Once Bitten

Chapter 4— The Runaway

My eyes opened up wide staring at the ceiling, instantly I felt different. But how? I knew I died, I felt my heart give out, how is it even possible that Im alive?

I arose on the bed with a firm movement, I felt lighter like I had no single weight on me. I studied the room but no one was in there with me. I was alive, but at thesame time I wasn ! There was no sound of my heart beating inside my chest.

In a swift sudden motion I climbed down the bed where I once laid, it was definitely inhuman to me. I knew something was different about me. I took a step and the next thing I was standing behind the door in the room, I looked back at where I was standing before, it was a distance I would normally cover with twelve to sixteen steps, but I covered it within a flash! I felt like I had gone against the wind.

I looked out the door through the little transparent space on the door and I saw Elias standing with a doctor, though they were far away from where I was I could hear their words clearly. How is this even possible? I could hear every word!

”Im so sorry for your loss Mr Elias, did he have any family members? ”

”No he did not, his parents died a long time ago! ”

Elias cried.

I couldn believe what I was hearing, they thought I was dead!

”No, no wait! Im not dead! ” I bust out of the room screaming at the top of my lungs, the doors of the room broke away and I flung them into the air without any intention of doing so.

I could see the shock on every bodys faces, I too was shocked to see how much strength I now possessed.

”H— how?! ” Elias stammered. ”Are you a ghost? ”

”Can you see a ghost? If I was a ghost could you see me? ” I chuckled.

”But how? You were dead, we all saw your heart give out! ” The doctor added.

”Its me Elias my friend, I ain dead! Ive never been more alive! I feel— I feel amazing! ” I tried to convince him excitedly.

Doubt was written all over Elias face.

”Is it really you?! ” He touched my hand slightly with caution. ”You
e— you
e alive! My friend you
e alive! ” Elias finally realized and he burst out laughing.

He hugged me so tightly.

Immediately we hugged I could smell his blood, I could even hear his heart beating loudly, it was so clear to my ears. It was so strange, but somehow the smell of his blood kept calling to me, I felt so hungry and my throat was as dry as a desert.

”I gotta go! ” I released myself from his grasp and whispered.

”What— what do you mean? Where are you going? ”

”Anywhere, I just have to get out— now! ” I began to sound angry and I let out a growl.

”Well we still have to run some tests on you to make sure you
e in good health now! ” The doctor said again and his voice irritated me. I could smell his blood from across the hall.

”Damian? ” Elias called out to me. ”Its gone! ”

”Whats gone?! ” I had no clue of what he was saying.

”The bite— the place of the bite on your neck, its — its gone! ” He placed his hand on his neck trying to demonstrate.

I touched the site of the bite on my neck and it was as smooth as if nothing had happened.

”Extraordinary! ” The doctor exclaimed with wide eyes. ”Come on now, lets run some tests on you! ”

”Shut… up! ” I didn know why but I couldn stand the Doctor.

Within a split second I pounced on him like a lion. Deep down I knew this wasn me but I couldn stop myself, I wanted it, I wanted a taste of his blood, I wanted him to shut up. Normally I wouldn do such a thing, but there I was pinning the doctor to the ground.

I began to hear people screaming in the background and Elias voice was the loudest, ”Damian! Damian! What the hell are you doing?! Get off of him! ” I felt Elias hand on my shoulder, he tried to pull me away from the doctor, he tried to stop me from doing what I was about to do, but nothing could stop me now!

I turned around and gave Elias a fierce look, I pushed him and he flew through the air. I had pushed too much.

I turned my attention over to the man underneath me, he struggled to free himself from my grip, he screamed, he pleaded, he cried, but all I could hear was the sound of his blood flowing through his veins. Without any hesitation I sank my teeth into his neck and I just kept drinking and drinking and drinking the warm juice, it was satisfying to my taste and I wanted more and more, I couldn stop, I made sure I drank every drop of his blood.

The doctor couldn struggle anymore, he stopped making noises and I couldn hear his heartbeat anymore, there was no more blood coming out of him. And for the first time since I woke up, I was satisfied, the hunger and thirst was no longer there. I felt anew, refreshed and powerful!

I released the man and I stood up away from him, I looked around and I saw people staring at me with sacred eyes, I looked down on the doctor, he was dead! He skin was all dried up, I saw blood on my hands, then I saw Elias sitting on the floor where he fell, his arm was bleeding.

I began to feel a great guilt! I killed an innocent man and I almost killed my best friend, I could see the sacred look in Elias eyes. He was terrified of me.

”Im— Im so sorry Elias. I never meant to…. ” I apologized, and though I meant every word I knew my apology was useless now.

”Police! Freeze! ”

”Put your hands behind your head! ”

The police came at me in the hospital with their large guns and fear struck me like leprosy.

I had to run— just run away. I didn want to hurt any one else. I ran past them like the wind, jumped from wall to wall like a monkey, they shot at me but I was faster than their bullets. Soon I was out of the hospital building!

I left my friend behind without looking back, I knew I had to stay away from people. I had become a bloodsucker!

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