Odyssey of a Deranged Transmigrator

Chapter 3: A Taste of Human Flesh

to your house? ”

”Or even worse, steal your wolf in broad daylight and then put you to death. ”

”Is it not the case that this world prioritizes its nobility and royalty over the common folk? ”

”It would not be difficult for them to come up with a pretext to rob you and put you to death. ”

I asked the lady a series of questions in quick succession.

After all, the only reason I spared this girl was so that I could get information.

”I… don know… ” The woman responded while focusing her attention on the ground below her.

After removing the cloth that was covering the cage, I walked toward the girl.

”What on earth are you- ” The girl asked, clearly startled. As she was speaking, I interrupted her and cut off her sentence before she could finish what she was saying.

I yanked the arrow out of her leg, which resulted in the girl shrieking and her leg gushing with blood.

”What the ** are you doing!? ” The young woman let out a piercing scream as she clutched her injured limb and applied pressure to the area in an effort to staunch the flow of blood and stop the bleeding.

”Should I put the arrow back inside? ” I mockingly remarked as I wrapped the cloth around her leg to make a bandage.

After I had finished bandaging her, I cautioned her, telling her to ”Just lie down and try to get some sleep. ” If you don want to perish in this forest, don even bother trying to get away from here.

I approached the two unconscious poachers and severed their heads with their own sabers.

Thats when I was startled to hear a voice coming from behind me.

The voice was warped and pitched at an unnaturally low level.

It had an unnaturally slow cadence to it.

It was as if a demon were speaking to me inside of my head.

It said, ”Level up. ”

I experienced it as a sharp ringing in my ears that threw off my bodys equilibrium.

I lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that the sky had started to get darker.

The sky had started to become more ominous.

It was probably getting late in the afternoon by this point.

In the corners of my vision, I started to make out two-dimensional shapes. They resembled icons that would appear on a dashboard.

Fuck, am I going crazy or something? Is what Im seeing now, along with the voice that I heard earlier, a sign that I have schizophrenia?

I made the decision to disregard the strange icons in my field of vision and instead started collecting dead leaves, sticks, and stones from the surrounding area in order to construct a fire pit.

Im not sure how much time had passed, but when I returned, I had a collection of stones, sticks, and dead leaves with me.

I dug a small hole in the ground using my knife and positioned stones in the four corners of the opening.

I tried to start a fire by placing a pile of dried grass that had been cut into small pieces by my knife on top of a stick that had holes drilled into it with my knife. After that, I used another stick, placing it on top of the first stick and turning it with my palms.

Fuck. This is harder than I initially thought. No wonder campers always bring a match or a lighter.

I was aware of my stomach growling, but I persisted in turning the stick over and over with my palms. It hurts so much now.

I saw what appeared to be a wisp of smoke coming off of the stick. ”Fuck yes! Finally! ” I yelled as I blew air toward the grass and stick kindling.

After placing it inside my modest fire pit, I blew wind over it again.

It took a few minutes, but after that, it finally produced a flame that was stronger.

”Success! ” I shouted.

The only things left for me to do were to chop the meat and cook it with the saber.

I took a step forward while still holding the saber and moved closer to one of the deceased.

To tell you the truth, it was a revolting experience to consume the flesh of another human being; however, this is not the time to be picky.

I hacked off both of their hands and legs with my saber. I had no intention of eating their heads or torsos, and I lacked the confidence to cook the torso. In addition to that, Ive heard that eating the head might result in an incurable disease. If my recollection serves me correctly, that category of diseases is referred to as prions, and they are caused by a pathogenic protein that cannot be cured and results in complete brain damage.

After I had finished chopping off their leg, I inspected the meat and gave it a whiff, just in case bacteria had already started reproducing, which would have resulted in the meat becoming spoiled. To my great relief, I did not detect any unpleasant odors coming from the meat.

The only thing left for me to do is to cook them.

I pierced the leg with the other saber while rotating it in order to distribute the heat in an even manner.

As soon as I had finished preparing the leg, I went to check on the injured girl.

”Hey, wake up. Its time to eat. ”

I tried to wake her up by whispering in her ear, but she continued to sleep through everything.

She appeared to be extremely worn out, but the injury shouldn have been as severe as it was.

”Fuck, did it get infected? ”

I attempted to get a reaction out of the girl by shaking her, but she did not show any signs of being startled.

I attempted to wake her up by pinching her belly, which resulted in her groaning and waking up.

”Don touch me, you scumbag! ” Her response was delivered in a trembling voice.

”Its time to eat, you ungrateful girl, ” I replied while handing her the other half of the roasted leg.

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