Once Bitten

Chapter 2— The Changing

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To the Salami-Aruna Family.


All names and characters in this book are fictitious. They have no existence outside this book.


All thanks to the Almighty God for his constant love!


Esther Imoseme Aruna is an upcoming writer. She has written a few other books such as Forced to Marry, The Great Escape, Prey and Predator, The Wrong Dark house, Kimo the Dancing Frog, An Affair to Remember and many more are yet to come!

She currently resides in Nigeria with her family.


We can choose who we fall in love with.

Life brings us together with our soulmates and when we do meet them, well know!


Chapter 1

If only there was a way humans could see the future, see what was to happen before it happened, our lives would be so much better! Unfortunately for us we
e all doomed!

It was a hundred years ago in New Orleans… I remember because I was there. This isn something I read in any history book or something I heard on the news. This is a true tale of how I became a bloodsucker!


I was tired of watching the movie, it bored me out and I had a lot on my mind, I couldn take it anymore. I was feeling choked up with my own thoughts I just had to go outside for some fresh air there was no other way to it.

My best friend Elias and I had chosen a day to go watch one of the movies at the theatre, he brought his girlfriend along, she was our childhood friend and we all grew up together. I was perfectly ok with the two of them falling for each other, I was truly happy! If I had feelings for Delia it wouldve been a whole different story.

But that wasn what bothered me.

I kept thinking of what my purpose in life would be, I was a master of five different crafts, I earned money with them but still I was somewhat not satisfied and the thought of it kept me up at night sometimes and now again the thought appeared in my mind while I was supposed to be watching a movie and enjoying it.

Elias and Delia were very intrigued by the action movie, they even laughed and clapped at some scenes that I cared not to even remember. My eyes were glued to the big screen but my heart, mind and spirit wasn there at all.

I wanted so many things in life, I wanted love, more wisdom, riches, I wanted the best things in life but most of all I wanted power! The power to make things bend at your will, but who was I— I was only an average man with a dream. I wondered if Id ever be content with life.

When I couldn take it anymore, I stood up, I could recall some loud voices shooting from behind me to leave the view. I much enjoyed their yelling, but I didn have the heart to stand there for long and inconvenience the others.

”Damian! ” Elias called my name as I expected he would.

The movie wasn over and there I was standing instead of sitting.

”Where are you going?! ”

”To get some air! ” I answered him with a serious tone and a stern face, then I walked away and jogged up the stairs.

Elias must have noticed that something wasn right with the way I replied him; he knew me too well.

When I finally got out of the room, the sky was a thick black and only the large round moon could be seen. The feeling of the cold air rushed at me and I took the opportunity to welcome the breeze with open arms.

I couldve just stood there and waited for the others to come out, but I felt if took a walk down to my house, itd be enough to clear my head. I began the walk down the lane with my hands inside my pockets. The air started to feel different, the winds became chilly, somehow it felt I was being warned that something wasn right, I still had enough time to turn back, I hadn even gotten so far away from the theatre.

I was stubborn, I blocked out the warnings and continued down the path.

Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching me from the darkness, they sounded like the person was already close to me but I couldn see a thing, and then the footsteps stopped. I stopped walking trying to listen for a clue, but there was none. The sound of the footsteps had vanished. I shook my head feeling sorry for myself cause I believed I was loosing my mind, I was hearing things.


Something breezed past me with a force, I looked around for what it was, this time I turned around and began to head back— I was stricken with fear at this moment.


The sound came again and this time I concluded someone was playing tricks on me. ”Whos there?! ” I asked into the night. ”This isn funny! Elias is that you? I get your point, Im coming back in! ” I really thought it was my friend, but I was horribly wrong.

Whoosh again!

And there it was, a tall dark figure stood in front of me. I noticed that its eyes were glowing red, and they were looking straight at me with an intention.

”Are you lost dear? ” The figure asked with a mocking voice. It was then I knew it was a man and he was wearing a long black coat.

”Uhh— who are you? What do you want? ”

”I love it when they ask such questions! ” The man whispered with a laugh and beneath the laughter I could swear I heard a growl.

So I ran, I ran as fast as I could. I had left a large space between us and when I looked back he was still standing there, but by the time I shifted my eyes, he was right in front of me again! I fell on my ass in great shock, my body trembled, I panted for breath, I knew there was no way out of this he was going to kill me.

”Don worry Ill make it quick! ” He chuckled and his eyes glowed even more.

He bent down on me in a flash, he pinned me to the ground with an unexplainable strength and just when I thought he was going to strangle me to death, he did something completely different from the normal ways of killing someone.

I saw him tilt my neck to the side, he sniffed on my skin with much pleasure, a sharp pain followed after and I screamed with great terror. I felt his cold teeth inside me, he sank his teeth deeper and deeper into my skin and I could feel my life draining out of my body. Finally I didn bother to struggle anymore, but I never thought I would die this way.

”Damian! ”

I was sure that was Eliass voice, even when I was going deeper into death I still recognized his voice.

Gbah! Gbah!

I heard gunshots fired twice, and then the pain stopped, I couldn feel the mans weight on me anymore.

Elias had saved me, but he came too late.

I was dying already.

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