of my right hook landing on his cheeks.

A grunt escaped his lips as he swayed sidewards.

I grabbed his head and forced it forward, then I brought my knee up straight and struck him in the face with it. I didn give him a chance to pull himself out of his stupor.

As was to be expected, he is conscious and still alive. Given that Im using a body that hasn been trained, I suppose thats to be expected.

I followed up my previous strike with another straight knee strike directed at his face. A monotonous cracking sound reverberated as his nose began to cave in partially.

Wow, hes still conscious.

Fine. Im using my favorite elbow attack.

While I was holding the mans head with my hands, he remained in a slightly slouched position.

It appeared as though he was instinctively trying to protect his face from my knees by covering it with his hands.

I feel bad for him because he had no idea that the back of his head was completely wide open.


After bringing my elbow down from a relatively high angle, there was a faintly audible thump that reverberated. The 12-6 elbow strike is one of my personal favorites.

Because of his current position, he was even more susceptible to injury from the 12-6 elbow because it had the potential to inflict additional damage on his neck, in particular on his cervical vertebrae and his spinal cord.

But he has not yet been knocked out.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I struck him in the back of the head with three consecutive 12-6 elbow strikes until he passed out and fell to the ground.

What a tough piece of work! Or have I gotten to the point where I am that feeble? Damn. This bodys going to need some serious tuning work.

It came to my attention that the remaining poachers in the back had set themselves up for an ambush. Two of the poachers had their bows drawn and were aiming in my direction with their arrows. Both of them, despite their age difference, was obviously accustomed to hunting with arrows. One of them was a young woman, and the other was an older man.

There were two arrows flying toward me from behind, and I could hear them.

I didn turn around; I just reached out and grabbed both arrows out of the air as they were getting close to my location.

I turned around and saw the young woman and the older mans shocked faces when they realized what had just happened. Their pupils were completely dilated and unmoving, and their mouths were hanging wide open.

Two of their comrades charged towards me with their swords drawn as they came closer.

They both tried to cut me with their blades as they came at me simultaneously.

Unluckily for them, I had already anticipated their attacks, and when I saw that one of their attacks was getting close, I stepped forward and stabbed them first with the arrows in their eye sockets. The result was a devastatingly fatal attack.

It was as if someone had their finger on the pause button when the adversaries came to a complete stop in their tracks.

However, in their situation, the pause button would represent their eye sockets, and the finger would represent my arrows.

I pulled the arrows out of the eye sockets, then walked towards the other two archers who were still standing.

As they fell to the ground, the poachers I had stabbed had blood coming from their eyes. The air was thick with the acrid, almost metallic smell of blood. I can help but remember the good old days.

They turned around in an effort to flee, but I was able to stop them by throwing their arrows at their calves and causing both of them to collapse.

”Argh! ” The older man let out a grunt. He started to crawl and yelled with all of his strength, ”Help, anyone… HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!!! ”

I inched my way closer to the man as he pleaded for help while he was crawling.

”No one is going to come to your rescue; you will pass away alone and in utter hopelessness. Wild animals are going to consume a portion of them. Others will decompose and eventually turn into a speck of formless cosmic dust. But hey, isn that what makes life so fun and interesting? I said with a smirk on my face as I grabbed his leg and dragged him back to the location he was in earlier.

”No!!! No, no no, help!!! ANYONE PLEASE HEEELP MEE!!! HELPPP!!! ” He let out a bloodcurdling scream as he attempted to escape by grabbing the grass.

”You know… we haven introduced ourselves yet. Im Yuuto Nanashi, a former vigilante. Although, I guess you can classify me as a full-time villain now. ”

The man did not reply; rather, his entire body began to shake in terror as his eyes locked with mine. His eyes were wide with terror, and I noticed a quickening in the rate of his breathing.

”It is perfectly acceptable if you do not wish to introduce yourself at this time. Ill just cut your throat open, I guess? ” I said to the man.

He replied hysterically, ”Wait! Wait, no, please… ”

He took a breath before continuing.

”I- I am C, Carter, I w-work fo- ”

During the time that Carter was attempting to present himself, I cut him off by jamming my fingers as firmly as I could into his eye sockets and then yanking them out.

Carter shrieked in agony as tears streamed down his face. Blood gushed out of his eyes, and some of it even came out of the corners of his eyes, which were ripped open as a result of the damage to his eyeballs.

”Fatality! Yuuto wins. ” I made a sarcastic announcement before putting the finishing blow to him by stabbing the arrow into his neck.

His shrieks became progressively less intense before finally ceasing altogether.

As Carters piercing screams for assistance faded into the distance, the forest fell silent.

The only sound that could be heard was my own breathing, along with the gentle rustling of the leaves under my feet.

It felt strange to walk back into such peace and quiet after all that had happened.

”So, how long are you going to play possum on me? ”

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