Odyssey of a Deranged Transmigrator

Chapter 5: The Orc Settlement

Together, I and the girl, whose name I don know, ate the roasted human leg. It smelled and tasted like beef, but it was so revolting to eat. I have to throw up.

Im going to be sick.

I cast my gaze out into the area around me.

It appears to have gotten quite a bit darker. The sun will soon begin to set.

The young lady ate in complete silence, but I could clearly see tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her expression was blank.

However, this is an understandable response, given that she is consuming her own companion.

As for me, I couldn even get through a dozen bites of it before I was forced to stop eating it. I just couldn do it. It was just so revolting.

I was staring at the fire absentmindedly when I became aware of a noise in the distance that sounded like rustling leaves.

I readied my saber; it was most likely a predator that was drawn in by the smell of roasted meat or the smell of flesh.

Even after waiting for a couple of minutes, it did not show up. Was it simply a figment of my imagination?

I decided to use Odins Sight to double-check, and when I did, I saw two young wolves in the nearby brush.

”Ah, **. ” I heaved a sigh as I deactivated Odins Sight.

I threw the remaining portion of the human leg into the brush and let the young wolves tear it to pieces; at least that way, none of it would go to waste.

I finally gave in to my exhaustion and dozed off on the ground, praying that the wild animals wouldn find me there in the morning and eat me.

In the middle of the night, I am jolted awake by an extremely loud barking.

My eyes flew open, and I realized very quickly that I was in a dangerous situation.

As a result of the fire having used up all of its fuel, the forest was completely in the dark.

I do not understand why I am shivering. It didn take me long to realize that I was walking around completely naked.

I turned on Odins Sight so that I could see in the night.

I snatched my clothes and the saber from the floor in a hurry. In addition, I observed that the girl was not wearing any clothing at all.

Did she try to warm me up with her body?

It was only a matter of time before I succumbed to the effects of exposure.

Shit, I had no idea how challenging the great outdoors would be… Its a good thing I didn kill that girl.

Now then, I suppose the next thing that needs to be done is to eliminate the towering giant that is right in front of me and is eight feet tall…

As he came closer to me, the giant let out a low growl.

I had one hand on the sword and the other ready to block its impending blow. I was preparing to defend myself.

”Human. Follow. Me. ” It said in a threatening manner as it opened its enormous mouth, exposing its pointed teeth.

”And what if I don want to? ” I snarled back.

”You. That girl. Will. Die. ” It announced in a weird way of speaking.

”And if we follow you, well live? ” I asked.

It nodded slowly.

I couldn help but laugh as I responded, ”And you expect me to trust you? ”

It made a side-to-side shaking motion with its head.

”You. no. choice. Cold. Kills. That girl. Infected ” It continued to speak.

I gave him an indifferent shrug and said, ”Fine, well follow you. ” But if you do something incredibly stupid, Ill be the first one to slit your throat. ”

After saying those words, I decided to follow the monster. He was correct; there was no other option available. Ill have to stick with this monster until the end.

Naturally, I packed up the weapons and brought them along with us when we left. In addition to that, I carried the young lady on my back.

She was hot.

Wait, I phrased that wrong.

I was referring to how high her temperature was. She was running a fever, and it was a particularly high one. Fuck, so thats what it meant by infected.



What the-

Alright, fine. Perhaps this is not an illusion. I responded with a ”Yes ” by clicking the button.













—<>–</p> <p>?!?!</p> <p>After selecting the [Receive All] option, I was presented with a number of notifications to review.</p> <p>My attention was drawn to the icon labeled ”Profile, ” which, when clicked, brought up a message box, dialog box, frame, panel, window, or whatever name you want to call it.</p> <p>—<<Profile>>–</p> <p>─ Name: Alphius Felix Gregory Celestine (Yuuto Nanashi)</p> <p>─ Job Class: None</p> <p>─ Racial Class: Unknown, Sealed</p> <p>─ Level: 1</p> <p>─ Strength: 1</p> <p>─ Agility: 1</p> <p>─ Intellect: 1</p> <p>So thats my full name, huh? It is far too lengthy.</p> <p>After confirming that there was nothing else in the message box that could be clicked on besides the button to close it, I got rid of the box and moved on to clicking other buttons.</p> <p>This time, I selected the Inventory icon from the menu.</p> <p>—<<Inventory>>–</p> <p>─ Sub Class – Infinite Dream Seeker</p> <p>─ Sub Class – Immutable Truth Seeker</p> <p>***</p> <p>─ Sub Class – Supreme Devotion Seeker</p> <p>─ Sub Class – Exalted Disease Seeker</p> <p>─ Random Transmigrator Package (x1)</p> <p>Random Transmigrator Package? Interesting…</p> <p>After clicking on the Random Transmigrator Package, a dropdown menu was presented to me. In addition, it had a button that was labeled ”Use, ” which was located next to the items description.</p> <p>Alright, lets click on it!</p> <p>After clicking the button, a fresh dialog box with a new message appeared. It had the appearance of a box as its icon, complete with a jiggling animation and a progress bar underneath it.</p> <p>A label that reads ”Opening random item box ” was located underneath the progress bar.</p> <p> ”Give me something good, something good! ” I muttered to myself.</p> <p>I waited for the progress bar to finish loading, and then, ten seconds later, a new message box window popped up on the screen.</p> <p>—<<Item Received>>–</p> <p>─ Tamer Transmigrator Package x1</p> <p>Tamer huh… It seems that I got the short end of the stick this time.</p> <p>If my recollection serves me correctly, Tamers, at least in the games Ive played on Earth, has a great number of vulnerabilities.</p> <p>They typically have poor defense and attack power, and they frequently rely on a pet for support.</p> <p>The tamer loses all value once the pet is either killed or rendered unable to function.</p> <p>It is also susceptible to the tactic known as ”leadership decapitation, ” which consists of essentially eliminating the tamer first.</p> <p>I let out a sigh, but it was far too late for me to have any regrets. In the same way that I did earlier, I also opened the Tamer Transmigrator Package.</p> <p>—<<Item Received>>–</p> <p>─ Tamer Class (Main Class)</p> <p>─ Class Upgrade Book – Legendary Beastmaster</p> <p>─ Training Collar (100% EXP Boost) x1</p> <p>─ Training Collar (200% EXP Boost) x1</p> <p>─ Forgotten Scholars Earrings x2</p> <p>─ Herons Ring x1</p> <p>─ Cloak of the Dragon Tamer x1</p> <p>─ Armored Crocodile Coat x1</p> <p>─ Fang of the Black Dragon x1</p> <p>─ Mask of Uncontrollable Evil x1</p> <p>─ Apocalypse Manticore Pants x1</p> <p>─ Shoes of the Lost Traveller x1</p> <p>─ Crescent Moon Gloves x1</p> <p>─ Crescent Moon Spear x1</p> <p>─ Crescent Moon Sword x1</p> <p>─ Crescent Moon Glaive x1</p> <p>─ Crescent Moon Axe x1</p> <p>─ Crescent Moon Hammer x1</p> <p>Holy shit, thats a lot of items! What are these items even for, I wonder?</p> <p>When I selected the Tamer Class from the list of available classes, a dropdown menu appeared with the following text: ”Tamer Class, the collector of monsters and bringer of beasts. ” Put an end to your foes by drowning them in the power of a thousand beasts. ”</p> <p>Thats… kind of an odd way to describe it…</p> <p>I went ahead and clicked the ”Equip ” button that was located just below the description.</p> <p>I expected to feel something, but I didn feel any different.</p> <p>Following that, I looked through the ”Class Upgrade Book – Legendary Beastmaster. ”</p> <p>—<<Class Upgrade Book - Legendary Beastmaster>>–</p> <p>─ Description: Legendary Beastmaster, the ultimate tamer who possesses the power to command even the most powerful dragons and the vilest demons. All monsters shall bow and worship him for eternity.</p> <p>─ Rarity: Myth</p> <p>─ Required: Level 200, Tamer Class (Rank 10)</p> <p>After reading it, my eye almost popped out of its socket! Interesting. I said that I took the short end of the stick, but maybe I was wrong; this could be a jackpot.</p> </p> <div class="trendi-video"></div> </div> <div class="chapternav skiptranslate"> <a title="" class="prevchap" href="https://www.videosdelbetis.com/read/vid-Odyssey-of-a-Deranged-Transmigrator-73122501/4_2"> <i class="material-icons">chevron_left</i> <span>Prev</span> </a> <a title="Odyssey of a Deranged Transmigrator" class="chapindex" href="https://www.videosdelbetis.com/xiaoshuo/vid-Odyssey-of-a-Deranged-Transmigrator-73122501.html"> <i class="material-icons">home</i> <span>Index</span> </a> <a title="" class="nextchap" href="https://www.videosdelbetis.com/read/vid-Odyssey-of-a-Deranged-Transmigrator-73122501/5_2"> <span>Next</span> <i class="material-icons">chevron_right</i> </a> </div> <div class="guide-message"> <span class="mobile"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">点击屏幕以使用高级工具</font></font></span> <span class="desktop"><font 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